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Insane asylum updates

First, a few items on the “Trump dossier” (which I previously backgrounded here).

  • The Washington Post has further discredited one of the dossier’s most salacious claims.
  • Did John “Landslide” McCain have anything to do with the dossier? A British defamation lawsuit shows that, at the least, McCain had exceptionally early access to it.

    According to a new court document in the British lawsuit, counsel for defendants Steele and Orbis repeatedly point to McCain, R-Ariz., a vocal Trump critic, and a former State Department official as two in a handful of people known to have had copies of the full document before it circulated among journalists and was published by BuzzFeed…Sir Andrew Wood, a former British ambassador to Moscow and a Russia adviser to former Prime Minister Tony Blair, discussed the 35-page dossier with McCain…

    The British court document also confirmed that Washington research firm Fusion GPS, co-founded by former Wall Street Journal reporter Glenn Simpson, had been hired to conduct opposition research by one of Trump’s GOP primary opponents. Later, Democrats paid for the same research on Trump’s past and alleged Russian ties.

    It’s funny how Fusion GPS keeps popping up. But I didn’t know that Fusion GPS also had GOP (probably #NeverTrumper) connections, as well as Democrat.

  • Natalia Veselnitskaya drips with Democrat sympathies and ties to Fusion GPS / the “Trump dossier”.

    Apart from her social media posts, photos of her sitting with Democrats at a Senate hearing, and so forth, the Obama administration explicitly gave her a special pass into the U.S. in 2015. Why?

    That makes it all the more possible that her intent in getting a fake meeting with the Trump campaign was to set them up for the FISA warrants that enabled the Obama administration to spy on them.

    Either Congress or a Special Counsel should now investigate those FISA warrants and the Obama administration’s spying on its domestic political opponents.

  • Are TrumpRussia and #NothingGate really Hillarygate? The connection between Hillary/DNC, Fusion GPS and the “Trump dossier” needs investigating because:

    This connection has raised the question of whether Kremlin prepared the dossier as part of a disinformation campaign to sow chaos in the US political system. If ordered and paid for by Hillary Clinton associates, Russia Gate is turned on its head as collusion between Clinton operatives (not Trump’s) and Russian intelligence…

    Former FBI director, James Comey, refused to answer questions about Fusion and the Steele dossier in his May 3 testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee. Comey responded to Lindsey Graham’s questions about Fusion GPS’s involvement “in preparing a dossier against Donald Trump that would be interfering in our election by the Russians?” with “I don’t want to say.”…

    The dossier was not, as the press reports, written by Steele…In Stalin’s day, some of the most valued KGB (NKVD) agents were called “novelists,” for their ability to conjure up fictional plots and improbable tales to use against their enemies…

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  1. Fusion GPS is a fancy detective agency that specializes in having paid informants all around the world. They’re a core of something else that bought them previously. It’s big network, but it’s still a detective agency. They’re still just private dicks. They’re not something that is endemically honest. They may have a reputation of success & approval by their clients but what they deliver isn’t necessarily on the level, all the time. All this is obvious, if you look at them closely.

    One thing that is important when trying to comprehend any of this is that conspiracy just doesn’t work as a tool to unravel. As in America, there are factions, private concerns & different players. It’s currently thought that Fusion GPS was hired by someone to assist in leveraging or making a deal with someone, anyone to get Russian sanctions lifted. The Oligarchs of Russia aren’t happy. However the original sanctions involved aren’t just political folderol. They were signed into law to punish Russia for a particular reason, which is currently irrelevant to the greater topic.

    Russia is a third world country with a first world military. Their resources are limited as far as supply & demand are concerned. Russia is a secondary player in today’s world but they meddle, we meddle, everyone meddles in each other’s elections & affairs.

    These top line detective agencies are who big wigs & other non-government entities go to for information. Like an oligarch, industrial baron, billionaire, etc. Russia has its own spies, plants & network. Perhaps this helps in narrowing down who used Fusion GPS. A private player or non-governmental concern. Perhaps a senator, personally seeking something. Perhaps an ex-president or political party or one of their superpacs. Hillary has a lot of money, their foundation isn’t currently active but has cash.

    All this involves attacking one of the two trustees that now oversee the Trump Organization. Billions of Dollars is involved. Something bad is happening & it’s important.

    In a situation like this, ALL the players are keeping their head down. Way down. This is the kind of thing where ALL the resources of US Intelligence & every big private agency has their electronics out scanning for one mistake, one peep or indiscretion. The kind of thing where you send your kids to an aunt’s house for a long vacation & go into the bathroom to talk on a burner with the faucet. Terrible situation that the Democrats have started with their false narrative. People snoot that Mueller’s investigation is dangerous because it’s a dragnet. This Donald Jr thing is far more consequential & could rake in all sorts of bottom dwellers in high places. We’ll see.

    Comment by Hanover — July 13, 2017 @ 5:03 pm - July 13, 2017

  2. There’s so manychoices crazy on the left Jeff and I have to do multi bullet posts just to keep up.

    Comment by V the K — July 13, 2017 @ 7:01 pm - July 13, 2017

  3. Yeah 🙁

    Hanover – thanks for the background on Fusion GPS!

    Comment by ILoveCapitalism — July 13, 2017 @ 8:36 pm - July 13, 2017

  4. it seems Natalia veselnitskaya had a lot more contact with the Clinton campaign that with the trump campaign, Loretta lynch, ron delleums, john mc cain.

    Comment by salg — July 13, 2017 @ 9:48 pm - July 13, 2017

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