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Leftists Cannot Abide a Free Press

The Castro Regime in Cuba routinely imprisons journalists. Hugo Chavez shut down all opposition media outlets as the socialist dictator of Venezuela. Barack Obama spied on journalists. And we all hear the constant chorus on the left demanding that FoxNews — the one major news network that is occasionally critical of Democrats — be shut down.

In California, the Democrat Party has permanently consolidated its power through a combination of flooding the voter rolls with third-world immigrants and rigging the political system to ensure that no Republican will ever again be elected to statewide office (there was no Republican on the ballot for California senator last year) and there will never be a Republican majority in the legislature. California Democrats have even changed the state’s referendum process to give the Democrat-run state Government more control; giving politicians and lobbyists the power to modify proposed ballot initiatives to better suit the Party’s interests.

The California Democratic Party holds all power in the state, and its members run the political spectrum from far-left to radical-left.  So, naturally, they are following the example of leftist regimes everywhere and shutting down opposition journalism.

Yesterday California charged Daleiden and Merrit with a whopping 15 felony counts based on their undercover videos — released through the Center for Medical Progress — showing Planned Parenthood officials discussing, among other things, harvesting and possibly even selling the organs of aborted babies. The heart of the indictment (14 of the 15 counts) is the claim that Daleiden and Merritt wrongly recorded alleged “confidential communications” between complete strangers at public conferences and at public restaurants.

California’s case not only fails on the merits, it reeks of selective prosecution. There is no shortage of examples of concealed-camera videos in California exposing scandalous behavior (the Federalist’s Sean Davis has been tweeting them since the indictment), often in the arena of animal rights. In 2014, a group called Mercy for Animals released an undercover video that “allegedly show[ed] widespread animal abuse and cruelty at one of California’s largest duck farms.” Authorities reportedly responded to the video — by investigating the farm.

Making undercover videos as part of an investigation has been a part of standard journalistic practice for decades. Just recently

Obviously, the only people the California Democratic Party are targeting are those who do stories that are in opposition to the Democrat Agenda.

The message of this indictment is clear, “If you go against The Party, you will be prosecuted.”

So far, not a single journalistic outlet has protested against this infringement on a free press or the public’s right to know.

This is what persecution looks like and all Americans should be infuriated.

The Honest Leftist

I could do with more honest candor like this from the Democrat Left.

Completely Friggin’ Deranged

Posted by V the K at 12:23 pm - March 29, 2017.
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Modern Feminism: An article of clothing that a patriarchal rape culture forces women to wear under penalty of beating as a symbol of their submission to men … has been embraced as a trendy symbol of feminist virtue signaling. . Because you hate Trump, or something.


There’s a Reason We Call Them ‘Snowflakes’

Posted by V the K at 8:46 am - March 29, 2017.
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If your self-esteem is so precarious that a joke can endanger it, maybe Chappelle isn’t the one with the problem.

— Jim Treacher(@jtLOL) March 29, 2017

And I think this Tweet sums up everything:

Imagine being so ignorant that you’d ignore a person’s gender, ethnicity or sexual preference and just treat them the same as everyone else.

Compare and Contrast

Posted by V the K at 8:28 am - March 29, 2017.
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In Iowa, yet another male college student is railroaded because of dubious “sexual assault” charges, denied basic Constitutional and statutory protections, subjected to a kangaroo court run by radical university bureaucrats that denied him the opportunity to present exculpatory evidence, and of course convicted and sentenced without any semblance of due process. Oh, and this time, they punished his dad for coming to his defense.  (And this is all because Obama was a tyrant.)

Meanwhile, in Maryland, the illegal immigrants who raped a fourteen-year-old girl are availing themselves of the “she was a slut and she wanted it” defense.

If you can’t hear the outcry from feminists, it’s because it was drowned out by the sound of Hillary Clinton cackling because she pioneered this technique.