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Sally Kohn and Luther Strange

Posted by V the K at 10:11 am - February 9, 2017.
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Sally Kohn ponders moving to West Virginia to campaign against Senator Joe Manchin because he failed to vote in lockstep with the Senate Democrats to carry out the policy directives of Antifa.

Extremely tempted throw my family in the car, move to West Virginia and spend the next 23 months doing everything possible to unseat Manchin

Yeah, there’s about as much chance of that happening as there is of any of the celebrities who threatened to leave the country if Trump won actually leaving the country if Trump won. Still, the idea of a not-so-bright New York city lesbian anti-gun, anti-Christian, socialist moving to the hollers of West Virginia and trying to tell people how to vote… Well…  I’ve had the experience of being at a gun range in West Virginia surrounded by “hillbillies” with “Assault rifles.” I really don’t think it would be Ms. Kohn’s 36 cups of tea.

There is a rumor going about that Senator Jeff Sessions’ replacement in the Senate will be a guy named Luther Strange.” If he’s not a mad scientist supervillain with a name like that, I will be SO disappointed.