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Gays for Islamic Supremacy

Dateline Airstrip One: “Gays Against Sharia” is a group of gays in Britain who don’t fancy living under ISIS-style sharia law (what with the beheadings, stonings, defenestrations, female genital mutilations and other minor annoyances). Gays Against Sharia plans to hold a march in opposition to Islamic Supremacy. Pro-Sharia, Left-Wing gays who automatically side with the enemies of Western Civilization, are planning a counter-protest to demonstrate their willing subjugation to their new masters.

LGBT activists have reacted with fury, insisting the event is nothing more than the cynical hijacking of gay rights by the “far right” as a cover for Islamophobia. Two groups, Lesbians and Gays Support the Migrants, and Action for Trans Health, are arranging a counter-protest against the march.

“As queers, we know what it’s like for right-wingers to hate us – so we won’t be divided like this.”

Right, because it’s better to be murdered by Islamic Supremacists who hate you than shunned by right-wingers who “hate” you.