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The first thing reminds me of the second thing

Posted by V the K at 2:15 pm - September 22, 2016.
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Yeah, imagine this screeching at you for the next four to eight years.

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Democrats hate “Right to Work,” which means the freedom to choose not to belong to a Democrat/Mafia-Run labor union and still have a job. They hate it when people are allowed to choose for themselves. They hate it more when it deprives their party of money confiscated against the will of working people.

Why does this video seem familiar? Oh, yeah…


Anthony Weiner — Typical Liberal Democrat?

Posted by V the K at 6:08 am - September 22, 2016.
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So, Democrat former Congressman and former candidate for Mayor of NYC has been caught… once again… being lewd on his cellphone, this time sharing rape fantasies with a fifteen year old girl.

I’m not saying his behavior is typical of liberal Democrats. His behavior is probably outside the norm. But the evidence suggests that Democrats, by and large, don’t seem much bothered by deviant sexual behavior. Oh, sure, some of them get triggered by the slightest microaggression, but when it comes to actual deviant actions, they are largely “Meh.” Even when those actions are directed at teenagers.

Democrat Congressman Gerry Studds was re-elected nine times after having sex with an underage Congressional page. The same people who got outraged over a Republican sending inappropriate text messages to pages shrug off what Gerry Studds did as no big deal. “The kid probably enjoyed it,” they say.

There’s also Democrat Congressman Mel Reynolds, convicted of charges related to child porn and statutory rape — totally pardoned by Bill Clinton — and put to work as youth coordinator for Jesse Jackson’s Rainbor PUSH coalition.

And then there’s Obama’s Safe School Czar, who bragged in his biography about encouraging an underage boy to hook up in bus station restrooms, and who participated in LGBT “Youth Conference” where underage youths were encouraged to participate in rough sex.  Democrat Portland Mayor Sam Adams also molested an underage male with no political side effects. A prominent Obama donor and gay activist was involved in an underage rape caseA revered Democrat gay rights activist is caught with child porn (as was the president of the Virginia ACLU)

Odd , isn’t it, how every Republican who steps out of line becomes the face of the party. And yet a Democrat in a perverted relationship… well, that’s just him. It doesn’t reflect on a party that has an enormous tolerance for deviant sexual behavior at all.