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Old Eurythmics Song Vs PC Culture

I am pretty sure (kinda guessing but pretty sure) that this song was the anthem for a whole generation of drag queens. And I’m also not sure the term “drag queen” is PC, but who cares? Not me.

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Seen from the perspective of 21st Century “Completely Bat-Guano Crazy Social Justice Culture,” this song is, um… problematic. 

First of all, the song is a celebration of what the left calls “Toxic Masculinity.” Note, the left does not mean to differentiate between toxic masculinity and good masculinity; to the left, masculinity in all of its forms is toxic and men must be indoctrinated to feel shame for their manhood.

There’s also an awful lot of heternormative gender-norming going on in it. That line, “There’s just one thing that I’m looking for and he don’t wear a dress” is enough to send transgendered transvestites scurrying for their Safe Spaces while speed-dialing the Diversity Office.

Proving that 1980’s drag queens were tougher than 21st Century Generation Snowflake.

Even the title is problematic. “I Need A Man.” Unless that’s followed by “Like a Fish Needs a Bicycle,” that isn’t going to fly with the Cult of Misandry that is Third Wave Feminism. A strong, independent third wave feminist don’t need no man.


Move Along, Nothing to See Here

Democrats have been caught on video admitting that they engage in widespread, organized vote fraud.

But again, not nearly as big a news story as the tape from eleven years ago of Donald Trump saying he likes pussy.

College Students Want Halloween to Be More PC

Posted by V the K at 8:05 am - October 18, 2016.
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Remember those guys I mentioned from the locker room yesterday? I didn’t convey all of the overheard conversation. After the shower, as three of them were getting dressed, I heard a conversation that went something like this:

Guy 1: “My ancestors came from Russia.”

Guy 2: “My ancestors came from Germany; we kicked your ass in World War 2.”

Guy 1: “My Russian ancestors kicked your ass right back1”

Guy 3: “My ancestors were Eastern European Jews and Roma; both of your ancestors kicked our asses in World War II.”

Who do you think would be more fun to hang out with? Those guys? Or the mewling Wankers at the University of Florida counseling students to dress as melting icebergs and endangered honeybees for Halloween; because dressing in actual fun costumes might be offensive.

“The only message we have is that if you feel like your costume could potentially be offensive to multiple people, don’t wear it,” Cochrane says. “If you have to question it, it’s probably not the best idea.”

Good Lord, we actually live in an era where people can’t handle the sight of a Halloween costume; and we’re supposed to cater to them.

I’m kind of a traditionalist when it comes to Halloween, BTW. IMHO, Halloween costumes that are just superheroes, or sexified occupational drag, and especially the ones that are bad puns…. just aren’t in keeping with the spirit of Samhain. If you’re going to be a freakin’ Ballerina Princess for Halloween, you better damn well be a horrifying monster ballerina princess with your eyes gouged out or a horrible mouth-face. Be something horrifying or gruesome; Michael Moore as a leather daddy, for example.