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Is There Gay Genocide in Chechnya? Does Anyone Care?

Posted by V the K at 10:15 am - May 4, 2017.
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While the Democrat Left – LGBT Coalition in America are so desperate to illustrate oppression that they resort to fake hate crimes (see below), spreading total bullshirt accusations that the VP wants to electrocute gay kids, and crying that for a Christian to decline to bake a cake for a gay wedding is a million times worse than anything Hitler ever did, there may actually be a genocide against gay people unfolding in Chechnya, and none of them care.

Chechen police are reportedly urging parents to kill their gay children, according to survivor testimony from one man held in a “gay torture camp” in the country.

 Authorities have been telling parents of gay men to “sort it out” or the state will intervene, the victim, who has not been identified, claimed.

The latest account of systematic LGBT persecution comes just a month after Chechen authorities allegedly rounded up more than 100 men who were suspected to be gay. Many were tortured and at least four are alleged to have been killed, according to a Russian newspaper and human rights campaigners

Now granted, the reports are very sketchy and unreliable. But that’s sort of the point, if there were rumors of genocide in other countries, wouldn’t they be worth investigating?

Probably because it would be happening in a Muslim territory under a devout Muslim leader; it would be bad for the Coalition of the Oppressed to point out that the Oppressed Muslims want to murder the Oppressed LGBT’s.  And it’s difficult to find a “Bash Trump” angle to it, so it is politically unimportant.

I seem to recall reports of gay oppression in Uganda getting a fair amount of coverage (but then, that provided an opening to bash Christians).

Yet Another Fake Gay “Hate Crime”

Posted by V the K at 9:00 am - May 4, 2017.
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If real hate crimes were happening, the left wouldn’t have to fake them.

The organist at St. David’s Episcopal Church has been charged for spray-painting hate messages on the church shortly after Election Day last November.

On April 28, he admitted to Brown County Det. Brian Shrader that he spray-painted a swastika, “Heil Trump” and “Fag Church” on the building, according to a probable-cause affidavit filed May 3 in Brown Circuit Court.

“Stang, who is gay, stated he felt scared and alone because of the election results,” the court document said. He told the detective that his parents were not very supportive of him because of that and he wanted to “mobilize a movement,” but he didn’t want it to generate the amount of media attention that the vandalism caused, the document said.

The Hell, he didn’t, he just didn’t want to get caught.

The inconvenient truth of the matter is that Donald Trump is the most pro-gay president ever elected in the United States. But there are a cadre of gay activists whose livelihoods and status are tied to their positions in the Democrat Party. And there are millions of stupid and emotional Democrat voters who need to project their irrational fears and hatred onto a bogeyman. Trump serves as a boogeyman for both; not because of what he actually stands for, but because of what they need him to stand for.

Imagine if these emotionally stunted people had to face the fact that their families and friends don’t shun them because they’re gay, but because they’re drama queens, cold messes, and insufferable jerks. It’s much easier to blame “homophobia” than to subject oneself to hard, honest introspection.

Sometimes it’s fun to watch, part II

The unimportant Stephen Colbert makes a fact-free slam about President Trump fellating Vladimir Putin. Nothing worth mentioning, there.

He imagines that he’s being relevant or edgy or manly. Still nothing worth mentioning.

People ask what would happen if any comedian made such a slam on President Obama (who, in a most embarrassing moment in 2012, promised the Russians to be nicer than he was letting on with American voters). Example #1,234,511,998 to point out the Left’s double standards. True, but still not much to mention.

Then #FireColbert becomes a thing as people start noticing that Colbert’s slur was essentially, um, homophobic.

Taking double standards to a new low, left-wing celebrities defend Colbert’s slur. (Among them, the execrable George Takei.)

Predictably, Colbert claims the devil made him do it (Trump).

What happens next?