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Gun Culture: More Friendly Than Gay Culture

Posted by V the K at 8:02 pm - May 28, 2016.
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Went to the range with my son yesterday. It was the usual place; a public range, and it was a little busier than usual. There were three adult-but-teenage guys next to us with a Mosin Nagant, a Hi-Point pistol, and a couple of rifles. One of the guy was not into guns, but his buddies were, so he went to the range with them. We have never gone to a shooting range together and not engaged in friendly conversation with other people who were there. People like to ask what kind of gun you have, do you like it, is it any good? People let other people handle and fire their weapons. (Note: Democrats want to make this illegal. Handing your gun to someone at a firing range so they can check it out would be a felony under the system of “Universal Background Checks” Democrats are so eager to impose.)  It’s a very friendly, accepting atmosphere at the range. (One of the adult-but-teenaged guys mentioned he was saving up because he wanted to buy an AR15 “before Hillary is elected and makes them illegal”).

In contrast, gay social scenes in my experience have been insular, cliquish, and… if not openly hostile to outsiders, at least not welcoming. Has anyone else observed that?

Anyway, you’ve heard about Katie Couric deceptively editing her little anti-gun documentary to make Supporters of the Human Right of Self-Defense look as if they had no counter-argument to an anti-gun leftist talking point? I guess this is why leftists hate it when conservative speakers come to college campuses; the left only wants to have “debates” where their allies in the media can control the message.


Posted by V the K at 3:39 pm - May 28, 2016.
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The winner of this week’s “Leftist Takes Offense on Behalf of Other People for Something Normal People Would Never in a Million Years Find Offensive in Order to Demonstrate a Superior Sense of Moral Authority” — The coveted LTOOBOOPFSNPWNIAMYFOIOTDASSOFMA Award — goes to Senior Editor Bill O’Sullivan of the Washingtonian Magazine, who says the phrase “To State Start a Family” is a cisnormative microaggression trigger against those who can’t or choose not to have families.

“Start a family devalues any couple who doesn’t happen to have kids, for whatever reason. It even sells single people short, who may not have children but do have ‘chosen’ families of friends,” he argues.

It offends *him* because it might hypothetically hurt the feelings of some other group of people; thus he claims moral authority on their behalf and gets to call anyone who uses the phrase “start a family” a hate-filled bigot.