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More Schadenfreude

Hyper-Leftist corporate entity Starbucks is being boycotted by the Left’s Favorite People because of their support for the Left’s Second-Favorite People.

Muslims Are Boycotting Starbucks Over the Company’s Pro-LGBT Stance

Parkasa, a hard-line Muslim group in Malaysia that touts around 700,000 members, is joining another Muslim group in Indonesia, Muhammadiyah, in calling for the boycott of Starbucks.

Almost 30 million people belong to Muhammadiyah, the second-largest mainstream Muslim organization in Indonesia. They have denounced the popular coffee chain over the company’s former chief executive’s past praise for the gay community. Both organizations want Starbucks’ operating license to be revoked because the stance goes against Islamic teachings.



  1. I’m waiting for our favorite Muslim apologist to come by and make some excuse as to why Starbucks is wrong in this instance.

    Peter H.

    Comment by Peter Hughes — July 11, 2017 @ 10:21 am - July 11, 2017

  2. Sorry to be first out of the gate – again – this morning, but I have often told Liberals that the Mohammeds don’t care about them & would slit their throats in a hot minute. Saying so rhetorically & otherwise. Willful ignorance worldwide on the Left is stunning. Last night I noted a reply to myself, though I usually try to avoid looking at replies after lobbing a grenade. It was a Frenchman criticizing the US as “racist” when it comes to immigration. I just can’t reply to all instances of irony. I don’t have the strength.

    Comment by Hanover — July 11, 2017 @ 10:22 am - July 11, 2017

  3. (Guess I wasn’t such a Johnny on the Spot, thank you Peter Hughes)

    Comment by Hanover — July 11, 2017 @ 10:23 am - July 11, 2017

  4. Big deal, I think they mostly drink tea anyway. If they called for a boycott on rape and terror….. I’d be impressed.

    Comment by Rex — July 11, 2017 @ 11:13 am - July 11, 2017

  5. Muslims and Liberals are right on track for “When Worlds Collide.” Muslims believe wholeheartedly in theocracy with Allah as the only power. Liberals believe wholeheartedly in Utopia with the enlightened masses being compelled by the one pure truth or else.

    So, is Allah the one pure truth the liberals are seeking? Nope. For liberals, Allah is just another primitive creation myth silliness which the weak minded crave in their cave-dark minds.

    Liberals believe in the higher order which transcends God, Allah or Captain America. Once they pass through the gates of Elysium they receive a life free from toil, not scraping with the strength of their arms the earth, nor the water of the sea, for the sake of a poor sustenance. Where those who gladly kept their oaths enjoy a life without tears. Where ocean breezes blow around blessed Elysium and flowers of gold are blazing, some from splendid trees on land, while water nurtures others. With these wreaths and garlands of flowers they entwine their hands according to the righteous counsels of Progressivism. They enjoy moderate rains at long intervals, and winds which for the most part are soft and precipitate dews, so that Elysium has not only a rich soil which is excellent for plowing and planting, but also produce a natural fruit that is plentiful and wholesome enough to feed, without toil or trouble, a leisured folk. Moreover, an air that is salubrious, owing to the climate and the moderate changes in the seasons, prevails in Elysium. For the north and east winds which blow out from out of the world plunge into fathomless space, and, owing to the distance, dissipate themselves and lose their power before they reach Elysium; while the south and west winds that envelope the Elysium sometimes bring in their train soft and intermittent showers, but for the most part cool them with moist breezes and gently nourish the soil. And Alexa of Amazon reads every wish and delivers by soundless drone to fulfill every want, need and desire. There is no government, because order is perfectly ordered and each inhabitant is a co-equal god.

    Comment by Heliotrope — July 11, 2017 @ 11:55 am - July 11, 2017

  6. Didn’t Starbucks pledge to hire 10, 000 Muslims? What if Muslims refuse to work for a pro-gay employer?

    So, do SJW’s take part in the Muslim boycott to show their support for the Religion of Peace?

    Or do they take part in a buycott to support the LGBT community?

    And, if there are a lot of Muslim employees at Starbucks, just remember, some of them use their bare hands instead of toilet paper. And some refuse to wash their hands before going to work.

    Enjoy your coffee, liberals.

    Comment by Tom — July 11, 2017 @ 12:19 pm - July 11, 2017

  7. And here’s how the Left’s Third Favorite People can prepare a yummy meal (*) about the glorious state of affairs where the Left’s Favorite People live:

    Did you say, “slavery”?

    June 9, 2017

    (* although, a bit heavy and spicy to digest, if you happen to be “a writer living in New York, by the U.N.”, I suppose)

    Comment by Cyril — July 12, 2017 @ 1:14 am - July 12, 2017

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