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Perhaps he could benefit from some extension courses at the Derek Zoolander School for Kids Who Can’t Read Good and Want to Do Other Stuff Good Too.

Posted by V the K at 1:54 pm - August 21, 2016.
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In this letter, sent as his city’s Fire Department was having equipment repossessed for non-payment and is in danger of losing trash pick-up, the mayor of Petersburg VA provides a word salad of nonsense, grammar errors, and, of course, accusations of racism.

Please be advised and understanding of the significant pressures we as Council Members are being adhered too, as well as being bullied and forced to make unlike leadership decisions. Decisions are what they are and as leaders we make the hard choices as elected to do so as “advised”. The majority should always and democratically rule. No one Council member does it alone as always regurgitated.

We have a resident capacity of 33,000 people, yet 2% of the population rules the City Council in a largely populated African American City. I will not be moved in my service to my Constituency and for those who stand before the Council and boast of getting rid of each and everyone of us to include a Council Member and family, who never voted for either one of us in the first place, but continues to disavow the rules.

I will act as the representative of Ward 5 and the Mayor duty to my right hand, serve the Public without blemish and from scare tactics from a few racist and Republicansupporters. I could care less about being singled out or ignored, my duty is for the people who elected me to fight for theirs.

Follow the rules adopted that carry your moral fiber as an elected official not to impress upon a group of demonstrators. Vote your conscious not your election. It is a privilege to serve the people not a faction. There are still a many residents that have been hurt by the past and still paying unjustly here in the future. We have been deprived and disenfranchised for years under the rule of a chosen few. I request that under this leadership you ask the hard question. Where do we go from here and how do we fix this generational mess without destroying your personal integrity.

Additionally, the media or newspaper does not run the City, you do. This is not an election-time opportunity, we have a mess that’s been dealt to us from the past along with the relationships that have cost our largely populated constituents greater harm.

Our economic and financial development is in crisis and until this Council set aside the foolishness of one and Facebook cronies, we will not be able to move forward.

I suggest you take a look at the real issue that plagues our city from an appointed housing authority member follow the LINK:

This does not only concern me, but all of us …


Mayor W. Howard Myers


John Marshall High School must be proud of this graduate.