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Dutch Government Watchdog: Death Threats Against Gays Are OK If Mohammedans Make Them

Posted by V the K at 9:51 pm - December 4, 2016.
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So… just to make sure I understand this… a Christian cannot be allowed to refuse to participate in a gay wedding because the interests of the state trump his religious beliefs, but it is OK for a Mohammedan to make death threats against gays because his religious beliefs must be supreme.

Quite remarkable, isn’t it?

According to Dutch media advisors from the anti-discrimination bureau MiND said that, while homophobic abuse was usually a crime, it was justifiable if you were Muslim due to laws on freedom of religious expression.

They argued that the Koran says it is acceptable to kill people for being homosexual, and so death threats towards gay people from Muslims could not be discriminatory.

In a jaw-dropping email explaining why they could not take up the complaint, they wrote: “The remarks must be seen in the context of religious beliefs in Islam, which juridically takes away the insulting character.”

The article suggests that the Dutch Government was okay with the threats posted to a public forum because if you looked at them in a certain way, they were kind of academic, sort of. “Death and brutality are what the Koran says should be meted out to sodomites,” rather than specific targetes threats.

Personally, I think it’s just plain cowardice.

You know who are the only people really pushing back against this? The “extreme right.”

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