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“Common Sense Gun Laws”

Posted by V the K at 9:59 pm - March 5, 2017.
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Here’s what some left-wing anti-gun legislators are trying to pass in Alabama, all the while claiming that aren’t against the Second Amendment, and all of these infringements are perfectly reasonable.

  • Mandatory gun registration- owner has registration card that lists all weapons
  • No transfers unless done through a registration office
  • New purchases must be picked up at registration office
  • Mandatory gun safes; only registered owner will have combination
  • Mandatory gun safety classes
  • Open carry and concealed carry policies abolished
  • Waiting period for gun purchase extended to three months to allow all paperwork to pass
  • People under 21 prohibited from owning guns
  • Extensive mental evaluation
  • Mandatory liability insurance for firearms
  • Required reporting of stolen firearms within four hours of discovery
  • Ammo purchases made only for the caliber gun specified on registration

Thank Ra Hillary lost.


Idiocracy Flows from the Top

Posted by V the K at 3:09 pm - March 5, 2017.
Filed under: American Embarrassments

Let’s remember, it wasn’t ‘America’ that decided that this sewer trout deserved to be famous; it’s a small group of media elites who think “This is what those dumb idiots in flyover country want too watch on their ‘movin’ picture boxes’ in between rounds of humping their cousins and cleanin’ their guns.”

Her fame isn’t a reflection on us, it’s a reflection of their contempt for us.