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Daily Show Fails to Humiliate Gay Conservatives

Posted by V the K at 5:44 pm - July 20, 2016.
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The Daily Show… that thing on Comedy Central where Low-Information Millennials used to get their news… tried to mock gay conservatives at Milo’s “Gays for Trump” Party. The Daily Show camera crew got really snippy when partygoers turned the tables on them.

“I wanted to shoot raw footage of their interview with a young, gay conservative, because I wanted to compare it to their final cut and see whether they had been fair to him,” Pollak recalled.

“I didn’t want this person to be humiliated merely for being gay and having the ‘wrong’ political views,” Pollak added.

“They told me not to film, then they told me —incorrectly — that I couldn’t film them, and then one of their reporters pushed me. Finally, they gave up, packed up their cameras and ran away.”

Dumb Actress: Sexism and Racism Cause AIDS

Posted by V the K at 1:23 pm - July 20, 2016.
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For some reason, someone invited an airheaded Hollywood actress to an AIDS conference; which is a bit like inviting a cocker-spaniel to a Symposium on Particle Physics.

“HIV is not transmitted by sex,” Charlize Theron announced. “It is transmitted by sexism, racism.”

Theron continued by discussing how AIDS still plagues humanity because of a social divide between white and black people.

“We value white skin more than black skin,” she told the crowd, adding that the African-originated pandemic is predominantly the result of social discrimination in the West.

But, y’know, she got to wear a suit and have her hair styled like ‘serious business lady,’ which I am sure was fun for her.

Social (Justice Warrior) Media

Posted by V the K at 1:17 pm - July 20, 2016.
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On Twitter, if you fantasize about beating to death a grieving mother, that’s not a problem (provided the fantasist is a left-wing writer and the grieving mother is a Republican).

But razz a feminist celebrity and Twitter will drop the banhammer on you.

The interesting thing is no where does Twitter cite anything Milo Y. actually said, but they are banning him because the feminist actress complained that other people inspired by Milo were sending her mean tweets and giving her sadfeels.