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How Much Would You Be Willing to Submit to Islam in Return for Peace?

Posted by V the K at 12:31 pm - July 16, 2016.
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Hillary Clinton responded to the terror attack in Nice with bland, meaningless platitudes about how important it was to “work with our allies.” (And do what, exactly?) Lesbian intellectual Sally Kohn says we need to work more with “moderate Muslims,” because they’ve been SO helpful up to this point.

As usual, the left’s response is not directed at stopping the perpetrators of Islamist terrorist violence, but at the populations of American and Europe. “We know most of you are racist warmongers, and it’s our job to calm you down so you don’t demand we start killing Muslims” is the subtext for the messaging from the left.

OK, so the left does not want to go to war with radicalized Islam. We get that. Such a war would be long, and bloody, and difficult, and expensive. It would be harmful to children and other living things. OK, then, well, if not war, what else is there? Personally, I believe that the Islamists want and expect the west to completely surrender our culture to theirs. The left believes, differently, that we can get to peace by some level of appeasement, accommodation, or compromise.

So, how far are leftists willing to go to appease radical Islam? In formerly Great Britain, we’ve seen police look the other way to avoid prosecuting Mohammedan child-rapists and even banning the depiction of cartoon pigs. In Scandinavia, they are simply pretending that rape and violence associated with “refugee communities” doesn’t exist. In the USA, Muslims are given a level of legal accommodation — Islam taught in public schools, public-financed prayer rooms, taxpayer-funded Muslim advisory councils — that would never be permitted for Christians. The ACLU and the Freedom From Religion Foundation sue at any public acknowledgement that Christianity is a thing that exists, but Islam can do as it pleases. So, the capitulation has begun.

Addendum:  The left is also willing to compromise due process, self-defense, free speech, and other human rights of their own citizens, and build the surveillance and enforcement apparatus of a police state, for “security.”

How far would the Western left be willing to go to accommodate them in return for peace (assuming you could.) Would you be willing to officially recognize Islam as the state religion and reorder our legal system until it is Sharia-compliant? Would you be willing to regulate non-Muslims to second-class status, per sharia law? Would you be willing to permanently outlaw alcohol, bacon, and pornography? Would you be willing to enact the death-penalty for adultery and homosexuality?

Seriously, if you are unwilling to confront Islamist Triumphalism, then what is your proposed accommodation?