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Posted by V the K at 5:43 pm - September 15, 2016.
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It’s virtue-signaling all the way down.


Donald Trump Sneers at “The Coal People”

Posted by V the K at 2:18 pm - September 15, 2016.
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What a racist, am I right?

Oh, wait. That wasn’t Trump. It was Billy Jeff Clinton — the wannabe First Dude.

Speaking in Pennsylvania last week, (Clinton) warned, “The coal people don’t like any of us anymore,” meaning Democrats. He continued: “They all voted for me! I won twice and they did well. And they blame the president when the sun doesn’t come up in the morning now.”

What the hell was he talking about? Coal people who blame the president when the sun doesn’t come up in the morning?Are there days when the sun doesn’t come up in the morning? I mean, I guess in the Arctic Circle, perhaps. But not a lot of coal mining happens up there.



Rumor: Trump Considering Gay Activist Billionaire for SCOTUS

Posted by V the K at 1:10 pm - September 15, 2016.
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It’s a rumor, it’s sourced from the Huffington Post (Democrat Propaganda Site) who would definitely have an incentive to start a rumor that would weaken Trump’s support among conservatives.

OTOH, the notion that Trump would nominate to the Supreme Court someone who used lawfare to shutdown a media organization (Gawker) that published unflattering information about him is, at least, plausible.

Trump’s campaign and the gay activist billionaire deny it.

Anyway, something to ponder.

Spreading fast on social media this Thursday morning is a story originally posted at the Huffington Post, which reports that Donald Trump is considering PayPal founder, gay marriage supporter, and culture war snob Peter Thiel for the Supreme Court. If appointed, Thiel would be the first openly gay Supreme Court Justice, a landmark I personally think Trump would find irresistible.

In other election news, Hillary is still pining for the fjords, and Gary Johnson is an idiot. The crook, the blowhard, the idiot, and the nutjob. Our electoral choices this year are like the cast of a Coen Brothers movie.

This Is also True



Posted by V the K at 8:00 am - September 15, 2016.
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Pretty much every word of this is true.

Many left-wing people have a very nice life, but they like to be sad. To help with this, they choose to be sad for other people. Sometimes these people are far away and sometimes they are nearby, but different to them.

In the olden days, left-wing people tried to make it better for other people. Nowadays, they like to protect them by being offended when a working-class person person doesn’t behave properly.

Left-wing like to help other people by being offended on their behalf. This means that the other people can carry on with their lives and the left-wing people do all the work. This isn’t really fair, but the left-wing people seem to carry on doing it, so they must enjoy it. Despite all this effort left-wing people are still very sad.

We haven’t seen much of our pet left-wingers in the comments lately; are they at a candlelight vigil for Hillary, or too busy harassing Christian bake shop owners?