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The Changing Face of Scandal

As Obama prepared to leave office, the Narrative being flogged by the Democrat Media Complex was that his had been a “scandal-free administration.”  They repeated this “scandal-free administration” meme so often Joseph Goebbels was on the verge of rising from the dead to demand royalties.

But now that an anti-Establishment Independent with a Republican label is in office, all of the sudden, *everything* is a scandal. It wasn’t a scandal when Obama secretly sent $10 Billion dollars to a nation that is the sworn enemy of the United States and the world’s leading sponsor of violent terrorism (at the behest of his Iranian-born advisor). It wasn’t a “scandal” when the Obama Administration sold thousands of firearms to Mexican drug cartels; firearms later used to murder as many as 200 people including an American Border Patrol agent. But one Trump advisor talks to his Russian counterpart and suddenly it’s the Worst Scandal Since Watergate(However, when the Obama Administration allowed a Russian company to take control of 20% of America’s uranium reserves, it was not a scandal.)

Also, it is apparently now a major scandal that an Obama advisor suggested that maybe people should check out Ivana Trump’s clothing line. But it wasn’t a scandal when Obama gave over a half-billion taxpayer dollars to a major donor to waste on a failed a failed Green Energy company. Nor was it a scandal when Obama and the Democrats passed a law requiring people to by health insurance at inflated prices from a cartel of giant insurance companies who had both donated to the Democrat Party and lobbied for the legislation.

So far, the most horrible “scandals” of the Trump Administration haven’t killed anyone or wasted anyone’s money. But they are so much worse than Obama’s because The Narrative.

I am also curious about the left’s sudden fetish for restarting the Cold War. I mean, was ‘Stranger Things’ *that* big a deal.



  1. this is why the democrat party-media complex is the greatest threat to the freedom of the American people in the history of the country. if a free and INDEPDENT press is the cornerstone of democracy what is a politically biased one?

    Comment by salg — February 15, 2017 @ 11:17 am - February 15, 2017

  2. “apparently now a major scandal that an Obama advisor suggested that maybe people should check out Ivana Trump’ s clothing ”

    It’s as if, a potential slap on the hand is being given nuclear decfon crisis mode with Dan Rather smiling on the side saying it’s a bigger scandal than Watergate.

    Comment by Hanover — February 15, 2017 @ 1:51 pm - February 15, 2017

  3. This is why I have been saying for a while that the biggest threat this country faces is not Democrats or leftists, per se.

    It is a biased media. Would ANY of this be given an credence whatsoever were not the media blowing it out of proportion?

    Comment by Craig Smith — February 15, 2017 @ 4:19 pm - February 15, 2017

  4. I honestly don’t understand the left’s urge to war with Russia. Except a scapegoat for the reason why their horrible witch rightfully lost a rigged election in her favor.

    Comment by Sigma256 — February 24, 2017 @ 1:08 pm - February 24, 2017

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