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Damned Lutherans Strike Again

Posted by V the K at 7:00 pm - June 3, 2017.
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I mean, it’s got to be Lutherans this time, right?

A van ran pedestrians down on the London Bridge (similar to the run-down attack on Westminster Bridge a short time ago), and reports of shootings and stabbings at London Station.

This is just a couple of weeks after the Manchester attack, and the attack on the Manila hotel which was allegedly a “robbery.”


So, stand by for #StandWithLondon and #TerrorHasNoReligion, and media stories about dhimmi Britons kneeling in solidarity with their Mohammedan overlords. Followed in short order by the media expressing bafflement at what could possibly have radicalized the perpetrator(s) while “authorities” search for that ever elusive motive (which they never seem to find).

It’s like, if they could just figure out why Mohammedans commit almost daily terror attacks, they could maybe stop them somehow. But the motive to the terror attacks remains as elusive as Robert Denby.

Happy Ramadan, everyone.

Paris Agreement Sucked – No One Should Want It

Yesterday I wrote a lot of text on this. Thanks to all commenters who made helpful additions.

Today I want to give the short version. With short sentences. For lefties.

  • The Paris Agreement did not control CO2. It let China, India and Russia do what they wanted. Oooh, Russia! Bad!!!!1!! Right?
  • The Paris Agreement did not control CO2. Even the UN scienticians agreed that it made almost no difference to their Global Warming projected temperatures.
  • The Paris Agreement was a krazy-bad deal. It made the U.S. almost the only leading country that has to wreck its workers’ lives and futures.
  • The Paris Agreement was a krazy-bad deal. It made the U.S. almost the only leading country that has to give away many tens of billions of dollars annually, to pay Third World kleptocrats to hold back their countries.

Hey lefties: If you didn’t know these things, I’m sorry you’re so gullible.

I bet you’re gullible enough to think CNN or WaPo “fact checkers” are real, and not just fellow lefties trying to keep you on the plantation.

And, one more time: If Paris “imposes nothing on us” or is non-binding – then why should withdrawing from it be a crisis?

Think. If it’s true that any party can blow it off (note IF) – then it’s worthless, in yet another way.