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Countering the Stigma and Bigotry Toward People of a Different Sexual Orientation

Posted by V the K at 8:05 pm - September 26, 2016.
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Struggling to maintain relevance and a donor stream and thus avoid getting real jobs, GLAAD is taking up the banner of normalizing bisexuality.

According to LGBT advocacy group GLAAD, September 19 through 26 is #BiWeek – where activists will make a concerted push toward normalizing bisexuality through panels, social media campaigns and general awareness. The extremely successful process of normalizing gay and lesbian lifestyles was largely accomplished through media, whose power organizations like GLAAD leveraged well. Now, the bisexual community is striving to do the same.

And the biggest bigots when it comes to accepting bisexuality turn out to be… gays and lesbians.

Back in August, Advocate published an article entitled “#27BiStories: When Did You Come Out? What Was the Response Like?” The comments from average bisexual people were telling. “I am sad to say that I have gotten most of the biphobic comments and micro-aggressions from LGBTQ people,” one contributor anonymously stated. “The gay community has always treated me like a pariah. My experience has been that my community frequently negates me or my contribution because I’m ‘not gay enough,’” added another. “The gay community was much less accepting. Cries of ‘Pick a side!’ and ‘poser, faker, whore’ came from lesbians and gay men alike,” a third declared.

Haters gotta hate.

H/T Peter H.