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Wrappin’ It Up

Posted by V the K at 9:57 pm - June 13, 2016.
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Wow, busy day.

1. Conservative ‘Gateway Pundit’ blogger Jim Hoft has come out of the closet as gay. I stopped reading Gateway Pundit after it became Trumpway Trumpet, but welcome to the club, anyway.

2. Yeah, it turns out the left was really barking up the wrong tree with that whole ‘Omar Mateen was motivated by rhetoric about Tranny bathrooms’ they were pushing. I mean, we all knew they were wrong, we just didn’t know how wrong.

3. “H8 Chikin” provided free tasty chicken sandwiches to people waiting in line to give blood to people injured in the Orlando Massacre.

Stayin’ Classy

Posted by V the K at 8:43 pm - June 13, 2016.
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The classy gay dude who hanged Sarah Palin in effigy in 2008 has made another art: He threw a bunch of naked mannequins on his roof to support Gun Control.

The Tough and Unpleasant Truth

Orlando is not the last time terrorists-of-a-certain-religion will mass murder American civilians. This is a fact.

The Democrats will do nothing to prevent this from happening again, and the Republicans will do little. Any approach that would actually eliminate the threat would be politically unpalatable. The Democrats are proposing, as is their wont, gun control legislation. Supposedly, this is in response to the slaughter, but in reality, they wanted to impose gun control anyway, and they are politicizing the events of Sunday morning in order to push their agenda.

Their proposed gun control legislation would use the Government’s arbitrary, secret, completely lacing in due process (and therefore Unconstitutional) Terror Watch List to deny Americans the right to purchase firearms. Also, they will outlaw firearms arbitrarily designated as “assault weapons,” (because they look kinda scary scary and military). But France’s extreme and draconian gun control laws didn’t stop either of the recent Paris massacres. What the Democrats are proposing would only create a larger pool of disarmed victims.

There will be another massacre. Are you willing to bet that there will not be?

It may happen at a shopping mall, or a theme park, or a football, or a church. American men, women, and children are going to die with the sounds of ‘Allahu Akbar’ ringing in their ears. And as the Imam at the press conference said, no one can predict where or when it will happen. It probably won’t happen at the White House or the Capitol (they’re gonna keep *their* guns); which is why the politicians really don’t care too much about stopping it.

So, here is my question: Are you willing to completely entrust your life to the same indifferent, incompetent Government that checked out Omar Mateen and decided he was not a threat? The same Government that is importing 200,000 immigrants from Islamic regions every year with the same or lower quality of background check that was given to Omar Mateen and Tashfeen Malik?

Or are you going to take your safety and survival as a personal responsibility?

Get off the Cross, We Need the Wood

Posted by V the K at 6:42 pm - June 13, 2016.
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The plaintiff in the Supreme Court case that allowed 5 liberal judges to impose gay marriage on the entire country thinks the Orlando Disco Massacre was all about him.

“I’m struggling to find the words,” says Jim Obergefell, the Ohio plaintiff whose name became the symbol for gay rights when the validity of his own marriage was upheld by the highest court in the land. “To know that a mass shooting — to know it happened in a place where we as a community go to feel comfortable and be ourselves? I knew there would be a backlash against the strides we’ve made. There’s so much hatred directed toward our community, from candidates, from religious fanatics. I’m not surprised something horrible has happened, but I’m surprised at how horrible it is.”


Willful Ignorance

The Gay Left continues to contort itself like a Cirque du Soleil act to find away to blame “Right-Wing Christians” for a mass murder committed by a Muslim Democrat.

This morning’s New York Times reports that gay rights “movement leaders” wonder whether “high-profile policy fights like the one over the Obama administration’s recent directive requiring schools to allow transgender students to use the bathrooms of their choice” is increasing violence against gays. The Times’s article, by reporter Sheryl Gay Stolberg, offers potential frames for the mass murder, none of which include Islamic terrorism: “What did it mean that it happened in June, Gay Pride Month? Was it a hate crime against gay people or simply evidence that gun violence is out of control — or both? Gay rights have been advancing at a rapid clip. Has that lessened homophobia? Or maybe made it worse?”
The Atlantic’s religion reporter, Emma Green, posited a “loose connection” between what she called “anti-trans rhetoric” and the Orlando violence, during a segment on WYNC’s Brian Lehrer Show this morning entitled “Orlando and the State of the Gay Bar”: “There is a loose connection that is very difficult to pin down between some of the anti-gay and anti-trans rhetoric that we’ve seen in the U.S. not primarily from Muslim groups but from Christian groups that have laid a foundation for homophobia and transphobia. Although most of the groups that are supporting that type of rhetoric would not condone the type of violence we saw in Orlando, it does create an environment of bigotry and acceptance of homophobia against LGBT people.”
Chad Griffin, president of the Human Rights Campaign, told MSNBC today that what happened in Orlando was an example of the toxic mix that occurs when a “deranged, delusional person is taught to hate” by a “preacher on Sunday morning in church or by a politician.” Actually, no “Sunday preacher” taught mass murderer Omar Mateen to hate; we can be sure, however, that radical Islamic propaganda did.

By the way, Sally Kohn woke up this morning and asked herself, “Can I possibly tweet anything more stupid than I Tweeted yesterday?” And damned if she didn’t succeed.

Words mean themselves. Brilliant. Whatever CNN is paying you isn’t enough for that kind of heady intellectual depth.

Omar Mateen’s Day Job

Posted by V the K at 11:09 am - June 13, 2016.
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Little remarked in the discussion about Muslim Democrat Terrorist Omar Mateen is his job as a security guard with G4S — the “security” company the Obama Administration has contracted with to pick up illegal immigrants detained at the border and then release them in the country’s interior.

 Judicial Watch is reporting that the Department of Homeland Security is transporting and then releasing illegal aliens from Central America without giving them any notification of a court date nor making any effort to keep track of them. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is quietly transporting illegal immigrants from the Mexican border to Phoenix and releasing them without proper processing or issuing court appearance documents, Border Patrol sources tell Judicial Watch. The government classifies them as Other Than Mexican (OTM) and this week around 35 were transferred 116 miles north from Tucson to a Phoenix bus station where they went their separate ways.

Doesn’t that make you feel safe?



Canadian “Journalist”: Republicans = Mass-Murdering Jihadists

Posted by V the K at 10:33 am - June 13, 2016.
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Nero Making Eminent Good Sense on Orlando

Posted by V the K at 9:52 am - June 13, 2016.
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Milo will be giving a speech in Orlando later this week called ‘Absolutely Haram.’ He wrote yesterday on the slaughter.

Obama’s response to the tragedy today was similarly limp-wristed. He made no mention of Islam or Muslims, instead condemning “hate and terror” and taking a brazen swipe at gun rights activists by noting how easy it is to let people get their hands on a weapon. He didn’t even address the uniquely homophobic character of the attack. What a good liberal!

The Christian Right may not be totally down with homos, and Trump may say things that hurt our delicate feelings, but they aren’t going to kill us or put us in camps. Only Islam would do that; the same Islam that, bizarrely, now stands at the top of the left’s hierarchy of victimhood. Liberals: the problem with putting Muslims at the top of your victimhood hierarchy is that THEY WANT TO KILL EVERYONE ELSE ON THE LIST.

Western capitalist democracy gave women and gays equal footing in society; Islam has arrived to roll the clock back.

Read the Whole Thing

There’s No Such Thing as a Lone Wolf Terrorist

Posted by V the K at 9:38 am - June 13, 2016.
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But remember folks, according to the Gay Left and their friends in the media, the Orlando Pulse Massacre has nothing to do with Islam and everything to do with Conservative Christians who are opposed to trannies in the bathroom and baking cakes for gay weddings.

The gunman who murdered at least 50 people in a Florida nightclub early Sunday morning was a follower of a controversial gang leader-turned-bank robber who was released from prison last year despite warnings from prosecutors that he would recruit people to carry out violent acts, sources told

Omar Mateen, whose bloody siege inside a packed Orlando gay nightclub ended when SWAT teams stormed the building and killed him, was a radical Muslim who followed Marcus Dwayne Robertson, a law enforcement source said.

Well, Obama and Hillary have said that “mass incarceration” is a crime against BlackLives and we have to empty the prisons.

Robertson’s school may not have been the only source of Mateen’s spiritual guidance. The gunman was at the Islamic Center of Fort Pierce with Imam Shafiq Rahman two days before the nightclub attack, according to The Washington Post. That mosque was frequented by American-born suicide bomber Monar abu Salha, who blew himself up in Syria in 2014, and the two knew each other, according to officials. Mateen’s association with Salha led the FBI to interview him in 2014. Rep. Michael McCaul, chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee Mike McCaul told Fox News law enforcement determined at the time their contact “was minimal.”

The Muslim Democrat Terrorist’s father, by the way, is a well-regarded Islamic Moderate who supports the Taliban and also hates gay people but just not as much.

The Gay Left Bitterly Clings to Political Correctness

Posted by V the K at 8:00 am - June 13, 2016.
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So, let me get this straight… (as it were)…

Obama’s FBI interviewed the Muslim Democrat terrorist three times on suspicions that he was involved in terrorist activity, but let him go each time.

Florida Law Enforcement gave the Muslim Democrat terrorist a license to work as an armed security guard despite a history of domestic violence and erratic behavior.

Orlando Police waited outside the nightclub for three hours while the Muslim Democrat terrorist murdered people on the inside.

And the response of the Gay Community is to demand that *we* be disarmed and trust the Government to protect us?

[And, of course, to blame Christian Conservatives for the actions of a Muslim Democrat.]

WTF is wrong with people?

To hell with that.

Buy yourself a gun before the Gay Community makes any other bright decisions for you.

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I understand the Orlando Area Gay Community will be holding a candlelight vigil for Muslims who may suffer from suspicion and hurt feelings as a result of Sunday morning’s attack.