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William Shatner Versus the Borg Queen

Posted by V the K at 10:27 am - November 5, 2016.
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The two competing narratives of this election are the classic American Narrative of “the individual who stands up for himself/his country and wins despite the forces arrayed against him,” and the New American Narrative: “Power Always Wins.”

We will start with Donald; a man running for all intents and purposes without a party. All the forces of power are in a Confederacy against him; the political establishment of both parties, the Democrat-Media Complex, Academia, Big Business… All he has is his rugged individualism and a message that resonates across vast swaths of a defeated and hopeless population, “Help me fight the people who are holding you back and I can make you great again.”

This character we’ve seen time and time again going back to Johnny Tremain (“a man can stand up”) and through our literature and pop culture from Walt Whitman through to John Wayne and Captain Kirk. (And I mean the original Captain Kirk, not the Sensitive, New-Age, JJ Abrams Captain Kirk. You can totally imagine Donald Trump grabbing a green Orion slave girl by the hoo-hoo, can’t you?) I feel like I should make it clear, I’m not talking about Trump, the Man, I’m talking about Trump’s Narrative.

Hillary is the New American Narrative: Power Always Triumphs. (Which sounds a lot and not coincidentally like the Old European Narrative.) In popular culture, big Government bureaucracies win the day through their vast resources and relentless momentum; the NYPD and DA Office in Law and Order, the CIA in  Homeland, the various CSI, the zombies in The Walking Dead, and on and on. And I think the divide for this happened, not coincidentally, with the first Clinton Administration and The X-Files.  Fox Mulder was the individual fighting to expose the truth, but he *always* lost to the Government and its shadowy allies. 

Hillary is the avatar for all the large, bureaucratic organizations where Power really resides… the Democrat Party, the Executive Branch Regulatory Agencies (which now have armed, paramilitary police forces), the Mega Banks, and all the smaller organizations who derive sustenance from the big ones (e.g. Planned Parenthood).

She’s the Borg Queen. “You will be assimilated made to care. Resistance is futile.”

On Tuesday, we get to find out if the American Narrative has changed for good.