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The Best Part Is When the Left Mocks Itself

Posted by V the K at 8:56 pm - November 14, 2016.
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Social Justice Wankers have adopted the Diaper Pin as their latest symbol; I have no objection to this.


Some Good News from a Blue State

Posted by V the K at 8:51 pm - November 14, 2016.
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The Democrat Secretary of State who persecuted a Christian couple for declining to participate in a gay wedding, destroyed their business, and confiscated their life savings was voted out of office last week.

Oregon’s Democratic Secretary of State went down to defeat, marking the first GOP victory in a statewide election in 14 years. More significantly, the loser of this race was known to many as the infamous bully who led the charge to fine a Christian-owned bakery $144,000 for declining to provide services to a same-sex wedding.



Stockholm had over a foot of Global Warming dumped on it last week; a record for the month of November. You would think Scandinavian countries located in what PJ O’Rourke once called “The Unheated Attic of Europe” would be able to handle a little snow. However, the socialist government of Stockholm decided … I am not making this up … that snow removal should take into account gender inequities and… yadda, yadda, yadda… big f–king mess.

Stockholm’s center-left government introduced a new “gender equal” approach to clearing the roads of snow last year. The policy states that sidewalks, public transport and bicycle lanes should be cleared before turning attention to the roads. The reason is that women are more likely to use sidewalks while men are overrepresented among commuters driving to work.

When the first major snow storm swept the capital last week, traffic went into a standstill as no one cleared the streets. People couldn’t get to work, schools had to close and commuters were stuck in traffic for hours without moving.

*You Have Got To Be Kidding Me.

Monday humor

Powerline has collected a string of funny graphics.

This was my fav:

Paul Krugman telling anti-Trump rioters to stop breaking windows or they will help the Trump economy

(The reference, of course, is to the Broken Window Fallacy of economics, which neo-Keynesians like Paul Krugman constantly fall into.)

Calls for Peace and Understanding After the Election Are “Racist” Now

Don’t go “Whitesplaining” to this enlightened, tolerant liberal why we need to  put the election behind us and work together.

I keep hearing calls for unity in my country right now, though these aren’t spoken as the desperate prayers of hearts desiring peace between two hurting sides, they’re spoken as chastisements of one side by another. They are words of scolding and shaming delivered as a teacher to a petulant student. They are not spoken with benevolence but malice.

They are white voices speaking to the ears of the marginalized in the middle of their mourning.

This is the seed of our national acrimony: selective white outrage that seeks to control what is grief and what is acceptable and what the rules of the conversation are going to be. This is what privilege looks like. And this is the singular barrier to unity.

He also is only a little bit troubled by the violence of the Anti-Trump riots. After all, it’s only (other people’s) property and that is nothing compared to the millions of feelings that have been hurt.

No, LGBTQTIAAXYZ$# Youth Are Not Committing Suicide Because Trump Is Mean

Posted by V the K at 9:28 am - November 14, 2016.
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Left-Wingers are circulating a story that suicides among lesbian, gay, and “transgender” youth have spiked since Trump was elected. It’s total crap.

The Narrative that “You must support the left-wing agenda or gay teens will die” is just left-wing political-emotional blackmail, and it always has been.

Hillary Campaign Foiled by Hacks (Also WikiLeaks Broke into Their Emails)

Posted by V the K at 8:58 am - November 14, 2016.
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From Insty.

For Hillary Clinton’s chief strategists, the unique challenge of addressing working-class and white rural frustrations while cheerleading the Obama economy proved too difficult a riddle, and they chose in the end to focus their efforts elsewhere, much to Bill Clinton’s reported protestation.

The former president saw early during the Democratic primary that his wife had a real problem connecting with these voters, many of whom overwhelmingly preferred Sanders message on jobs and trade.

Bill Clinton reportedly warned the campaign that they needed to address the issue immediately, but “his advice fell on deaf ears.”

Team Hillary preferred to listen to her gay hipster Millenial campaign manager, Robby Mook, who according to his Wiki bio is a lifelong party hack with no experience in the real world.

“Hillary Clinton’s 36 year old campaign manager, Robby Mook, dismissed the advice of the 70 year old former president as the ravings of an aged athlete desperate to regain his former glory, and insisted instead that young, Latino and black voters were the key to winning 2016.’

Bill is a much better liar politician than Hillary. Also, she’s been riding his coat-tails her entire career, and now she decides to ditch his advice? Dumb move.

Also, no man over the age of eight should be going by the name “Robby” unless he’s a blues musician.

Rather than listen to people, the Hillary Campaign was in thrall to a complex algorithm called Ada, that the campaign relied on completely for determining where to put add and GOTV resources, and where to haul Hillary for campaign appearances.  Ada told them Wisconsin was in the bag, so Hillary ignored the state completely. It not only went for Trump, it also re-elected Republican Senator Ron Jonson over left-wing icon Russ Feingold. Ada did tell them that Michigan and Pennsylvanian were “on the bubble,” but it couldn’t tell them what they didn’t want to hear: Voters cared more about jobs and economic security than gun control, climate change, and transgender bathrooms.

THE HILLARY CAMPAIGN IN ONE SENTENCE: “One source said a staffer in Brooklyn was dedicated to rural outreach.”

I think to a Democrat Brooklyn Hipster, “Rural” means “Suffolk County in Long Island.”

Probably did his research by hanging out at organic markets.

Leftism can make you suicidal

According to The Hill, Suicide hotlines receive record number of calls after Trump win.

Phones have been ringing off the hook at suicide hotlines since Donald Trump was named president-elect Tuesday.

According to multiple reports, many of those calling or texting into hotlines are members of the LGBTQ community, minorities and victims of sexual assault who are worried about Trump’s victory…

The article, to its credit, at least attempts to mention real-world facts that could be relevant:

On the campaign trail, Trump told Fox News that he hoped to put Supreme Court judges on the bench who could “change things” in regards to current rulings on same-sex marriage, adding that he wished the ruling “was done by state.”

Trump’s multiple accusations of sexual assault have also been triggers for women, as well as the lewd 2005 tape recording of Trump in which he makes light of sexual assault saying, “When you’re a star, they let you do it. You can do anything.”

But notice the bad job it does: the hysterical framing. For example, the repeated and vague use of the term “sexual assault” to imply great danger to women.

Fact: Trump does not condone rape and, unlike Bill Clinton, Trump has never been credibly accused of rape. From what I remember of Trump’s comments, at worst, he condoned locker-room talk and leaning in for a kiss or proposition after the other party had signaled her interest. And yes, that could be bad – because mistakes could be made; advances could be unwanted; cheating or diseases or painful regrets could happen if things did consensually go farther. Even so, sane people must admit that Trump does not rise to the level of “Bill Clinton bad”.

So, why this hysteria of feeling unsafe or “triggered” with Trump elected and not, say, with Bill Clinton around? Or with a prospect of Hillary Clinton being elected – given that she allegedly devastated the lives of women in helping to cover up her husband’s alleged raping? By any objective standard, the Clintons endanger women more than Trump does.

As to the gay-marriage aspect: The Supreme Court decision to make it nationwide was only last year. For thousands of years, gay men, women and teenagers have survived without that particular U.S. court decision. Believing that gay marriage should be decided by the States is hardly a dangerous position. Again, why the hysteria – among some people?

I believe the answer is this. Leftism harms you. As a philosophy, leftism discourages personal responsibility – and is objectively unrealistic. Therefore, it makes you less able to think clearly about your life; more mentally and emotionally vulnerable. Plus, in the specific case of 2016 and the Hillary Clinton campaign, leftism exposes you to manipulation via many untruths and exaggerations.

To anyone who may be genuinely suicidal over Trump’s election victory: You have my pity. Yes, that’s the correct word.

1. the feeling of sorrow and compassion caused by the suffering and misfortunes of others.

Because your suffering, at least in regard to Trump, is unnecessary.

To be clear: I did not support Trump for President. And I have my doubts about what will happen now, with him. But I’m not suicidal about him. Neither was I suicidal about Obama. Why not? Because, at a fairly young age, I made a conscious choice to value my own life, to make it better no matter what, and to develop common sense and my ability to think about reality clearly.

To all sufferers of TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome): There is still time for you to make good choices to improve your mental health and your life. I hope and pray that you will.