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Nero, My Hero

Posted by V the K at 10:05 pm - June 15, 2016.
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After his appearance at Florida Central University was canceled in a craven and cowardly act of submission to the more Terrorist-y factions of Islam, Milo Yiannopoulos went to a site near the Orlando Disco Massacre and gave a defiant speech.

He argued that Islam as a whole, not just radical Islam, has a problem when it comes to treatment of gays.

“This is Muslims in the west,” he said. “This is not radical Islam. This is Islam.”

Yiannopoulos also spoke out in support of the Second Amendment, calling it “terrifying” that some people think fewer guns is the answer to ending terror attacks like the one that occurred Sunday.

“Gun-free zones are the most dangerous places in America, because gun-free zones provide safe spaces for killers,” he said. “The left likes to talk about safe spaces.”

At the end of Yiannopoulos’ speech, comedian Gavin McInnes joined him in the spotlight and surprised everyone by sharing a very intimate kiss in an effort to anger Muslims who don’t like gays.

“I want us all to recognize that the west is the best. And America is the greatest. And homosexuality is a little weird, but we’re the most advanced. And as a straight man standing here with a gay man, I would just like to say f*** you, Islam.”

Video at the link.

BTW, did you know the Obama Administration annually sends billions of dollars in foreign aid to countries where homosexuality is punishable by death, and Hillary supports this.

The Left Wants to Disarm Gays; the Right Supports Gay Gun Rights

On issues of personal safety and the basic human right of gay people to defend themselves, the left is not on the side of gay people.

As The Federalist reported, openly gay individuals have been on the forefront of the gun-rights cause in Washington DC. The last three major gun-rights victories in the nation’s capitol have been fought and won by gay people.

A gay man who carries a gun for protection penned an editorial for the New York Daily News urging other gay people to arm themselves.

“Legally designated gun-free zones are invitations to killers,” wrote Tom G. Palmer, senior fellow at the Cato Institute, in the editorial published on Monday. “They get to rack up kills among defenseless victims without any effective opposition. There is a reason that they seek out such places: Everyone has been disarmed and rendered defenseless by the gun-control movement.”

It’s not the Right that wants gays to die cowering in bathrooms with shouts of “Allahu Akbar” ringing in their ears, it’s the American Left. (“It’s a good thing that bar was a gun free zone; it could have gotten messy if people could shoot back.”)

Also, an article explaining why using the Terror Watch List to deny citizens their Constitutional Rights is such a no good, very bad, completely unconstitutional violation of human rights that none of the anti-gun leftist lickspittles like George Takei will bother to read.

After Orlando’s Mass Murder, Anderson Cooper Attacks Florida Attorney General for not Celebrating Pride Month

Posted by V the K at 11:57 am - June 15, 2016.
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Yeah, 49 people are dead because the FBI and Homeland Security let loose a deranged Muslim Democrat Terrorist, but you know what the real story is… the Florida Attorney-General didn’t send out a tweet about pride month.

I will say, I have never really seen you talk about gays and lesbians and transgendered people in a positive way until now. I read your Twitter history for the last year, and I saw you tweeting about, you know, National Dog Month and National Shelter Dog Appreciation Day or Adopt a Shelter Dog Month. You know, it is Gay Pride Month. You never even tweeted about Gay Pride Month.

Speaking of Twitter, they have suspended the accounts of Milo Yiannopoulos and Jim Hoft. I guess Twitter hates gay people.

Blogger Creates Google Map of LGBT-Friendly Firearms Instructors

Posted by V the K at 8:19 am - June 15, 2016.
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Because F-you, George Takei.

To anyone wondering “Do I have to be Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual or Trans to get help from these folks?” the answer is no, it’s welcome to everyone — we’re just pointing out that LGBT folks are extra-welcome and won’t be judged by these folks.

I encourage you all to spread this map. As the Pink Pistols say, “Armed gays don’t get bashed”, and helping train our LGBT brothers and sisters might prevent them from becoming another victim of ISIS.

To be fair, everyone I’ve ever met at the range or in a gun shop has been more “LGBT-friendly” than most gays are “Conservative-friendly.”

Update: Around the country, gun owners are offering free lessons to gay folk.

After Mass Slaughter, George Takei Wants Gays Disarmed


Mr. Takei wrote that the constitutional right for citizens to own, purchase and sell “semi-automatic firearms” conflicts with their right to peaceably assemble “without undue fear of being targeted or killed.”

“We appear to face a choice, because one freedom seemingly cannot be protected without limiting the other,” he argued. “Assuming the threat we face now comprises heavily-armed, homegrown religious fanatics bent on inflicting massive casualties, the logical solution is to render them less armed and less fanatical. Restricting their ability to obtain dangerous weapons domestically thus is as vital as diminishing and destroying their bases and influence overseas.”

Mr. Takei called for a “common-sense,” permanent ban on weapons “designed for mass slaughter.”

A ban on all “semi-automatic firearms” would require the confiscation of hundreds of millions of lawfully owned weapons including pistols and hunting rifles.

Ironic that a guy who was sent to a Japanese Internment Camp by a Democrat Government “for his own protection,” now totally trusts the Government* to take away his right to self-defense. Again, it’s for his own protection.

* The same Government that took a look at Omar Mateen and decided “It’s okay, he’s cool.”


The Democrat Assault on the Constitution

Posted by V the K at 6:20 am - June 15, 2016.
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A Democrat Senator from Pennsylvania wants citizens stripped of their right to bear arms on the mere Government “suspicion” that they might commit a hate crime.

The Official Democrat Party position is that citizens ought to be deprived of their right to bear arms without due process based on a secretive Government Watch List. Democrats opposed Republican efforts to put due process safeguards in place on the Secret Government Watch List.

Democrat Senators and the Obama Administration have adopted the official position that male citizens accused of rape ought to be deprived of their rights without any due process; subjected to kangaroo courts where they are denied legal counsel and denied even being informed of the charges against them.

A cabal of Democrat State Attorneys-General, led by a Democrat candidate for the US Senate from California, want to make it illegal to question the pseudo-scientific dogma of “Man-Caused Global Warming.”

I really don’t even need to add any comment for this; the actions of the Democrat Party speak for themselves.