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Gay Republican: “Trump’s SecEd Had My Back.”

Posted by V the K at 11:14 am - December 3, 2016.
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Contrary to the propaganda of the Gay Democrat Left, the incoming Trump administration is turning out to be pretty gay-friendly.

Greg McNeilly, political advisor to Betsy DeVos and a prominent gay Republican, spoke Friday of the incoming education secretary saying she stood up for him at a time when his sexual orientation wasn’t widely known.

“When we have those positive affirming experiences it emboldens us,” he said. “Betsy did that for me at that time.”

If I hadda guess, I’d wager the gay-affirming tendencies of the Trump administration will be far more upsetting to the Gay Left than to the Religious Right.


Have ‘Daily Show’ Politics Worn Out Their Welcome?

All I know is my gut says “Maybe.” 

This year will be remembered for its toxic fluff. Provocateurs and dime-store Howard Beales such as Seth Meyers, John Oliver, Lena Dunham and Andy Richter have demonstrated zero political efficacy. If anything, we’ll never know how much their smugness ostracized potential allies and inflamed the opposition’s base. No one — even the undereducated and marginalized — enjoys being condescended to. And yet, part of the Democratic strategy was to talk down to the citizens of America or to shame them into not voting for Trump. This sort of satire was arguably successful earlier in Jon Stewart’s run on The Daily Show, but it was fresh at the time. It had teeth and seemed to matter. But that formula has been rinsed.

The approach needs to change because it no longer works. It wasn’t clever enough and it underestimated the opposition. Even after taking a gut-wrenching loss on Nov. 8, many outlets and rogue social media celebrities have doubled down on their coverage of pop culture/reality crossover content, whimsical post mortems and open letters.

The most damning of these unintentionally hilarious postelection missives is the Lena Dunham’s Lenny Letter obituary of HRC’s political career, in which Hillary is described as an infallible deity and no mere corporeal form but, instead, “light itself.” That’s not all. The first graph ends with, “She will be the finest world leader our galaxy has ever seen.” But this isn’t Clickhole. It’s the marrow of liberal confusion and hysteria.

The fictional Leslie Knope of Parks and Recreation wrote a bewildering open letter (is there any other kind) the day after the election in which she pulled out some PG invective, calling Trump “a giant fart monster.” That’s a perfect example of the type of doughy, undercooked humor Parks and Rec coasted on for more than half a decade.

My Brief, Inexpert Opinion on the Carrier Jobs Deal

Posted by V the K at 10:47 am - December 3, 2016.
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I’ve been reading a lot of discussion in comment threads about the Trump-Pence deal that saved 1,000 manufacturing jobs at the Carrier Air Conditioning manufacturing plant in Indiana. A lot of people are attacking the tax relief as “crony capitalism,” (even those who were perfectly fine with the billions Obama pumped into crony green energy companies like Solyndra) while others praise that it’s the first small step in Trump’s program to “Make America Great Again.” I side more toward the latter camp. Carrier is a small PR win that can be leveraged into a broader program of tax and regulatory form that will be good for the economy. I hope that’s what Trump is planning.

If you remember, Obama mocked the idea that the 1,400  job the Carrier Air Conditioning jobs could ever be saved. He would have chosen instead to fall back on the “job training” and more welfare. Handouts and Government spending are the lazy man’s solution. Job training programs are not very effective, but they keep left-wing bureaucrats employed. The view of the left is too often, “Oh, you didn’t want those icky manufacturing jobs anyway, We’ll train you to polish windmills and coordinate safe spaces.”  Or, as they call them, “The jobs of tomorrow.”