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Tim Kaine; Spokesman for the Idiocratic Party

If I understand correctly, Tim Kaine was so bad at the VP debate last night that even the Democrat-Media Complex is admitting he was terrible. (It’s OK for them to say a Republican won a meaningless debate; let’s them keep that fig leaf that they’re free of bias.)

What Tim Kaine did last night… the constant interruptions, the clownish demagoguery, the rehearsed attack lines, the unhinged ranting, 21 outright lies … a lot of people were comparing his obnoxious behavior to Jerome from Gotham.  Mike Pence, on the other hand, was playing the part of the serious politician giving his rehearsed answers like a reasonable grown-up.

Here’s the thing though, this is no longer a country that elects reasonable, adult politicians to the office of president. In 2012, the Republicans nominated a very reasonable adult with a record of solving the problems of large organizations. He lost because the Democrats were so successful in launching a waves of childish attacks on him. Mitt Romney tortured his family dog! Mitt Romney wants to put women in binders! Mitt Romney wants to outlaw tampons!

The stupid, childish attacks worked. And thus did America become an Idiocracy.

Tim Kaine not letting Mike Pence finish a sentence is straight out of the social justice warrior handbook; as seen when they refuse to let conservatives speak on college campuses. Tim Kaine’s use of straw men and dishonest talking points has been part of the Democrat playbook going back at least to Bill Clinton. He even through the transgendered’s a bone by referring himself as Hillary’s “right-hand person.”

Democrats will always lose an honest policy debate because they’re policies always … always … fail. (You’ll notice how Hillary isn’t talking very much about Obamacare on the campaign trail.) They have to make elections about name-calling and personal attacks because if elections become about agendas and Governing philosophies, Democrats lose.

And so, elections degenerate into name-calling and feigned outrage from zoftig beauty pageant winners. This is pure Idiocracy.

Voters that reward gutter politicians by electing them to office have no cause to complain about gutter politics.



  1. Another actor came out for Crooked Eye Clinton has to hire actors to ask her questions at town halls.

    “People often discuss how the media have lost their ability to influence the 2016 election. Here is an exceptional example of why this is the case.

    A citizen researcher easily exposes the manipulative construct of the Hillary Clinton campaign.

    The fact that not a single journalist has the integrity to do what an ordinary person is capable of doing, explains why the media is now a parody of its own Pravda.

    Meet 15-year-old child actor “Brennan Leach”. Actress, and daughter of a Pennsylvania Democrat State Senator, Daylin Leach.”

    Here’s young Ms. Brennan Leach – Acting/Casting Network biography (with pictures). Her acting bio also includes previous work in political commercials.

    Comment by Steve — October 5, 2016 @ 7:20 pm - October 5, 2016

  2. I have no doubt that not only did Clinton have the questions to the first debate but the hand signals she used controlled Holt or whoever was on his earpiece he shouldn’t have had.

    Comment by Steve — October 5, 2016 @ 7:21 pm - October 5, 2016

  3. I think that Roll-Over Romney deserves a lot of the credit for his loss considering that he basically threw in the towel half way thru the campaign. Also the American public was not about to turn out the first Black President.

    Comment by Bucky Barkingham — October 6, 2016 @ 8:30 am - October 6, 2016

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