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“Alternative Facts” Illustrated

Posted by V the K at 10:27 pm - February 4, 2017.
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Thanks, Ace. Apparently, Carlos Slim’s media outlet just pretty much sends out Democrat Party Talking Points unedited. And Government Propaganda Radio is not much better.

Well, So Much for That Conspiracy Theory

Doing the detective work the Berkeley Police Department won’t do, a blogger may have identified one of the violent protesters at the Berkeley Anti-Free Speech riot. He brags about assaulting a Trump supporter on social media, and his accounts trace to an easily identified individual. Shockingly, it turns out to be a false-flag operative planted by the right-wing like the Young Turks and Robert Reich are claiming a university staff member.

I get why leftists latched onto this conspiracy theory; not all of them are on board with the violence that characterizes their movement. Some of them also realize that vandalism, arson, and assault looks bad to normal people.  So, they clung to a rather desperate and delusional conspiracy theory that someone else must have been responsible. And they told themselves, even if the conspiracy theory doesn’t turn out to be true, at least at shows how much I personally abhor violence to want to believe such a thing.

But by denying the violence that infests their movement, the “peaceful protesters” are only letting it fester.

By they way, it is not a conspiracy theory, but a fact that the group that organized the violent protest is funded by George Soros, because he’s a real-life James Bond villain. But also, Vermont commies Ben and Jerry did their part to fund the violence as well.

Oh, and the peaceful environmental protesters protesting the Dakota Access pipeline left behind a literal, not figurative, landfill-sized amount of garbage.

Never Underestimate a ‘Dangerous Faggot’

Posted by V the K at 10:55 am - February 4, 2017.
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Anti-Trump Protest Leader Arrested on Sex Charges

Posted by V the K at 9:43 am - February 4, 2017.
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Micah Rhodes, a leader in the Portlandia’s Professional Progressive Protester Community has been charged with four counts of second-degree sex abuse.

Police interviewed Rhodes on January 25 and also on January 28, 2017. He waived his Miranda rights both times. During the January 25 interview, Rhodes admitted to police that he had had sex with an underage male and an underage female. He also said that he did not know how old either victim was at the time but later admitted in the January 28 interview that he “probably knew the victims were 17 when he engaged in sexual acts with them.”

Rhodes admitted meeting the male victim through Grindr, and also acknowledged that the victim told him he was 17 years old. Rhodes said that he does not remember if he had sex with the victim in Gresham but said that he might have had sex there and that they did have sex in Troutdale. Also in the affidavit, the Oregon Youth Authority said that in 2015 Rhodes had told them that he sex with the male victim, and that he was on probation at the time for First-Degree Sex Abuse and First-Degree Sodomy.

IIRC, the former Democrat Mayor of Portland did something similar with an underage boy, and the left insisted it was not a big deal.

But the important thing is, he isn’t a hypocrite. Because if he said that molesting teenagers was wrong and then did it, that would be wrong. (Is a ‘SARCASM’ tag necessary?) If he were a Christian, a conservative, or a Republican activist … these offenses would discredit his entire movement and be a national news story. But since he’s an anti-Trump Democratic-Socialist Progressive, it’s a local crime story and no big deal.

Speaking of child molesters, the Rotherham Sex Gang chants ‘Allahu Akbar’ as they are sentenced to prison.

The Evidence Keeps Piling Up

Posted by V the K at 9:24 am - February 4, 2017.
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