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All Is Safely Gathered In

Posted by V the K at 8:48 pm - December 24, 2016.
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Good night, and have a frank and productive Christmas.


Hypocrisy… Again and Always

Posted by V the K at 8:36 am - December 24, 2016.
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In Case You Forgot, Leftists Are Schmucks

Posted by V the K at 12:30 am - December 24, 2016.
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The hip thing for bitter, childish left-wingers who want their politics to ruin everything for everyone this Christmas: “Revenge gifts” for family members who voted for Trump.

When John Tereska’s Trump-voting family members open their gifts from him on Christmas Day, they will get a shock.

Inside pretty boxes they’ll find notes thanking them for making donations to organizations like Planned Parenthood and the Sierra Club that support causes expected to come under attack from the new administration.

“With my oldest brother, who I know voted for Trump, I’m going right for the jugular. I’m donating to the Democratic National Committee on his behalf,” Tereska said.

Tereska, an avid Hillary Clinton supporter, is so mad at the relatives who voted for Donald Trump in November that he’s giving money to progressive not-for-profit organizations in their names, in lieu of Christmas presents this year.

“It’s revenge giving,” he added, with relish.