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Bono Named Woman of the Year

Posted by V the K at 10:25 pm - November 2, 2016.
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Not Chastity ‘Chaz’ Bono, the other one.

The U2 frontman, famed for slipping into other people’s spaces without invitation, has been named the first-ever man on [Glamour] magazine’s annual list of notable women. It’s a decision that—although reminiscent of both a Parks And Recreation episode about a man being named “Woman of the Year” and a South Park episode about Bono winning everything—Glamour insists it did not take lightly.

So, first Caitlyn Jenner was Woman of the Year. Then, the new Cover Girl girl was a boy. And now this. It’s like men are just better at everything.

Pop Quiz

Posted by V the K at 6:32 pm - November 2, 2016.
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Which of these things are heavily regulated/subsidized by the Government and which are in the free market?



Beta Males for Hillary

Peter Beinart is a guy I think I heard of. He might have been at The New Republic before it was bought by that gay dude who got rich because he invented the Facebook poke. Anyway, Peter Beinart is the kind of guy who urinates in a recumbent position to let the feminists know he’s down with the struggle, and he says that the only reason Hillary is being criticized is because she’s a woman and men are threatened by her. He provides several examples of the kind of “misogyny” that has led to the deep, embedded, pearl-shaped indentations on the insides of his fingers.

Black pin reading Don’t be a pussy. vote for Trump in 2016. Black-and-red pin reading trump 2016: finally someone with balls. White T-shirt reading trump that bitch. White T‑shirt reading hillary sucks but not like monica. Red pin reading life’s a bitch: don’t vote for one. White pin depicting a boy urinating on the word Hillary. Black T-shirt depicting Trump as a biker and Clinton falling off the motorcycle’s back alongside the words if you can read this, the bitch fell off. Black T-shirt depicting Trump as a boxer having just knocked Clinton to the floor of the ring, where she lies faceup in a clingy tank top. White pin advertising kfc hillary special. 2 fat thighs. 2 small breasts … left wing.

Appalling, isn’t it? For the first time in American History, a politician running for president is being crudely mocked and ridiculed. This has to be only because she’s a woman.

I mean, the left was so polite and genteel toward Sarah Palin and Margaret Thatcher, and we know they aren’t misogynists.

The Washington Post also locates a beta male who claims to be a Republican, but he’s scared by the big scary bikers that attend Trump events.

“You’re in a town that’s about going to college and raising a family. People are polished and hard-working. He’s not one of us,” said Andy Schwichtenberg, a 28-year-old stockbroker. “I did try, Schwichtenberg added with a sigh. “I went to a rally.”But he was not swayed and he was turned off by the crowd, which he noted was packed with men and women “who came there on Harleys.”

BTW: I have serious doubts that this setzpinkler is an actual Republican or has ever attended a Trump rally.

Milo Versus Some Knob from the BBC

Posted by V the K at 9:02 am - November 2, 2016.
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I see why a lot of the left hates Milo. They much prefer their opponents on the right to be supine, to concede The Narrative, to be awkward and apologetic about our beliefs. I don’t think everyone on the right should be a self-promoting provocateur, but our guys could take a few lessons in parrying the press from guys like Milo.

As I watched this video, what struck me is how formulaic and predictable the questions are from the interviewer. The media have Their Narrative, and so anyone on the right should be able to correctly predict their questions and parry them. The left’s media operatives, on the whole, are not that bright. Anyone should be able to do this.

I especially like his points about the incompetence and corruption of the Ruling Class; which is a massively under-reported story in the USA because our Democrat Media Complex considers itself part of the Ruling Class. I also like the way he makes the point that the left attempts to control language in order to control the debate. e.g. “You can’t talk about illegal immigration because it’s racist.”

YouTube Preview Image

(Milo, BBC, on the whole… stop snickering, you guys!)