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Anthony Weiner — Typical Liberal Democrat?

Posted by V the K at 6:08 am - September 22, 2016.
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So, Democrat former Congressman and former candidate for Mayor of NYC has been caught… once again… being lewd on his cellphone, this time sharing rape fantasies with a fifteen year old girl.

I’m not saying his behavior is typical of liberal Democrats. His behavior is probably outside the norm. But the evidence suggests that Democrats, by and large, don’t seem much bothered by deviant sexual behavior. Oh, sure, some of them get triggered by the slightest microaggression, but when it comes to actual deviant actions, they are largely “Meh.” Even when those actions are directed at teenagers.

Democrat Congressman Gerry Studds was re-elected nine times after having sex with an underage Congressional page. The same people who got outraged over a Republican sending inappropriate text messages to pages shrug off what Gerry Studds did as no big deal. “The kid probably enjoyed it,” they say.

There’s also Democrat Congressman Mel Reynolds, convicted of charges related to child porn and statutory rape — totally pardoned by Bill Clinton — and put to work as youth coordinator for Jesse Jackson’s Rainbor PUSH coalition.

And then there’s Obama’s Safe School Czar, who bragged in his biography about encouraging an underage boy to hook up in bus station restrooms, and who participated in LGBT “Youth Conference” where underage youths were encouraged to participate in rough sex.  Democrat Portland Mayor Sam Adams also molested an underage male with no political side effects. A prominent Obama donor and gay activist was involved in an underage rape caseA revered Democrat gay rights activist is caught with child porn (as was the president of the Virginia ACLU)

Odd , isn’t it, how every Republican who steps out of line becomes the face of the party. And yet a Democrat in a perverted relationship… well, that’s just him. It doesn’t reflect on a party that has an enormous tolerance for deviant sexual behavior at all.

Milo Triggers the Left Again

Posted by V the K at 12:26 pm - September 21, 2016.
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Seriously, Milo’s mere existence triggers the left.

Alt right provocateur and Breitbart tech editor Milo Yiannopoulos angered the furry community yesterday by posting a drawing to Facebook that someone made of Milo as a snow leopard.

So, this led to furries tweeting… well, based on the examples shown, the tweets from furries were a lot less nasty than the typical SJW response to Milo expressing his opinion. IOW, I didn’t see any explicit death threats.

I figure ‘Furry Rights’ will be the next trendy thing after middle-aged white women get bored with trannies. That or paedophiles.

Update and Bump: Old white leftist hag throws tantrum at Milo appearance, gets told to GTFO (H/T Peter H.) The left really can’t handle it that a bottom twink is the hero of the alt-right.



Posted by V the K at 11:29 am - September 21, 2016.
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As a consolation prize for losing out on the presidential debate, Wright State University (Dayton OH) will be hosting this instead.


The Pacific Garbage Island Is a Hoax and I Fell for it

I am embarrassed to admit I thought the Pacific garbage island … a supposed mass of refuse in the Pacific Ocean the size of a subcontinent … was a real thing. Nope, it was all dreamed up by a guilt-ridden lefty trustafarian to atone for the oil wealth he inherited and then promoted by the environmental left with the willing cooperation of the political and media lefts.

In early August 1997, Charles Moore found himself floating through the North Pacific in his Tasmanian-built catamaran. Moore, an oil heir, activist, and yachting captain, had just finished up a two-week race and was heading back from Honolulu to Santa Barbara, California, through what’s called a “gyre”—an area of the ocean like the Sargasso Sea, wrapped inside a giant weather spiral, that serves as a reservoir for flotsam. As he described it in a 2003 article for Natural History, the thousand-mile journey took him through an endless field of plastic—3 million tons of it in all, he guessed, in an area about the size of Texas. Everywhere he looked he saw debris: bottles, bottle caps, wrappers, fragments.

This never happened.

Scientists have known for a long time that there is nothing like the Great Pacific Garbage Patch reported in the media. There is a small amount of noticeable debris in these areas—old plastic bottles and parts of nets—but the vast majority of the plastic consists of very small flakes, much of it microscopic.

I should have known better; the left lies about everything, and they will advance any lie they have to in order to claw their way to power. Everything every leftist ever says should be treated with extreme skepticism always and forever.

Did the Clinton Foundation “Placebo Effect” African AIDS Drugs?

“Placebo Effect” is the ninth episode of the second season of Archer.

When Archer discovers the chemotherapy drugs he’s been taking for his breast cancer are counterfeit, he sets out to destroy the criminals behind the scheme.

The Clinton Foundation apparently thought the plot of ‘Placebo Effect’ was a good business model, and so conspired to distribute “watered down” AIDS drugs to third world countries.

Former President Bill Clinton and his Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI) distributed “watered-down” HIV/AIDs drugs to patients in sub-Saharan Africa, and “likely increased” the risks of morbidity and mortality, according to a draft congressional report obtained by The Daily Caller News Foundation.

And yet, gay people will vote for Hillary Clinton in massive numbers. (Because I guess the leftist acquisition of power is so  important that you have to forgive Hillary for running a scam that let black Africans die of AIDS while raking in dough.)


Two Completely Different Stories in One Post

The rumor is that George HW “Read My Lips” Bush has been telling people he’s voting for Norwegian Blue.  Apparently, the guy who repealed Reagan’s tax cuts and appointed David Souter to the Supreme Court, and whose son not only botched an unpopular (but eminently winnable) war, but also massively expanded domestic spending and entitlements, doubled the national debt, and left the border wide open while 20 million illegals entered the country… thinks that Donald Trump will be the death of the Republican Party.

But the “Oh, Good Lord, You Have Got to Be Kidding Me, Bring on SMOD, Our Culture Is Too Weak to Survive” story is this: The University of Houston is Handing Out “Emotional First Aid Kits” to college children who suffer from microagressions.

“The stress of school gets to them. Like a bad grade, a missed class, being late, a microaggression, uhh whatever,” (University of Houston psychology department advisor Bobbie Sue) Schindler said to O’Keefe about the emotional distress University of Houston students face.

This emotional first aid kit ended up containing a baby blanket, chocolates, a plush kitten, a bag containing the smell of lavender, ear plugs, a genderless pastel teddy bear, hand written notes, and a pacifier. Schindler did think students would take the pacifier the wrong way and instead said they could suggest students suck on their thumb instead.

War of Words

Posted by V the K at 12:37 pm - September 19, 2016.
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Jihadists are setting off bombs in American cities and shooting up gay discos and Christmas parties. The Obama Adminisitration describes this as “a narrative fight, a narratives battle.”


He did not explain how a narrative battle with Islamic terrorists is distinct from a rap battle or whether it was more or less dangerous than getting served in a dance contest.

A “battle of narratives?” Seriously? Is the Obama Regime going to begin recruiting novelists to fight back against ISIS with unexpected plot twists and a surprising backstory?

“Battle of Narratives,” Good Lord.

Our country is being led by people convinced that the rejection of reality is the highest form of intellect; “Intellectuals Yet Idiots,” indeed.


Bombings in New York City and New Jersey

Posted by V the K at 6:34 am - September 19, 2016.
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Since I seldom Twitter any more, I don’t know if the left broke out the #TerrorHasNoReligion and #StandWithIslam hashtags. Personally, I was really hoping it would be Lutherans this time. You know, just to mix things up a little. But, alas, no, it’s the Mohammedans yet again.

Or, is it?

“You probably have all seen the news by now, the explosives detonated in New York City, that was me,” the first post said.

“I did it because I cannot stand society. I cannot live in a world where homosexuals like myself as well as the rest of the LGBTQ+ community are looked down upon by society.”

It also singled out Donald Trump, saying, “I am not going to live in a country where it is OK to have a misogynist, xenophobic, racist Islamophobic, republican candidate running for President of The United States!”

[Note: I am pretty sure this was just a bad attempt at trolling. I shouldn’t have to explain that, but, there are some very stupid people who make it necessary to explain that.]

The cops are looking for Ahmad Khan Rahami, a naturalised US citizen who was born in Afghanistan. i.e. a refugee. Like the million more Mohammedan refugees from Jihadistan that Hillary and Obama want to expedite into the country.

No word so far on how he feels about gay oppression.

Also, I have finally started watching season six of ‘The Walking Dead’ on Netflix. Speaking of ‘The Walking Dead,’ here’s how Hillary responded to news of the bombing.

Update: 29 people were injured. Someone should inform Gary Johnson.

They Could Call It, “Fruitopia.”

Posted by V the K at 10:27 am - September 18, 2016.
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A gay activist want to create a gay utopia where the population is majority gay and straights have no political power.

What if you could move to a country where the LGBT community was the majority? In fact, the LGBT inhabitants weren’t only the majority, they were the governing power.

Believe it or not, that’s the idea behind Viktor Zimmerman’s plan to find a region large and affordable enough to plan a gay utopia.

And this wouldn’t be Fire Island in the summer, it would be an official polis with a single city, flag, laws and constitution.

Zimmerman is the executive director of the Gay Homeland Foundation, the organization behind this bold idea and he’s not fickle about trying to make it become a reality.

“We need a cultural and political centre, where we can develop new, better ways of gay living that are more suited to our nature,” Zimmerman told Vice in an interview. “There would be no more cultural oppression from the hetero; all the public spaces would be decorated with gay artwork.”

Gay Artwork = penises. Lots and lots of penises. And rainbows. (Gawd, I can’t stand rainbows.)

He also says that straights would be allowed to live in the country, but their numbers would be limitied and they wouldn’t get to make important decisions.

Because when leftists get absolute power, that’s how they treat people they define as ‘the other.’

I think the notion of a gay homeland is silly (in the 1978 dystopian movie ‘Americathon,’ the state of Nebraska was designated a gay homeland), but I’m not opposed to it. I’m all for people being able to create their own communities where they can live with minimal interference from distant, all-powerful Government. Of course, most people call me a dangerous, extremist right-winger for this belief.

Income Inequality

Posted by V the K at 2:05 pm - September 17, 2016.
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Gay male couples out earn heterosexual couples by an average of $63,000 per year.

Men in same-sex marriages tend to earn significantly more than their lesbian or heterosexual counterparts, according to new data released this week by the U.S. Treasury Department. Gay men had an average household income of $176,000 in 2014, $52,000 more than lesbian couples and $63,000 more than opposite-sex couples.

This is obviously unfair to straight couples, and conclusively demonstrates that the economy is deliberately geared to benefit the 3%.

Where’s Bernie Sanders when you need him?

The Left Embraces Conversion Therapy

Posted by V the K at 11:07 am - September 17, 2016.
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The left denounces the idea that people can willingly change their sexual behavior through a focused program of counseling. They say it’s a scam. That even people who strongly desire to change their sexual behavior cannot be helped by what they call “Conversion Therapy.”

But when it comes to brainwashed, radicalized Mohammedan terrorist… of course, conversion therapy is the answer.

France is planning on opening de-radicalization centers to combat its growing Islamic terrorist threat, and then hoping jihadis volunteer to be “de-radicalized.”

France plans on building 12 of these centers, which can only accommodate up to 25 people at one time. French officials told The Washington Post that the centers were for potential terrorists “looking for way out” and that the government could not order citizens to take part.

The 10 month curriculum at each center will focus on emphasizing French identity and instilling a sense of nationalism among the voluntary attendees. Classes will include courses on French history, religious identities in France, philosophy, leaving ample time for athletics. A French interior ministry official referred to the program as “republican gestation.”

So, conversion therapy won’t work on gays, but it will totally work on Mohammedans who are hell-bent mass-murdering secular western people.


The Only Good Part About This Election: Watching Leftists Lose Control of Their Faculties

Finding things to be happy about in this election is rare. One of the few sunny spots is watching left-wingers become completely unhinged, especially as Hillary’s poll-numbers start to tank. (The Hillary campaign is looking like the cockpit in an episode of ‘Mayday’ about the time the automated cockpit voice is yelling “Pull up! Pull up!”)  The left is trying to rescue Hillary by throwing one faux outrage after another against the wall in hopes of finding something that sticks.

Today, there was something about Trump’s adult offspring that was supposed to be bad, but all I saw of it was a crawl on CNN “Trump’s kids have turbulent night” or something. But, then they moved to trying to reignite the birther outrage, but that kind of totally backfired on them. (The media are suckers for the birther thing, and Trump played them like a golden fiddle, perhaps procured in Georgia during a contest with some guy with horns and a cape.)

So, later on they decided to try and gin up faux outrage by claiming… I am not making this up… that Trump called for Hillary’s assassination.  What he said was that since Hillary is such a fan of Australian-style gun control, maybe she should disarm her Secret Service detail. Now, even a leftist Democrat operatives knows that he was just using hyperbole to make a point, but that didn’t stop them from pretending that this was a call for an assassination and demanding that the Secret Service lock Trump away.

The left knows that their voters are highly emotional, poorly informed, and can be manipulated if they can just find the right stimuli; like in 2012 when they convinced highly emotional, poorly informed feminist voters that Mitt Romney was going to outlaw tampons.  Hillary’s “basket of deplorables” remark was part of this strategy. It was a message to highly emotional, poorly informed voters that might not like her very much that people that they hate (“Racists! And Sexists! And Xenophobes! Oh, My!”) would be happy if Trump won. And what she was saying was, “Isn’t making people you don’t like unhappy more important than my history of corruption and pathological inability to tell the truth?”

They’re going to keep flinging stuff until they find something that works.

In the meantime, they are just going totally bat-guano looney-tunes.


Is Generation Zed Less Stupid Than the Millennials?


The hippie-dip social juicebox wanking of the Millennials is maybe… *maybe*… not rubbing off on their little brothers and sisters.

People now in their mid-teens are much more cautious about drugs, transgender rights and same-sex marriage, and are even sceptical of tattoos than those a few years older than them.

59% of young people responding to the survey said their opinions on same-sex marriage, transgender rights and marijuana was either “conservative” or “moderate” – a drastic swing from Millennials and members of “Generation X”, more than 80% of whom said their opinion was either “quite liberal” or “very liberal”:

Unfortunately, if they are in their mid-teens, it means they still have 4 – 8 years of indoctrination ahead of them via the Leftist–controlled education system.

Leftist Values

Posted by V the K at 5:43 pm - September 15, 2016.
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It’s virtue-signaling all the way down.


Donald Trump Sneers at “The Coal People”

Posted by V the K at 2:18 pm - September 15, 2016.
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What a racist, am I right?

Oh, wait. That wasn’t Trump. It was Billy Jeff Clinton — the wannabe First Dude.

Speaking in Pennsylvania last week, (Clinton) warned, “The coal people don’t like any of us anymore,” meaning Democrats. He continued: “They all voted for me! I won twice and they did well. And they blame the president when the sun doesn’t come up in the morning now.”

What the hell was he talking about? Coal people who blame the president when the sun doesn’t come up in the morning?Are there days when the sun doesn’t come up in the morning? I mean, I guess in the Arctic Circle, perhaps. But not a lot of coal mining happens up there.



Rumor: Trump Considering Gay Activist Billionaire for SCOTUS

Posted by V the K at 1:10 pm - September 15, 2016.
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It’s a rumor, it’s sourced from the Huffington Post (Democrat Propaganda Site) who would definitely have an incentive to start a rumor that would weaken Trump’s support among conservatives.

OTOH, the notion that Trump would nominate to the Supreme Court someone who used lawfare to shutdown a media organization (Gawker) that published unflattering information about him is, at least, plausible.

Trump’s campaign and the gay activist billionaire deny it.

Anyway, something to ponder.

Spreading fast on social media this Thursday morning is a story originally posted at the Huffington Post, which reports that Donald Trump is considering PayPal founder, gay marriage supporter, and culture war snob Peter Thiel for the Supreme Court. If appointed, Thiel would be the first openly gay Supreme Court Justice, a landmark I personally think Trump would find irresistible.

In other election news, Hillary is still pining for the fjords, and Gary Johnson is an idiot. The crook, the blowhard, the idiot, and the nutjob. Our electoral choices this year are like the cast of a Coen Brothers movie.

This Is also True



Posted by V the K at 8:00 am - September 15, 2016.
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Pretty much every word of this is true.

Many left-wing people have a very nice life, but they like to be sad. To help with this, they choose to be sad for other people. Sometimes these people are far away and sometimes they are nearby, but different to them.

In the olden days, left-wing people tried to make it better for other people. Nowadays, they like to protect them by being offended when a working-class person person doesn’t behave properly.

Left-wing like to help other people by being offended on their behalf. This means that the other people can carry on with their lives and the left-wing people do all the work. This isn’t really fair, but the left-wing people seem to carry on doing it, so they must enjoy it. Despite all this effort left-wing people are still very sad.

We haven’t seen much of our pet left-wingers in the comments lately; are they at a candlelight vigil for Hillary, or too busy harassing Christian bake shop owners?

Peek into the Mind of a Berkeley Leftist

Posted by V the K at 9:33 pm - September 14, 2016.
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A homeless perverted social parasite with a criminal record for indecent exposure was arrested for masturbating next to a children’s playground in Berkeley, CA.

I am a bit surprised that that sort of thing is still illegal in Berkeley, but, hey, well done Berkeley Police.

A commenter by the handle Iceland_1622 takes issue with the arrest, and all the sex negativity.

“Children are not* going to perish and fall down dead from seeing male genitals, however it’s akin to people having sex in public in the nude. Young children receive ‘confused and ‘conflicting’ messages about sexuality as per such an incident. It’s for making babies and there is a time and a place to express one’s sexuality and this was not the time nor the place. Back to deep residential treatment vs. just incarceration hopefully. Punishment is not the answer or resolution to such issues.”

Aw, pity the poor pervert. What he did really wasn’t really that bad. Why does our society have to be so uptight about sexuality and genitals and stuff?

Commenter Anposter is similarly sympathetic toward the pervert.

This guy clearly had major issues last time he was caught engaging in similar behavior. I’m hoping he gets the treatment he obviously needs but I doubt he will. We’re not that advanced as a civilized society.

Ah, “treatment,” is there no social ill it cannot correct.


Posted by V the K at 8:02 pm - September 14, 2016.
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I have often described the Faustian bargain of the left being: “We will let you do whatever you want to anyone in the bedroom, if you allow us complete control of everything outside the bedroom.” In other words, the left will happily trade away all freedom and opportunity for unlimited sexual license.

A comment from Venezuela’s democratic socialist president, (I’d say “dictator” but he was “democratically” elected, and is therefore a “democratic socialist president”), proves the truth of this bargain.

During a broadcast this weekend promoting new socialist food distribution policies, Venezuelan president Nicolás Maduro jokingly referenced a popular nickname for the nation’s dire food shortages, telling a crowd, “Maduro’s diet gets you hard – no need for Viagra!”

The Venezuelans willingly voted in this man and his predecessor, because he promised to eliminate income inequality, and offered a vast expansion of Goivernment services (free health care, free college education, and so forth) to be paid for by “the rich.”

If the Democrats had not rigged their primaries to facilitate Hillary’s coronation, a man advocating the exact same policies would be the Democrat nominee for president.