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Urban Hipster Leftists and Their Obsession with Diversity Pokemon

Posted by V the K at 9:26 pm - November 10, 2016.
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One consensus emerging from the election of 2016 is that a major factor in the election of Donald Trump was that insular political and media operatives living in New York, Washington DC, and Los Angeles have become so out-of-touch with voters in the rest of America that the voters have repudiated them. Hillary lost because the Democrat priorities of Climate Change, transgender bathrooms, gun control, and mass immigration are completely disconnected from the concerns of voters in states like Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, and Wisconsin and that is why Newsweek had to recall the entire press run of its “Madam President” issue.

But then, one hispter urban liberal, a certain Patrick Thornton who works as “Director of User Experience” for Roll Call’swebsite, defends the coastal urban bubble, declaring, “We urban coastal elites are awesome, it’s those hicks in the provinces that need to be more like us.”

I’m going to cut to the chase because the guy is a flaming twit. The crux of his argument is that urban coastal elites are better (“more American”) than people in flyover country (which he says is a wonderful place to visit, and he always tells his hip urban friends that all the time, but it’s just not, you know, a cool place to live because the people are so stupid and backward) because they have friends from other races, cultures, and sexualities. And this … thisis what makes them better.

In many of these areas, the only Muslims you see are in movies like “American Sniper.” (I knew zero Muslims before going to college in another state.) You never see gay couples or even interracial ones. Much of rural and exurban American is a time capsule to America’s past.

The first gay person I knew personally was my college roommate — a great man who made me a better person. But that’s an experience I would have never had if I didn’t go to college and instead decided to live the rest of my life in my hometown.

More Americans need to see more of the United States. They need to shake hands with a Muslim, or talk soccer with a middle aged lesbian, or attend a lecture by a female business executive.

First of all, he makes the typical arrogant liberal assumption that only hip urban liberals have friends who “represent diversity.” But the really nasty part is he doesn’t see people as people. He, like a lot of other urban hipster liberals, sees them as cards in a game of Diversity Pokemon. “Look, I have a lesbian soccer mom, an interracial gay couple, an undocumented immigrant and… Oooh… this one is non-binary transgender person of color who uses non-standard pronouns, that makes xyr extra valuable.”

Ya gotta catch ’em all, I guess.

I just can’t get on board with that mentality of looking at other people as trophies whose presence in my collection confirms my virtue and status; it’s kind of gross.

On a closing note, I am from the Midwest, I lived in the National Capital Region for twelve miserable years. People in that area fancy themselves more sophisticated, and more important than people anywhere else in the country. They are by and large horrid, arrogant, and obnoxious people and I happy as Hell that I don’t have to live there any more. Having a Pokemon collection filled with gays, foreigners and trannies doesn’t make you a better person. It just makes you an arrogant leftist twit with a Human Pokemon collection.

New President, New Rules

Posted by V the K at 4:35 pm - November 10, 2016.
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The creeps who have been spamming Facebook with this for the last eight years are the same creeps protesting Donald Trump’s election. “Dissent” is once again “patriotic.”

It all depends on who wins.




After Trump, part 2

I tried to find a unifying angle but I’m in a hurry.

  • First, it looks like Hillary has, just barely, won the official, popular vote. She lost geographically. Only in minority-dominated counties and the biggest cities, did majorities of people like her. States (or the Electoral College) still matter.
  • We’re getting a look at Trump’s possible Cabinet. Sadly, Trump is considering people from Big Banking (Goldman Sachs or in other rumors, JP Morgan) for his Treasury secretary. Trump could turn out to be rather less anti-Establishment than some have hoped.
  • Rudy Giuliani, a candidate for Trump’s Attorney General, has publicly suggested that President Obama not pardon Hillary. That’s good advice.

    In general, Democrats (like Obama) are trying to spread the myth that prosecuting Hillary would only be political. The true issue would be the Clinton Foundation’s corruption and/or Hillary’s major security breaches. And whether or not the Clintons are allowed to lie, destroy evidence, etc. to obstruct justice? Let normal processes of investigation and justice do their work.

  • It looks like Trump and Obama are both playing grownup in the transition. Obama called their conversation “excellent”. But, if Trump is such a racist xenophobic bigoted monster (as the Left tells us), how could that be?
  • Speaking of Obama, I still remember being told in 2008 that the Lightworker’s brown skin would make foreigners love us. Update: In Greece, anti-Obama protestors storm the U.S. consulate.
  • And the big winner of the 2016 election was… Weed.

The Slow Dawning of Belated Awareness

Posted by V the K at 10:42 am - November 10, 2016.
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The Media totally let Hillary down this election. In 2012, they had no problem at all smearing Mitt Romney — by all accounts, a good and decent man with a successful record in business and Government — as a dog torturer who gave a poor gay kid a bad haircut and a woman cancer. Oh, and did you hear about how he wants to outlaw tampons… well, of course, that was a satirical website, but it certainly sounds like something he would do, doesn’t it?

Smearing Trump should have been an easy lay-up for them, and, boy, they sure did try, didn’t they? They brought out the Latin Beauty queen who (oh, what a horrible man) said Trump thought she needed to lose weight and ignored her involvement in organized crime. When screechy feminist Gloria Allred brought out her parade of women who had been “abused” by Trump thirty years ago, but only suddenly remembered the “abuse” when Hillary was running for president, the media was there. And when attacking Trump didn’t work, the media attacked his supporters. “What a bunch of ignorant, white, racist, stupid hicks.” (Because, surely, no respectable person would support the same candidate as those ignorant white racist stupid hicks.)

And this time, it didn’t work out so well for them.

In a few isolated patches of the Democrat Media Complex, a few are starting to wonder if maybe they are going about this the wrong way.


Generation Snowflake Still Not Coping Well with the Election Not Going the Way They Wanted

Posted by V the K at 10:19 am - November 10, 2016.
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Oh, Good Lord.

Responding to Donald Trump’s shocking presidential victory, several Cornell professors across departments cancelled class Wednesday, citing personal distress and concern for students’ emotional well-being.

Prof. Jane-Marie Law, Asian, Near Eastern and religious studies, said she cancelled her “Introduction to Japan and Religion” lecture, because she was “so upset and worried I would break down, thinking about how dangerous the move the American electorate — half of them — made last night is.” ….

Quoth a Snowflake:

“We should’ve died in 2012 while we still had the chance,” added Mitch Laski ’17, echoing several students who said they fear a Trump presidency will be the end of equal rights for minorities and free speech in the United States.

Karl Deinninger (have no idea who he is, but he says it best) responds:

If you are in a meltdown because Hillary lost then you’re unfit to adult. You’re unfit to hold a job. You’re unfit to evaluate the cost of credit to buy a car — or a house. You’re unfit to choose what to eat, or to evaluate various options for treatment of a medical condition. You’re unfit to carry on the daily requirements of living on your own, independently, making your own decisions and being responsible for them — including voting.

You are in fact an emotional infant, no older than 2. You are throwing a crybully tantrum, exactly as a 2 year old does when their parent refuses to give them the second bite of chocolate they want. And if you are if fact older than 2 by more than a few years the responsibility for your frail emotional state is on you, not someone else. To the extent you stuck that tantrum out in public where others can see it they are perfectly within their rights to deduce that you’re unemployable, you’re emotionally unstable and thus you’re unsafe to be around in any capacity.

It is perfectly fine to decide that if an election goes the “wrong” way you are going to alter how you live and decisions you make. I did that after Obama was proved to be a clown car brigade, and went even further after the 2012 elections.

But you didn’t see me crying, or whining, or having a full on psychotic break, unable to handle ordinary life and needing an “excuse” from an exam, from work or simply from functioning in an everyday manner.

Snowflake, meet flamethrower. He’s called “the real world” and when, not if you melt — tough crap.

President Trump’s To-Do List



The New First Family of America — I think Melania makes a much more fetching first lady than Bill would have.

President-Elect Trump has already released his 100 Day Action Plan, and I don’t think I disagree with anything on that list. As his administration moves forward beyond the hundred days, it would be nice to see him focus on necessary themes and priorities throughout his first term.

1. Trump campaigned on shutting down illegal immigration, so he better follow through. Building the wall is not a total solution, but physical security barriers at our vulnerable southwestern border are a necessary element of any security plan, as are vigorous prosecutions for people engaged in human trafficking. But he also needs to crack down on people who illegally overstay visas and on businesses that hire illegal workers. Massive fines and jail should do the trick. Seeing the entire board of the JW Marriott corporation frog-marched out of their corporate headquarters would be quite a sight.

2. Another priority, Attorney General Chris Christie should go after corruption in DC hammer-and-tongs. Seeing congressmen, senators, lobbyists, and Federal bureaucrats indicted would be as therapeutic as when Iceland arrested and jailed the corrupt bankers that tanked its economy.

3. American business needs regulatory reform even more than tax reform. A Task Force should be put to work immediately on identifying red tape that is an obstacle to economic growth while providing little or no tangible benefit. The guy I wish were president thinks this should be a top administration priority, especially after Obama’s eight year spree of over-regulation, cronyism, and micromanagement.

4. I’m willing to cut Trump some slack on the first year deficit because there’s going to be a lot of budgetary momentum and carryover from the free-spending, borrow-and-spend Obama years.  I think once Trump examines the Federal Leviathan, he will find tremendous opportunities to cut bloat and waste. This would be an excellent project for Vice President Pence to focus his attention on.

5. You know what also might be a good idea? Some voting reform to overcome the massive, institutionalized vote-fraud that the Democrat Party propagates. Because, someday, it might be nice to have another Republican president.

Also, he should go back to correctly calculating and accurately reporting the unemployment rate, instead of fudging the numbers for the last eight years as Obama has done. Even if this hurts his public image, it would be a welcome step toward transparency and honesty.

Accomplishing this relatively short list of things would go a long way toward his promise to Make America Great Again (TM)

HuffPo: “What Do We Tell the Children”

Posted by V the K at 4:23 am - November 10, 2016.
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Oh, Good Lord. This article is a masterpiece of butthurt and virtue signaling.

In the aftermath of this traumatic election, I hesitate to even exercise my voice in this way. In the past year, I received hate mail and a death threat from white supremacists for blog posts like this ― blog posts that are, let’s be honest, fairly insignificant expressions of personal opinion from a person with very little power. I am not a threat. And yet people have threatened me ― and my family ― for expressing my view that we should build a world in which all human beings can live freely in the wholeness of their identities. I fear that this kind of intimidation will only increase in the event of a Trump victory. I fear that it will worsen tomorrow ― as soon as I hit send ― if Trump supporters are emboldened in their aggression towards people with whom they disagree. And yet the only thing that makes me feel safe in this moment ― as I stare into the face of a possible of a Trump victory ― is to speak up and speak out, and to invite others to do the same.

Someone sent you mean emails. Boo-Friggin’-Hoo.

Maybe just tell your kids they need to man up and stop being a generation of gawdam snowflakes.

Hillary: Held back by men?

How could Hillary of the House Clinton, First of her Name, Queen of the Little People and the Media, Protector of the Sixty States – have not been crowned?

Answer is below the fold. (more…)