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Still Waiting

Posted by V the K at 6:13 pm - July 17, 2016.
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Two weeks ago, I said:

If BLM and its core principles really are peaceful, two things are going to happen.

1. BLM is going to crack down hard on elements within its groups that advocate violence.

2. BLM’s rhetoric is going to change from confrontational to cooperative

I will wait and see if these things happen.

At a recent pointless #BlackLivesMatter (I think it might have been during the #DayofRage) protest… the advocacy of violence, the violent rhetoric, and the failure to denounce either… goes on.

And meanwhile, an editor at the Democrat Left “Think Progress” website says that killing police is “justice.” (But he’ll probably claim it was ‘just a joke’ or that he actually was making a brilliant and subtle point that only *sounded* like he approved of police murder when he didn’t mean that at all.)

Where Democrats Rule

Chicago, Barack Obama’s nominal home base, the city’s whose political culture shaped his ideological and governing philosophy has fully implemented the Democrat agenda of high taxes, gun control, heavily regulated businesses, generous welfare programs, sanctuary for illegal immigrants, lavishly funded public teachers… the whole Pinata of benefits from the party’s whose mission is to use Government to insulate people from the consequences of bad decisions. And Chicago is following in the footsteps of other one-party, Democrat-run cities like Detroit, Philadelphia, Newark, et c…

Social breakdown lies behind Chicago’s historically high levels of violence. Fatherlessness in the city’s black community is at a cataclysmic level—close to 80 percent of children are born to single mothers in high-crime areas. Illegitimacy is catching up fast among Hispanics, as well. Gangs have stepped in where fathers are absent. A 2012 gang audit documented 59 active street gangs with 625 factions, some controlling a single block. Schools in gang territories go on high alert at dismissal time to fend off violence. Endemic crime has prevented the commercial development and gentrification that are revitalizing so many parts of Chicago closer to downtown; block after block on the South Side features a wan liquor store or check-cashing outlet, surrounded by empty lots and the occasional skeleton of a once-magnificent beaux-arts apartment complex or bank. Nonfunctioning streetlights, their fuse boxes vandalized, signal the reign of a local gang faction.

One must ask why these cities continue to vote in Democrat governments even though the result of one-part rule is, invariably, a decline in livability and quality of life. Well, there is a sizable bloc of stupid voters in every major urban area in the USA.  These people are poorly educated (thank you, Democrat-run schools) and heavily dependent on welfare (thank you, LBJ’s Great Society). This makes them susceptible to the constant Democrat propaganda pounded into them day after day by Democrat-affiliated community activists and the Democrat-run media complex. “Republicans hate you. It’s Republicans’ fault your life sucks. Republicans want to take away what little we give you.” They even actively encourage radical groups like #BlackLivesMatter whose actions make life worse for the stupid voting bloc.

Republicans do not even try to contend for the cities any more. A message of “You’ve been voting Democrat for generations and things have only gotten worse, do the math” might resonate with the right messenger and the right medium. On those rare occasions when a larger city elects a Republican mayor, he is often too timid to attempt any real reforms. When Republicans do make successful reforms, they sometimes find they have rocked the boat too much and are unwelcome to for further political advancement, which is what happened to Jersey City Republican mayor Brent Schundler and NYC mayor Rudy Gioliani.

Republicans are also, by and large the party of the middle class, which is a voting populace increasingly driven out by the Democrat-run political machines, by policies of continuous tax increases that go primarily to city bureaucrats and connected cronies while the quality of services valued by the middle class… schools, police, sanitation… diminish. The upper class live in gated communities, towers with private security, and can afford public schools. With a small, connected elite and a large underclass, American cities increasingly resemble third-world countries.

In this environment, it’s only natural for Republicans to look at the cities and say “Let them burn,” and for Democrats to say, “the fires keep us warm.”

Detroit isn’t an outlier; it’s the model.