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Lesbian Trump Supporter Calls Out Hillary’s Gay Campaign Manager

Posted by V the K at 9:30 am - September 28, 2016.
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I’m gonna quote a lot of it because the page it’s on is an Ad-Block nightmare.

“My message today … is to Robby Mook, Hillary Clinton’s manager,” she said. “You know, I’m 61 years old. I’ve been out of the closet for 40 years. And Mr. Mook is a gay person, just like me. …

“And it’s really flooring the hell out of me that he’s supporting a woman that took money from [Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and the Emirates], from these countries that would take him and his friends or his lover or his partner and throw them off a building and kill them,” she said.

DeplorableCorgiGirl, also known as @DebraMax on Twitter, donned a Trump for President 2016 shirt in the video. She explained that she lived through the worst of the aids epidemic and believes threats and acts of terrorism from radical Islamists that support Clinton present a far scarier situation.

“It’s not funny going into a gay club and having some terrorist from these Muslim countries coming to kill us,” she continued, referencing the gay nightclub shooting in Orlando. “And you should be ashamed of yourself for campaigning for that bitch. Unbelievable.

“And for me, this is a worse time now, worrying about ISIS killing us,” Deb said. “You don’t even know the time of AIDS, that was a bad time that I never thought in my life I would see another time that I would fear for me and my other gay friends. …

“But to know that you are a gay man, like us, and you’re her campaign manager,” she said. “How disgraceful, that you are out there in the public supporting somebody that is going to come here and will kill you for being a gay man.

“You are a disgrace, Robby Mook.”

The Debate Question That Should Have Been Asked But Wasn’t

Posted by V the K at 8:30 am - September 28, 2016.
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“Mr Trump, Madame Secretary, a majority of Americans find neither one of you acceptable as a choice for president. For most Americans, the two of you represent the worst candidates ever put forth by the major political parties. Now, it may be easy to forget this when you are standing in front of a cheering crowd… or, in Mrs. Clinton’s case, a politely applauding group of wealthy hedge fund managers… but out in the real world, most voters loathe both of you…. passionately.

“And this has resulted in a sense of overwhelming despair among American voters, solid majorities of whom report that they now envy the animals in Sarah McLachlan commercials because ‘for them it will be over soon.’ When a pollster asked Americans, ‘If I held a gun to your head and told you had to vote for Trump or Clinton, what would you do?’ nearly a third responded, ‘I would ask you to pull the trigger.’ In fact, this election is viewed by millions of voters as Karmic payback for slavery, the genocide of native populations, and every one of America’s other sins; a choice not between the lesser of two evils, but between the less horrifying of two abominations.

“Now, addressing these wretched voters, the question to both of you is, ‘Why should anyone vote for me even though the mere presence of my name on the ballot can be seen as proof that God has abandoned his creation.’ You have two minutes to respond.”