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A mistake from Trump

Posted by Jeff (ILoveCapitalism) at 8:55 pm - June 4, 2017.
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President Trump keeps saying (in speeches) or tweeting things like this:

Donald J. Trump Retweeted FOX & friends‏ – Wall Street hits record highs after Trump pulls out of Climate pact

Donald J. Trump Retweeted Eric Trump – Eric Trump Retweeted Reuters Business – JUST IN: Dow, S&P 500 and Nasdaq set record closing highs.

I wish he wouldn’t. Let’s be clear.

  • Stock market numbers matter to individuals; not the nation.
  • Low numbers don’t mean a President is doing a bad job, and high numbers don’t mean he’s doing a good job.
  • The stock and bond markets are bubbles, fueled by the Federal Reserve Bank.
    • As I said under President Obama, way back at Dow 14,000.
    • We also have bubbles in the real estate, auto loan, student loan, forex (USD) and cryptocurrency markets. But I digress.
  • During the 2016 campaign, Trump knew it and correctly said “We are in a bubble.”

Now Trump is taking credit for the high (bubble) numbers. Big mistake.

Instead, he should be warning Americans about how poor the economy’s fundamentals still are (thanks to Obama – until a lot more of Trump’s reforms get enacted). And readying us for hard times in the next recession.

“Live by the sword, die by the sword.” If Trump is going to take credit for high stock markets now, people will slam him when they fall.

Anything to avoid saying ‘Muslim’

The first step to solving a problem for real, is: Naming it honestly.

As Mark Steyn points out (hat tip V), our leftie-globalist-academic Superiors want us to believe that “sowing division” is what’s wrong with the endless stream of mass murders by Muslim terrorists. Because the desirable opposite is “unity”, led by those same Superiors.

Thus, they subtly equate their critics with Muslim terrorists. If, say, you’re a free-market populist who rejects the elite consensus, you’re as bad as a Muslim mass murderer. Because you’re also “sowing division”.

It’s similar to how the Left represents “hate speech” (i.e., criticism or rejection of the Left) as a form of violence, unprotected by the First Amendment. Under such insane terms, the Left is allowed to attack you with physical violence because they are only protecting themselves from the “violence” that you were about to think, or say.

Re: the London attacks, British media says they were done by “men of Mediterranean coloring”. It has a courtroom precision to it, which is nice, but also don’t say Muslim.

London’s Muslim mayor, Sadiq Khan, did at least call them “cowardly terrorists”. And Prime Minister Theresa May slammed the “evil ideology of Islamist extremism” – but then went back to calling for “unity”, plus Internet censorship. As opposed to, say, deporting the UK’s known Muslim radicals and improved vetting of Muslim immigrants, or better enforcement of the UK’s existing laws against inciting violence.

It’s beyond question that the murderers were doing it for Allah. One can only hope that the good people of the UK will wake up.

Why Would Anybody Want to Live in Connecticut?

Insurance company Aetna is looking to relocate its headquarters out of Hartford Connecticut.

The state’s Democrat Governor, Dannel (not a misspelling) Malloy is begging them not to leave. Malloy enacted major tax increases in 2009, 2011, and 2015. The 2017 budget calls for still more tax increases, but not nearly enough to cover the state’s $5 Billion deficit. Connecticut already has, after New Jersey, the 2nd highest tax burden in the country.
Aetna is apparently looking to New York or Boston for its headquarters, so it’s not really taxes or regulation that it’s fleeing. However, the onerous taxes and horrendous cost of living in New York or Boston is made up for because you can get a decent bagel and Bhutanese take-out at 3:00 in the morning. This makes it worth it to some people; some not very wise people.

But Hartford can’t compete on that playing field. No matter how much money the mayor extorts from the state to try and build a “vibrant and culturally diverse” city and neighborhoods, it’s always going to be a shadow of New York and Boston. You too, Providence RI. And hardly anybody who has a choice is going to live in Connecticut’s brutal tax environment AND a declining, third tier city. It’s not like the state has lovely scenery or good weather.

To compete with surrounding states, Connecticut ought to create a low-tax, business-friendly environment that would make the state economically competitive with its neighbors. But lowering taxes and reducing Government is anathema to the left-wing Democrats who monopolize power there. The best they can do is pander… politician to big business crony… and offer Aetna the kind of tax breaks and other fiscal relief that smaller businesses in the state do not get.

BTW, isn’t Aetna the kind of company Democrats want to put completely out of business with Single Payer Health Care?