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This Is Just Sad

Posted by V the K at 8:58 am - June 24, 2017.
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Seen among the twitters.



  1. My dad died a little over a year ago. I miss him every day. There is nothing I wouldn’t give to talk to him again. That this dad threw away his child over an election is disgusting. I am heartbroken for this poor kid.

    Comment by J- — June 24, 2017 @ 9:35 am - June 24, 2017

  2. This is a sad tweet set.

    J., sorry about your loss. I lost mine 10 years ago and while maybe not every day, I do think of things “Oh, Dad would enjoy hearing this”, or “this would be fun to do with Dad”.

    Comment by TheQuietMan — June 24, 2017 @ 9:55 am - June 24, 2017

  3. And here I thought it was only those evil, backwards conservatives who disowned their children because of making the “wrong” choices.

    Comment by Sean L — June 24, 2017 @ 10:00 am - June 24, 2017

  4. I lost my father 7 1/2 years ago, and I occasionally still get teary eyed about the loss. Same story with my Mom who died a year later. it is a shame this father is so unhinged about an election. The Dad reminds me of the Harry Chapin song “The Cat’s in the Cradle.”

    Comment by davinci38 — June 24, 2017 @ 10:05 am - June 24, 2017

  5. Little over eight months here, not any easier.

    Last September when dad was intubated on a mechanical ventilator, receiving a continuous IV anesthetic for sedation, my (straight) cousin was visiting from SF. When my cousin began crooning about Hillary, dad began gagging and nearly spat out the breathing tube.

    Dad fought for over a year with end-stage heart failure, fighting it every minute. He got off that ventilator for about 2 weeks before he finally passed, but the experience scrambled his cognition for a good chunk of that — it was only September, but he was convinced that he missed the election and Hillary won.

    Dad didn’t quite make it until November, and that’s a shame for many reasons. Just one is that I believe he would have had a real ball with everything that’s happened politically since then. He didn’t think DJT would pull it off — Hillary and co. were too corrupt and too many forces were aligned against him.

    Having passed a full month before election day, dad would have been annoyed, though not surprised, to learn that he probably voted for Hillary. Possibly three times, as dad had at least that many NY addresses in his ninety years.

    RIP dad, and my sympathies to everyone else.

    Comment by Sathar — June 24, 2017 @ 10:28 am - June 24, 2017

  6. Mother’s and Father’s Days can be tough on the children of deceased parents, and it happens every year. But Sathar, it does become more bearable with time.

    Comment by davinci38 — June 24, 2017 @ 10:32 am - June 24, 2017

  7. My dad is hard core democrat but even he would not do something like that to me. Where do you find that pic, V?

    Comment by Pawfurbehr — June 24, 2017 @ 10:49 am - June 24, 2017

  8. Lost my dad in ’08. Miss him each and every single day. He put up with my youthful wacky political views. Eventually I grew up and got smart; my dad never judged me as a youth and never reproached me when I matured. This father should be ashamed of himself.

    Comment by miss marmelstein — June 24, 2017 @ 10:52 am - June 24, 2017

  9. PfB – I saw it on twitter. It made me sad. One of my son’s is a 9-11 truther but I still talk to him.

    Comment by V the K — June 24, 2017 @ 11:19 am - June 24, 2017

  10. If that tweet is true how is the dad supporting democrats – the kings of racism and sexism?

    Comment by Rdm — June 24, 2017 @ 12:05 pm - June 24, 2017

  11. I’m not at all close to my father but, geez, he’s not even on the same planet as the jerk in the tweet.

    I hope the son (daughter?) realizes that we don’t choose our parents… he was unlucky to have drawn a prick for a father.

    Comment by KCRob — June 24, 2017 @ 2:09 pm - June 24, 2017

  12. I feel sorry for the guy having a father like that if it is a real text. It is especially ironic as the Democrats are all the things (plus hypocrites and pedophiles) that the dad is tossing out as descrptions.

    Comment by Sandra — June 24, 2017 @ 9:15 pm - June 24, 2017

  13. In March of 2016 my sister back home in Switzerland told me that if I voted for Trump, she wouldn’t speak to me again. I said to her, “I’m sorry you feel this way, love you anyway”, and hung up the phone in Montana.

    Over the course of the rest of 2016, and all through 2017, I would call her and text her, but she never answered or replied. Three weeks I was told through a mutual acquaintance, that my sister passed away from cancer.

    How am I supposed to feel about this? I am sad. For her. I know she died with hatred in her heart, and as an awowed atheist, she wasn’t gonna go home with the Father either.

    Such is life…

    Comment by Nash Montana — June 25, 2017 @ 2:19 am - June 25, 2017

  14. (Three weeks AGO)… sorry, typo.

    Comment by Nash Montana — June 25, 2017 @ 2:28 am - June 25, 2017

  15. Sorry, Nash.

    Comment by Hanover — June 25, 2017 @ 2:45 am - June 25, 2017

  16. Nash, allow yourself to remember the good times and refuse to dwell of those times that hurt.

    We all have our complex relationships, but it is important to call what is positive and erase residue of what is hurtful. A person dies when the last person who remembers him no longer exists. Then it is all ashes to ashes and dust to dust and perhaps a marker over a grave in a sea of the unknown.

    The avowed atheist may be welcomed to eternal life. We only know what mere mortals have told us. This thought is not meant as a band-aid on your concerns. We really can not know how redemption plays out.

    I am sorry you did not get to say “goodbye” on peaceful terms, but you may still pray for her and bring comfort and reconciliation to your own soul.

    Comment by Heliotrope — June 25, 2017 @ 5:32 am - June 25, 2017

  17. Wow. I lost my Dad in 1995, and I think about him almost every day.

    That a father would cut off a son because of an election is so sad that I really can’t wrap my head around it.

    There are so many things we do that we often regret later when we realize how short life really is.

    Comment by Charlotte — June 26, 2017 @ 8:01 am - June 26, 2017

  18. Jeez why would you do that to family. Your own son. I don’t agree with a lot of stuff my children do, say, or post on line, but that doesn’t get in the way of me talking to them. It may limit my support to certain things, but my love for them will never change.
    Hell, I still talk to my Pinko Commie Aunt, who I love dearly, I would never think of blocking her or not talking to her. Someone’s dad needs a “come to Jesus” meeting or something…sigh

    Comment by junkero — June 26, 2017 @ 12:11 pm - June 26, 2017

  19. For nigh on 40+ years, the sun has risen and set for me with my three kiddos. Since their re-education in college and, ugh, law school we have differed politically. Never a real issue until Oct when oldest “suggested” I just abstain from voting as Trump would carry my state anyway (would not agree to reciprocate though inverse identical). We now have completely different and much colder relationships. It is going to some time to repair, I remain hopeful. Ambivalent I am that the more success Pres Trump and the USA is, the harder it will be to heal and me to be close to my grandchildren. Sad does not begin to describe….

    Comment by Goober — June 28, 2017 @ 10:25 pm - June 28, 2017

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