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The Media’s Mission: Keep the Electorate Misinformed and Distracted

Posted by V the K at 2:32 pm - August 19, 2016.
Filed under: Media Bias

So, judging by what I caught on CNN this morning:

  • An Olympic swimmer having a run-in with the Rio constabulary is a Major Story.
  • Donald Trump apologizing for stuff he said is a Major Story.
  • Hillary Clinton running the State Department as a Pay-for-Play operation, on the other hand, is *Not* a major story.
  • Barack Obama paying off the Iranians is also *Not* a major story.

There is statistical evidence that the observations are accurate.

Obama Makes Fools of His Apologists Once Again

Posted by V the K at 7:55 am - August 19, 2016.
Filed under: Obama Watch

Not long ago, we learned that the Obama Administration gave $400 Million to the Islamist Terror Regime in Iran. The money was delivered in bales of foreign currency delivered by a secret, unmarked jet in the middle of the night. When Iran received the money, they released Americans they had been holding as hostages.

“So, now Obama is paying ransom to Iran,” said the people on the right who are capable of analyzing facts and discerning the truth from them.

“No, no, no, no, no,” insisted the Obama apologists, and they mindlessly bleated the administration’s line. “This was not a ‘ransom.’ This was money that we owed the Iranian Government. It had nothing to do with the hostages. It was entirely coincidental.” Trying to point out that the Administration’s line simply was not plausible had no effect on them; their devotion to the leader was absolute and unquestioning.

Yesterday, the Obama Regime was forced to admit that the timing was *not* coincidental, and that the release of the hostages was contingent upon Iran’s receipt of the money.

In other words, it was totally a ransom.

Not that it matters. Progressive leftists enjoy being lied to by their progressive superiors. They believe that believing lies in service of a progressive leftist agenda makes them… smarter, somehow. Or more importantly, more cool.  What is uncool in the Obama Era is to question the Government, or express any skepticism in the Prevailing Narrative.

That kid saying the “Emperor Has No Clothes.” They’d lock him in a special class and put him on Adderall for speaking such outrageous things.