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France elects its first woman President

Posted by Jeff (ILoveCapitalism) at 4:26 pm - May 7, 2017.
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Congratulations to Angela Merkel (of Germany) and/or Brigitte Macron, one or both of whom is effectively France’s new President.

Angela Merkel Brigitte Macron

As expected, Emmanuel Macron has defeated Marine Le Pen in France’s election and will be the nominal occupant of Élysée Palace, on behalf of the women above.

The numbers are not final. Estimates put Macron’s number in the 62-65 area, meaning that Le Pen will be in the 38-35 area. By U.S. standards that is a landslide; but Le Pen got much farther than she has ever gotten before, and will remain a force in French politics.

UPDATE: Per Ace, the final split is about 49% Macron, 26% Le Pen, 25% blank (Abstain). Which is 65-35 on the two-party vote.

Hat tip to Marine Le Pen for the joke here. (more…)

Dan Savage’s New Best Buddy

Democrats like to fancy themselves as the nice, compassionate people. Evidence for this belief is somewhat… lacking.

Kurt Eichenwald isn’t a random d-bag with a twitter account; he’s a very prominent Democrat Media Operative d-bag with a twitter account.

Update: And then, there is this charming gay liberal.

Update: Also, this “queer” illegal immigrant enjoying taxpayer-funded college at UC-Berkeley who advocates violence against white people to celebrate the phony Mexican beer holiday, Cinco de Mayo.

It’s another great day

…because the sun is shining, most of us still have our health and families, and Hillary isn’t President.

No one combines Corruption, Socialism, Cronyism and Shrillness like her. Imagine if that harpy were ranting at you every day from the White House about why we need to expand Obamacare, have ground troops in Syria, shut down the alt-media, end the 2nd Amendment, etc. With her ill-calculated faux-sincerity.

UPDATE: Judicial Watch is still on the Benghazi and “Clinton e-mail” scandals. They’re not over. More e-mails are still being uncovered. Hillary should still be prosecuted, and FBI Director Comey’s misreading or mis-application of the law (in giving her a pass) is still crony-istic and astounding.