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Some Animals Are More Equal Than Others… Again

Posted by V the K at 7:02 pm - December 18, 2016.
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Gee, I thought… according the Left… that when you started a business, you surrendered your Constitutional Rights and had to service everybody even if you disagreed with them.

The Portland Press Herald is reporting another company is refusing to do business with Trump supporters and naturally, the ‘tolerant’ left is completely silent. A Maine gas company left a message for customers and potential customers that if they voted for President-elect Trump, they can get their gas from another supplier or freeze. For the record, current temperatures in Maine range from 15 to 20 degrees fahrenheit.

The message says, “Thank you for calling Turner LP gas. If you voted for Donald Trump for president I will no longer be delivering your gas — please find someone else.”

Actually, the left is *not* Being completely silent about this, they’re claiming it’s okay because Trump supporters aren’t a “protected class.”

Doesn’t the very existence of “protected classes” contradict the left’s language about “Equality?” How can there be equality in a system where the state is allowed to say “These people must be serviced, but these others may be refused service?” That would seem to be the very definition of inequality.

Details Emerge About Russian Election Hacking

Incontrovertible proof of Vladimir Putin’s involvement.

According to the anonymous sources inside the anonymous US intelligence agency, Putin’s objectives were multifaceted, but the whole thing began as a “vendetta” against Hillary Clinton because she said some mean things about him a few times. Putin is also an “immature 12 year-old child,” a former US official with links to the defense industry, who spoke on condition of anonymity, confirmed (with high confidence).

The high level, anonymous and completely trustworthy sources also told a major US news agency that Putin himself had piloted a specially-designed Russian spy plane across the Atlantic to personally direct the still-ongoing hacking operations from the air.

Satellite images seen by a separate anonymous NASA whistleblower are believed to show Putin in the cockpit of the spy plane alongside his co-pilot Boris, a lifelike robotic bear which has been under secret development in the depths of Siberia and has been programmed to attack Putin’s enemies on command using a variety of lethal methods.

The NASA whistleblower did not provide journalists with photographic evidence, but the editors had a chat about it in their morning meeting and concluded that it’s probably still true.

Remember when Rachel Maddow was filled with confidence that Hillary couldn’t possible lose?


Visualizing Data

Posted by V the K at 3:07 pm - December 18, 2016.
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That strip of land at the lower left could define the borders of the new nation of ‘Californezuela.’


Wow! Isn’t it amazing how effective the Russo-FBI conspiracy to leak genuine Democrat emails was?

Michelle Obama: Election of Trump Means America Has Lost Hope

This is why those idiot leftist memes about what a gracious and wonderful pair these two really grind my gears.

The First Lady used her final interview in the White House to tell Oprah Winfrey that a ‘grown up’ should be in charge of the country.

Looking forward to president-elect Trump’s looming inauguration, she said even though hope was lost, it was necessary to move on.

“Now we’re feeling what not having hope feels like.” [said the FLOTUS]

Their party lost an election, and so they have to trash-talk their successor going out the door. The Obamas don’t have any class. They have the affectations of class, the arrogance of the privileged, and the adoration of leftist saps, but they have no class.

Update: Trump responds.

“Michelle Obama said yesterday that there is no hope. I assume she was talking about the past, not the future. Because I’m telling you, we have tremendous hope. And we have tremendous promise and tremendous potential. We are going to be so successful as a country again. We are going to be amazing.”