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Leftie reporters suddenly worry about their safety

I’ve seen some CNN people do this too; but enough about them. The Atlantic editor, Jeffrey Goldberg, recently claimed that President Trump will be responsible for violence against journalists. Here’s his case:

“Well, part of my reaction is that we’re are all engaged in a reality TV show. That this is a reality TV version of a war between the president and the press,” Goldberg said in an interview with Yahoo! News’ Katie Couric.

“The problem is, and this is what I worry about more than anything else, is that there are people in the country who don’t understand that this a cynical reality TV game,” Goldberg said. “And are going to hear over and over again from the president that the reporters, journalists are enemies of the state… and someone is going to do something violent against journalists in a large way, and then I know where the fault lies.”

First, President Trump never said that journalists are enemies of the State. No, no no. He said this:

The FAKE NEWS media (failing @nytimes, @NBCNews, @ABC, @CBS, @CNN) is not my enemy, it is the enemy of the American People!

Trump’s plain meaning is that *poor* journalists undermine American democracy with false or deceptive reporting. That’s emotional, but fair.

Moreover, Trump has yet to prosecute a single journalist. President Obama prosecuted three times as many as all previous Presidents combined. Per The New York Times:

Over the past eight years, the [Obama] administration has prosecuted nine cases involving whistle-blowers and leakers, compared with only three by all previous administrations combined…

Under Mr. Obama, the Justice Department and the F.B.I. have spied on reporters by monitoring their phone records, labeled one journalist an unindicted co-conspirator in a criminal case for simply doing reporting and issued subpoenas to other reporters to try to force them to reveal their sources and testify in criminal cases.

So Mr. Goldberg, you can now check off that “be dramatically, hypocritically, self-importantly paranoid” item on your bucket list.

Next, consider the logic. “If someone is going to do something violent…I know where the fault lies.” Has Goldberg just admitted that left-wing journalists are responsible for political violence that has already happened in America? Such the attempted murder of Rep. Steve Scalise by a media-inflamed Bernie bro?

And people like Milo and Ann Coulter already have to spend hundreds of thousands per year, on security. (I recently saw Milo quote a figure of $500k/year.) Would that be the fault of yourself or the left-wing media in general, Mr. Goldberg?

UPDATE: More from James O’Keefe and Stefan Molyneux.

The Modern Progressive Male

Posted by V the K at 2:04 pm - June 30, 2017.
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Gavin Newsom is a whinging girly-man, and probably the next Gobernador Maximo of Venezuela del Norte.

Van Jones, shuckin’ and jivin’

Yesterday I noted Project Veritas’ video of Van Jones calling Trumprussia a nothingburger. Commentor CrayCrayPatriot kindly pointed us to Jones’ response. It’s the kind of response I’ve seen from lefties many times, over the years. I thought I’d analyze it.

If you read it through, Jones’ response consists of:

  1. Name-calling his opponents. (“crazies”, “con artists”, etc. who “trick” people)
  2. Asserting that Project Veritas undercover videos are somehow faked. (So: Don’t believe your lyin’ eyes. Don’t believe what is right on the video, for all to see.)
  3. Changing the subject to Sarah Huckabee Sanders and President Trump.
  4. Deceptively editing his own words, to create a different meaning after-the-fact.
  5. Changing the subject to Jones’ own astuteness in declaring that Russia is a nothing-burger and we should be talking about other things.

Here is the relevant exchange from the video:

Undercover journalist: What do you think is going to happen this week with the whole Russia thing?

Van Jones: The Russia thing is just a big nothing burger.

UJ: Really?

VJ: Yeah.

UJ: You don’t think that —

VJ: There’s nothing there you can do.

Note the middle bit – Jones saying YEAH, it’s REALLY a nothing-burger. Also Jones’ last sentence, re-affirming “There’s nothing there,” nothing “you can do” with it as it is destined to stall out.

In Jones’ response piece, he deceptively edits the exchange to this:

Interviewer: “What do you think is going to happen this week with the whole Russian thing?

Van Jones: “The whole Russia thing is a big nothing-burger. There is nothing you can do –“

Aside from the omitted middle section, Jones subtly changes the words (adding or deleting a couple). He makes it better for Jones. He creates an impression that, in an interview, he was only sighing and lamenting people’s powerlessness to do anything about the undeniable Trump-Russia collusion which of course he believes in because it’s so real.

Except that’s not what he said. So once more, a leftie is caught – and his response is to spin and deflect, distort and divert, knowing the yokels will give it credit.

I can see Jones’ appeal to people. He has a certain charisma that comes from being easy on the eyes and “smooth” in his deceptions as, most of the time, he believes what he’s saying. (The smoothest deceivers begin on themselves.)

And yet I’m not impressed. Jones’ spiel leaves a lot of openings. It takes only a little critical thinking, to penetrate him.

Obama Was Trump Before Trump Was Trump

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Remember when Barack Obama gave a middle finger salute to his political opponent?

Remember when Barack Obama called a political opponent a “bullsh-tter?”

Remember when Barack Obama described a female political opponent in terms of “lipstick on a pig?”

Remember when Barack Obama referred to working class Americans as xenophobic bitter clingers?

Remember when Barack Obama said that the police were stupid? Remember when he said they were racists?

Remember when Barack Obama bashed Christians over events that happened hundreds of years ago? Remember when Barack Obama blamed Christians for slavery and Jim Crow? At the National Prayer Breakfast, no less.

Remember when Barack Obama compared the Republican Caucus to terrorists and extremists?

Pepperidge Farm remembers.

What I don’t remember is apoplectic fits of self-righteous indignation from the media.

In fact, almost all of them defended his nasty remarks and gestures; or at least gave him a pass.

I guess it’s because Obama directed his nastiness at Republicans and working class Americans.

Not the Holy, Blameless Saints of the Washington Press Corps. (Or is it “Press Corpse.”

How cynically biased is CNN? At least this cynically biased

Via Breitbart.

YouTube Preview Image

A producer of Chris Cuomo’s show, Jimmy Carr, hates President Trump? No problem. Because that is his right.

But he goes on to state that the American voter is “stupid as sh*t” and that “90%” of his CNN colleagues share his views. And O’Keefe goes on to show CNN distorting yet another of their voter panel interviews with selective editing.

This isn’t news – I mean, we knew all this. But here it is, in our faces. CNN is a propaganda machine. Not even close to an objective or trustworthy news organization.

San Francisco Awards Almost $200,000 to Illegal Immigrant Because Police Followed Federal Law

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This is the political culture that produced Nancy Pelosi and Kamala Harris. It also gave us Donald Trump.

A man from El Salvador in the U.S. illegally who sued San Francisco after police turned him over to immigration authorities in violation of the city’s sanctuary law is set to be awarded $190,000, his attorney said Thursday.

Pedro Figueroa-Zarceno, 33, reached the settlement agreement with the city attorney’s office, said Saira Hussain, a staff attorney at the Asian Law Caucus who represented Zarceno.

BTW, the Republican Majority House of Representatives yesterday passed legislation that would slightly reduce taxpayer subsidies to Democrat-Controlled Urban Zones (Sanctuary Cities) that violate Federal Immigration law.

3 Things to Like About President Trump; 3 Things not to Like. Go.

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We’re six months into the PDT Era, and there’s no sign of the gay concentration camps Rachel Maddow said were forthcoming. But Shirley we must be developing some opinions on how he’s doing so far. So here’s my list(cicle) of three things I like about PDT so far, and three things I really don’t care for. First, what I likes:

1. I like that he doesn’t let himself be a punching bag for the Democrat Media Complex. The last two Republican presidents seemed to think that defending their administration’s policies from Democrat attacks was ungentlemanly. Trump has also identified the weak point of the Media Establishment — their egos. Most of the media operatives, especially on television, are dumb, vain, and egomaniacal. Trump knows that if he pokes them, they will go into paroxysms of “How Dare He Criticize Us” vituperation. He provokes the very media temper tantrums that discredit the media.

2. I like that some of Obama’s executive overreach has been repealed, and that some of Obama’s worst policy decisions are being revoked. We’re out of the Paris Redistribution of Wealth to the Third World Accords. Criminal aliens are being deported once again. Israel isn’t being treated as a Pariah state. More please this.

3. Neil Gorsuch was an outstanding Supreme Court appointment. Good Lord, can you imagine the horrible people Hillary would be putting on the court? Sotomayor and Kagan were bad enough. Try Justice Kamala Harris on for size. (Not that it would be her, but it would be someone just as hard left, just as hyperpartisan, and just as corrupt). Democrat presidents never nominate swing votes.

Now, three things what I don’t like about Trump’s presidency so far.