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New Year’s Plans, Comrades?

Posted by V the K at 5:05 pm - December 31, 2016.
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Glad to put this year behind us. I’m not that much for social occasions. I spent last night attending a post-Christmas party with my extended family. It was nice, but I was glad to come home. Not the longest drive I’ve ever made on New Year’s Eve. Back when my middle son was into the electronic music scene, I drove him 11 hours on NYE so he could perform at a Youth Center. Then, after the show, we drove back. I drank like a dozen Red Bulls and was loopy as all-get-out by the time we got home. I was ready to just crash out just then, but that was the exact moment one of our house’s smoke detectors decided its battery was about to die. It was bleating out a loud death-squeal every ten minutes, so there was no sleep to be had until I dug the 20-ft ladder out out the garage (it was at the peak of a cathedral ceiling, the smoke detector was), climbed up and deactivated it. Then, I crashed out, just as the sun was rising on January 1.

So, what’s everybody doing? I think it’s gonna be a quiet night of movies tonight. Tomorrow, lunch at a Brazilian steakhouse with friends. Resolutions? I don’t make them. I’m hoping to spend more time at the range next year. That’s pretty much it. You guys?


Xenophobia and Tinfoil Hats It Is

Posted by V the K at 4:56 pm - December 31, 2016.
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I just don’t feeel like doing another post on the Democrats’ “The KGB and The FBI conspired to throw the election to Trump by revealing how corrupt and incompetent the Democrat Party is” conspiracy theory. This analysis suggests the White House case for the Conspiracy is… um, the opposite of strong.

Also, just throwing a couple of quotes out there:

This pretty much sums up Obama’s sanctions.

These sanctions are just like everything else Obama has done. They are puny, they are ineffectual, they are self-serving, and they are designed to demonize domestic opponents. If nothing else, the man is consistent.

Even the New York Times admits that Putin is playing a smarter game than Obama.

Mr. Putin has a flair for smart, unexpected tactics, and his announcement on Friday appeared to be in keeping with that. To some observers, the sudden shift seemed carefully stage-managed, a way of building up suspense before Mr. Putin’s surprise announcement, helping portray him as a wise leader above the fray.

The ironic part is, if the Democrats’ kooky conspiracy theory were true, it would mean Vladimir Putin saved the United States from socialism. Wouldn’t that be a twist?

Almost as twisty as the Democrats… after smearing Trump supporters for months as “xenophobes”… are now the party of anti-Russian hate and fear-mongering.

It’s probably for the better that a group of people sent into derangement from the loss of one election won’t be running the country for a while.