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Yup, Perfectly Normal

Posted by V the K at 5:29 pm - June 10, 2016.
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TLC has a show, apparently (I don’t have cable) called “I Am Jazz” that attempts to show how normal and healthy it is to be a transgender teen: “Normal and healthy” defined as “addicted to anti-depressants, emotionally unstable and generating massive drama for everyone around you.”

Mom (to Grandmother): So I have to stop at the drug store to get this medicine as soon as possible, because she told me this morning, ‘Oh mom, I’m out of my antidepressants’.

Jazz: Sucks to think that I have to rely on medications to be emotionally balanced. My body is crap, and I feel it.

Mom (to camera): It’s very, very clear when Jazz is not herself. She…it’s like a light switch…she turns off and she turns on. Between the drugs that are given to her, and the side effects and the depression that she battles, she’s predictably unpredictable.

Hmmm, maybe giving massive amounts of hormones and psychoactive pharmaceuticals to mentally unstable adolescents is not such a good idea.

If Jazz is upset now, wait until Jazz finds out normal straight teenage boys are just not into “girls” with penises.

I guess teaching people to love and accept the bodies they are born with is just not an option.

Hat Tip: Papa Giorgio

The Left Meets a Gay Hispanic it Doesn’t Like

Posted by V the K at 3:34 pm - June 10, 2016.
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Because he’s a Trump supporter.

About a block from the garage entrance, we turned down the street and found a line of protesters standing in our way. To get back to our car, we’d have to go through them. My friend and I were wearing “Make America Great Again” Trump hats. We were targets, and I was terrified. I could feel it coming — they would look at me and start walking up to me.

Before we could make it into the garage, four or five men surrounded me, and another four surrounded my friend. They just started swinging. We swung back as best as we could. My main thing was I didn’t want to fall; I didn’t want to be knocked down. I’m not a big guy, but I can defend myself as best I can if it’s one on one — but not when they have so much anger against us.

One of the blows caught my nose, and blood just started pouring out. That kind of stunned them, and they backed off a quick second. My adrenaline kicked in; I felt punches on my head, and I felt the punch that hit my nose, but I was in survival mode by then, and I didn’t realize until later how much it hurt. I called my friend, “Okay, let’s go!”

We ran into the parking garage, and we thought we were safe, but there were another few dozen protesters there, too. We got in our car and headed toward the exit. Some protesters jumped on the cars in front of us, but we eventually made it out. My friend drove me to the emergency room because my nose was pouring blood. I had a broken nose, and because I was covered with scratches, I had to get a tetanus shot, too. It took a lot out of me, much more than I realized at first; my headaches and soreness didn’t start to go away until a week later.

The whole thing made me angry. Here in Northern California, I feel like I’m a unicorn: I’m a gay Hispanic who’s a Republican. It was much harder to come out as a Trump supporter than it was to come out as gay — the minute you say you’re for Trump, everyone comes at you — but this has pushed me out of the closet about it completely.

I should be able to vote for whom I want, and I shouldn’t have to deal with violence to go hear my candidate speak.

All Things Must Serve the Agenda

Posted by V the K at 8:00 am - June 10, 2016.
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I feel microaggressed that the stories the social left is using to indoctrinate children into the LGBT agenda are called ‘Fairy’ Tales.

I have some more ideas for gay-themed Children Books:

1. George Michael and the Magic Glory Hole.
2. Snow White and the Seven Genders
3. The Three Little Pigs and the Harsh Dominant Dungeon-Master
4. Alice B. Toklas in Wonderland
5. Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Hair Day
6. The Lion, the Witch and the Fabulous Wardrobe
7. Where the Wild Things Are: A Tale of San Francisco in the 1970’s
8. And to think that I saw it on Folsom Street