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Wankers Demand Disney Introduce Young Children to Lesbianism

Posted by V the K at 6:37 pm - May 10, 2016.
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Everything must serve the agenda.  Also, children must be sexualized at the youngest possible age.

Fans of the Disney film “Frozen” are now trying to hijack the popular kids movie by petitioning for Elsa to have a female love interest in the sequel.

The hashtag #GiveElsaAGirlfriend began trending on Twitter in support of having a gay character paired with the Disney princess.

Are LGBT people so pathetically insecure that they require constant, unending, enthusiastic validation by every vessel of the popular culture?

Apparently so.



White Male Privilege and Transgender Celebs

Posted by V the K at 9:55 am - May 10, 2016.
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Thought occurred to me. Chaz Bono did the male-to-female tranny thing, and it was a big deal in Hollywood, but the rest of the world treated it as a joke or a yawn. But then, Bruce Jenner does the male-to-female tranny thing and the whole Transgender movement is suddenly in your face and everywhere. Suddenly, laws are being changed, the language itself is being changed, attention-seeking parents are flaunting any seven-year-old boy with a passing interest in ‘My Little Pony’ as an incipient Transgender to win the perpetual progressive ‘Who’s More Accepting’ competition.

American-Indian woman decides to become a man; nobody cares. (Hey, she’s got more American-Indian heredity than Liz Warren, its a fair cop.)

White man decides to become a woman: All society must change to accommodate him/her and celebrate the achievement of putting on a dress and hiring a stylist.

Maybe there is something to this White Male Privilege thing.

Almost Enough to Make One Reconsider

Posted by V the K at 7:40 am - May 10, 2016.
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This photo-essay of anti-Trump protesters demonstrates that his opponents may actually be slightly more obnoxious than his supporters.

I don’t expect my opinion of the man will change, but you have to think that for Hillary, the ultimate humiliation would be losing to Trump.


Note to Joanna Robinson: There is no worry about “heterosexual virility” here.

Begun, the Bathroom Wars Have

Posted by V the K at 7:21 am - May 10, 2016.
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Isn’t it interesting that the Obama Administration does absolutely nothing about ‘Sanctuary Cities’ that defy Federal Immigration laws, but they are coming down like a ton of bricks on North Carolina for requiring people to use biologically-appropriate bathrooms in state-owned buildings? (Contrary to the left’s dishonest propaganda, businesses may do as they please, under the law, which is as it should be).

Congratulations to the Obama Regime for deftly keeping the craptacular economy and word that the regime systematically lied about the Iranian Nuclear deal out of the news cycle for another day.

By the way, Target’s proud support of bathroom misappropriation isn’t working out too well for them; their stock is down and their public image has been damaged. They’re now reportedly going to meet with the American Family Association to discuss their concerns. (I bet it kills them to have to meet with “bigots.”) The AFA has offered the perfectly (to mentally well-adjusted normal people) reasonable suggestion that the stores simply add a unisex bathroom for people with vaginas who insist that they are men, and people with penises who insist that they are women. Perhaps they can add a litter box for people who think they are kitty cats, a fire hydrant for people who think they are dogs,  and a sturdy tree branch over a freshly-washed car for people who think they are birdies.