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The Discreet Racism of the Liberal Elite

Posted by V the K at 3:00 pm - May 8, 2017.
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Hoity-toity white Manhattan liberals profess to love diversity in public education; but they sure are careful to make sure none of their own children go to school with those awful, underachieving brown people.

Ironically, these well-educated, affluent “good thinking” Manhattan (white) residents now confront the same tribulations faced by down-market white Southerners over court-ordered integration post Brown v. Board of Education (1954). But, unlike these bigoted Rednecks, white liberal New Yorkers, aided by the racially hypersensitive New York Times, need not block the doorway of junior top-flight nearly all white school and shout, “Segregation today, segregation tomorrow….” while the federal government orders the New York City’s police to forcibly enroll residents of nearby public housing as junior’s classmates. These white liberals are expert at walking on eggshells (I’m not a racist but….”) and playing politics to keep their kids in white schools; there is even a website on how to game the system.

As one follows the Times’ accounts of school attendance zone wars, few Times’ readers will notice the glaring omissions from these stories. While the newspaper identifies multiple underperforming largely African American and Hispanic schools, the problems that plague them are handled with kid gloves. A naive Times reader would surmise that the roots of the city’s segregated school system reside in white resistance to the benefits of diversity, or an unfamiliarity with the wonderful programs at largely black schools. Off the agenda is the possibility that affluent white “resisters” are behaving rationally — accurately perceiving unspeakable situations when it comes to their children’s well-being. To be impolite, these liberals are secret race-realists not fooled by experts touting the alleged benefits of diversity.

Minorities exist in the liberal world to provide entertainment, Democrat votes, and objects for their conspicuous virtue signaling. When push comes to shove, even they don’t buy that “Diversity is our strength” bullcrap they’re selling.

And maybe the reason they screech constantly about the alleged racism of other people is to keep anyone from looking too closely at their own.

Why Europeans Are Willing Accomplices to Their Own Cultural Suicide

Posted by V the K at 11:26 am - May 8, 2017.
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Ex-Patriate Gay Dude Bruce Bawer explains why Europe is so willing to subjugate itself to Islamic Supremacy.

In America we’re taught (or, at least, used to be taught) that our leaders work for us; we learn (or used to) that it’s not only our right but our duty as individuals to stand up to those leaders when we think they’re wrong – especially when we think they’re exceeding their powers and infringing on our rights. But Europeans aren’t brought up that way. Not really. Yes, there’s lip service to the idea of freedom. But when it comes right down to it, they’re raised to bow down to the state – to prioritize not themselves, not the individual, but the society, the commonweal, that abstract ideal known as “solidarity.”

So it is that even in a secret ballot, it takes European voters a remarkable amount of nerve to resist the thunderous chorus of voices from above urging them to vote against their own interests; it feels like nothing less than an act of treason to heed the meek little voices in their own heads begging them to do the opposite – to do what’s actually best for themselves and their loved ones. They’ve been psychologically manipulated to the point where they truly believe, on some level, at least in some Orwellian doublethink kind of way, that acting in clear defense of their own existence, their own culture, their own values, and their own posterity, is an act of ugly prejudice.

There’s a distressingly strong strain of “subjugate yourself to the state as long as its being run by the Democrats” in the United States as well. Heck, you even have groups like Antifa violently demanding *more* subjugation to the state.

And let’s be blunt. The emigrants who left Europe for America in the 19th and early 20th Century were the ones with courage and balls. Leaving behind one’s country to take a chance in a foreign land is an act of ballsiness. (Sadly, immigrants in the 21st Century just want to cash in on America’s generous welfare benefits.)

Naturally, the Europeans who stayed behind were more likely to be wimps, cowards, and (things Trump would grab).  And two world wars probably killed off the European genes for bravery. Let’s face it, a lot of Frenchmen are only around today because their grandmothers learned the German words for “Good evening, handsome soldier.”

Plus ca change…