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Syria smells like a hoax

…or more precisely, like a False Flag attack to stampede President Trump into attacking Syria (and indirectly Russia) rather than ISIS. Here’s why. Please note:

  • I’m NOT claiming that it *is* a hoax or a false flag. Only saying why it might be, on present information. Why we should want everyone to take a deep breath and slow down.
  • For brevity, I’ll say Deep State to mean “the consensus of the U.S. intelligence agencies” or “the permanent bureaucracy of the U.S. intelligence community”.
  • For brevity, I’ll say Controlled Media to mean “the mainstream media, largely controlled by Deep State and certain billionaires”.

Now for the reasons.

  1. Syria’s dictator Assad has nothing to gain by chemical attacks on his own people. He gains no strategic territory. He does not intimidate his opponents, nor kill many of them, nor destroy much of their equipment. He only unites the world against him. It does not help him win.

    Even if Assad is the New Hitler testing the nerve of the West: History shows that megalomaniacs always test their opponents’ nerve by going for a worthwhile objective, a genuine win. For example: Hitler in 1936 re-militarized the Rhineland; Saddam in 1990 seized Kuwait and its rich oil fields. Nothing like that, here.

  2. Until recently, Deep State claimed that Assad had absolutely NO chemical weapons. Here’s a Rewind reel to refresh your memory.

    Of course the Deep State could have been wrong (whether mistaken or deceptive), when its politicians and Controlled Media said those things. The point is: They were said. The sudden reversal requires explanation and accounting. Which, so far, has not been given.

  3. ISIS and the Syrian rebels (they’re much the same people, on adjoining territory) do have chemical weapons. Even Foreign Policy magazine says so.
  4. ISIS and the Syrian rebels, and the Deep State factions which back them, do gain by a false-flag attack that gets President Trump to bomb Assad – instead of moving to “eliminate” ISIS, as he was promising.
  5. Suddenly, it’s The Children. Normally, the Controlled Media will avoid showing pictures of maimed children. The exception is when they’re out to whip people up toward some specific end – like, say, a war. This time, they’ve been showing the dead kids (whom we all pity) a great deal.

    Yesterday, I watched both Nikki Haley’s speech to the U.N., and President Trump’s statement to the nation. Both were high on emotion and very short on facts, evidence or logic. That’s a giant red flag.

  6. Deep State and Controlled Media have hoaxed us before. Some would bring up the Iraq War and WMD, as an example. I wouldn’t, but that’s a long story. It doesn’t matter, because we have other examples.

    Are you old enough to remember Nariyah? She got us into the first Gulf War with her tearful tale of Iraqi soldiers ripping babies from incubators – and it was fake, fake, fake.

  7. We’ve had reports in the not-too-distant past, that Deep State was planning false-flag chemical attacks in Syria. Click on this one, allegedly from the Daily Mail. So, the idea isn’t all that far-fetched.
  8. The wrong people are praising Trump’s response of bombing Syria.
  9. When known, Deep State-backed war-mongers like Hillary Clinton, John “Landslide” McCain, and the Saudis approve of your attack on some country, it’s a good time to think twice.

I’m open to solid evidence that Assad did the attack. But if it’s a hoax: then it’s a pity that it has worked; Trump is bombing Syria. After months of failed and ridiculous “Trump is a Russian spy!!1!” innuendo, have the Deep State and Controlled Media found a different way to manipulate him into doing their wars?

Trump’s emotional statement, yesterday, was all-too genuine and sincere. Pictures of dead kids are, it seems, a way to corner him into changing policy and doing your bidding.

I think we should still be going after ISIS. Given that ISIS is largely a creation of the Saudis and certain U.S. Deep State factions, it makes perfect sense to me that the latter – and their minions in the Controlled Media and both U.S. political parties – would be so determined to either knock Trump out of office, or yank him over to their preferred policy of war on Syria/Assad/Russia (largely ignoring ISIS).

Leftists Demand National Registry of Gay Americans

Posted by V the K at 10:07 am - April 7, 2017.
Filed under: Gay PC Silliness,Gay Politics

You think I’m kidding. I’m not kidding.

“We call on President Trump and his Administration to begin collecting sexual orientation and gender identity data on the American Community Survey as soon as possible,” [National Gay and Lesbian Rights Task Force- Criminal and Economic Justice Project Director Meghan Maury was quoted as saying, “and urge Congress to conduct oversight hearings to reveal why the Administration made the last-minute decision not to collect data on LGBTQ people.” The decision not to compile a government database of gay people was “another step to deny LGBTQ people freedom, justice, and equity,” she went on to say.

Identity Politics Makes Fascists of Us All

Posted by V the K at 8:38 am - April 7, 2017.
Filed under: Legal Issues

The Leftist-Stacked Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals decided to rewrite the 1964 Civil Rights Act to include gay people. Because courts have given themselves the power to rewrite legislation in accordance with current politically correct trendiness.

And I know people are thinking, “So what if the judiciary has usurped the power of the legislative branch of Government. As long as it’s good for gay people, I’m all in favor of it.”

So, what you’re saying is, you like tyranny, as long as the tyranny is benefiting you.

You should probably just admit that, then, instead of pretending you have any respect for pluralistic, participatory democracy in which all people are equal before the law. Because under the system you advocate, we don’t have that. We have mobs. And whichever mob is on top gets to call the shots and oppress the other mobs.

Do you want Venezuela? Because that’s how you get Venezuela.

Venezuela slid closer toward dictatorship after the country’s Supreme Court gutted the only opposition-run institution — the Congress — seizing its powers and declaring the elected body invalid.

Springtime for Assad and Syria

Posted by V the K at 8:25 am - April 7, 2017.
Filed under: War On Terror

Sean L requested a “hot take” on PDT’s decision to launch missile strikes against military targets in Syria. I think I have, like, four.

1. Well, so much for the idea that Trump is a prawn of Vladimir Putin; what with the bombing and calling for the ouster of Putin’s buddy Assad. And on that topic…

2. When has removing a strongman in the Middle East ever made anything better? You would think we had learned what happened after toppling Saddam, Qadaffi, the Shah…

3. BTW, what is it about going to war in the Middle East that US presidents just can’t resist? The last five presidents have all launched or continued military adventures in the Middle East. Maybe it was important when our European allies needed the oil. But we can pretty much fulfill our oil requirements from other sources. If France and Germany want to go to war in the Middle East so *they* can has oil, then let them do it. Oh, right, they can’t. Honestly, the Middle East is a snake pit. If we were smart, we’d quarantine the entire region and let them work out their differences while we watched from the sidelines.

4. The left should have to contort themselves like a Cirque du SoGay acrobat to explain why missile strikes were brilliant foreign policy when Hillary suggested them, but Trump is a warmongering buffoon for carrying them out. I think the explanation will be along the lines of, “Shut up, racist.”

Anyway, Sean L might find Scott Adams take more interesting than mine. He wonders if Assad was really the one behind the gas attacks. He makes some interesting points.

Illegal Privilege

Posted by V the K at 6:51 am - April 7, 2017.
Filed under: Illegal Immigration

If you’re an American Citizen and a sexual predator or a drunk driver, tough luck. But if you’re an illegal immigrant and a sex offender or a drunk driver, the state of Oregon’s law enforcement community has your back.