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When Zoftig White Women Attack

Posted by V the K at 3:43 pm - September 3, 2016.
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So, there’s this woman, you see, and her name is Lena Dunham. She is the offspring of two New York Trustafarians who thought of themselves as artists. (Her dad liked to paint gross pictures of hairy ladyparts.) In her autobiography, she joyfully recounts sexually molesting her younger sister, and when Republican-bashing and fake-rape-claims became trendy, she obligingly claimed  a ‘college Republican’ raped her when she was in college. (This claim, of course, was false.)  Naturally, she has become a left-wing feminist icon because insecure unattractive women telling outrageous lies to bash men is what feminism is all about these days.

Anyway, so, this Lena Dunham person was at some gala. (Aside: I have never in my entire life been to a ‘gala.’ But every time I read about one, they sound just terrible. I think gala must be a word meaning ‘An event where terrible people go to look at each other.’)  And she was seated across from Odell Beckham who plays football — the real kind, not European Metric Kickball. And she apparently was distressed because Mr. Beckham displayed no interest in the dumpy feminist in the tuxedo sitting across from him.

I was sitting next to Odell Beckham Jr., and it was so amazing because it was like he looked at me and he determined I was not the shape of a woman by his standards. He was like, “That’s a marshmallow. That’s a child. That’s a dog.” It wasn’t mean—he just seemed confused.

I don’t think that’s a fair comparison; people actually like children, dogs, and marshmallows.

(Aside: I think Mr. Beckham was being most polite under the circumstances. Most normal people, upon finding themselves seated across from Ms. Dunham, would suddenly remember that they had promised to pick up their best friend at the airport and drive her to a hospital because of a family emergency involving the babysitters curfew.)

Anyway, Lena Dunham decided to have a bitchfest about the incident with fellow chubby feminist, the unfunny vagina-comedian Amy Schumer. Who gave her what I guess is the best chubby-feminist-to-chubby-feminist compliment she could manage.

You were dressed like a boy, and you looked sexy, and I really appreciated you showing me your tits several times.

I think she stole that line from the note Barack Obama passed to the Danish Prime Minister after Nelson Mandela’s funeral.

So, that’s pretty much the story, and if it seems like a pointless waste of time… yeah, it is.

BTW, Slate seems to think that if a black football player isn’t hitting on a chubby white feminist, he must be gay.  Yeah, that’s got to be it.

Unwhite Liberal Confronts Smug White Liberals

Posted by V the K at 11:35 am - September 3, 2016.
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I bet the comments on the HuffPo are a hoot, but I haven’t bothered to look.

My problem with Liberalism is that it’s more concerned with policing people’s language and thoughts without requiring them to do anything to fix the problem. White liberal college students speak of “safe spaces”, “trigger words”, “micro aggressions” and “white privilege” while not having to do anything or, more importantly, give up anything. They can’t even have a conversation with someone who sees the world differently without resorting to calling someone a racist, homophobic, misogynistic, bigot and trying to have them banned from campus, or ruin them and their reputation. They say they feel black peoples’ pain because they took a trip to Africa to help the disadvantaged, but are unwilling to go to a black neighborhood in the City in which they live. These same college students will espouse the joys of diversity, but will in the same breath assume you are only on campus because of affirmative action or that all black people grew up in poverty. My personal favorite is declaring with surprise how articulate a black classmate is despite the fact that we are attending the same institution of higher learning as they are.

The White Liberal culture encourages talking about diversity and shaming others for their alleged racism, but many times they themselves work in environments that are mostly white. When questioned they’ll defensively state that they promote strictly on merit. Black people aren’t suggesting that we want someone unqualified to get the position, but I find it telling that they assume that we are not qualified. These same Liberals are quick to be against school choice, while their kids go to private or well-regarded public schools. Leaving poor black children behind in underperforming schools and providing less opportunity to improve their lives is inconsequential to keeping true to their white liberal politics. Many people are quick to espouse the political values of liberalism without having to live with the often harsh reality of those policies.

Random Stuff that the Internet Coughed Up This Morning

Posted by V the K at 10:35 am - September 3, 2016.
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I guess this means The Donald and Grandma Barker won’t be campaigning in South Carolina: Police chief: Clowns ‘terrorizing public’ in S.C. will be arrested.

Also, National Geographic asks: “Why Are So Many BASE Jumpers Dying?”

Um, perhaps Physics?

Given that its NatGeo, I’m surprised the answer isn’t “Climate Change.”

A religious satire site finds Six Hidden Gospel Messages in ‘Stranger Things.’ For example: “The Upside-Down is a clear reference to the United Methodist Church. The Upside-Down is portrayed as a cold, dreary place with not a single soul to be found. That’s an obvious allusion to United Methodist churches around the nation.”

If you’re a fan of large, ugly, crappily built homes (and, frankly, who isn’t?), the McMansion Hell Blog is for you.

I love the fact that I bought a solid 4000 SF renovated church for a fraction of what these drywall-and-Tyvek monstrosities cost.

$624,000 in Massachusetts gets you a house with this bathroom. (And if the kitchen is any indication, the homeowner owned a lot of stock in John Deere.)

Also, what happens when you take the music out of the Gayest Music Video of All Time?

This, this is what happens: