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“What’s the Matter, Are You Chicken?”

Posted by V the K at 8:05 pm - July 14, 2017.
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PDT’s EPA Chief has suggested that Climate Change True Believers debate Climate Change Skeptics in a scientific televised debate.

Guess who doesn’t want to show up?

Peter Gleick, a scientist who cofounded the Pacific Institute, an environmental think tank, called Pruitt’s proposed debate “bullshit.” In an email, Gleick said that climate change has already been reviewed and assessed by “every national academy of sciences on the planet,” and is already debated “every day by the very process of science itself.”
“The effort by Pruitt and Trump’s EPA to pretend to put together a ‘debate’ is no more than another attempt to open the door to the voices of climate denial, delay, and confusion that have already postponed international action almost to the point of disaster,” Gleick added.
Michael Mann, a climatologist and geophysicist at Penn State University, said that a debate is already going on and “it’s called science.” He also said the debate amounts to a “bad faith effort.”
“What Pruitt and his ilk really want is to stack the deck against mainstream science by giving cronies and industry lobbyists an undeserved place at the science table,” Mann said.

Gee, for people who have absolute faith in the correctness and undeniability of their position, they certainly don’t seem to think they could win a public debate on the matter.

You may remember Michael Mann as the Global Warming scientician who absolutely refuses to release the data he claims proves Global Warming is real to public scrutiny. He also says “data is unnecessary,” because scienticians can just feel global warming happening.

“There are plenty of interesting debates to have within climate science and climate policy,” Katharine Reich, associate director of the UCLA Center for Climate Sciencetold BuzzFeed News. “But the ‘whether or not climate change is occurring and whether or not climate change is attributable to human activity,’ those debates are closed.”

Right, because you say so.

What is it with snowflakes and their hyphenated names?

Per her own LinkedIn profile, Rebecca Buckwalter-Poza is a “Leading progressive legal analyst, advocate, and author.”

She says that President Trump blocked her on Twitter – from his personal @realDonaldTrump account (rather than from @POTUS). Her article is called, Trump Blocked Me on Twitter and It’s Costing Me My Career. If you’ve been around kids, you can hear the “whine” in that title.

She’s devastated that, on Twitter at least, she can no longer live off of Trump:

Most of my writing is about the Trump administration…On Twitter, the bulk of my recent follower growth and new relationships with others in the politico-legal sphere have come out of responding quickly when the president tweets…

So when President Donald Trump blocked me in June…he harmed me professionally.

Her language bespeaks her sense of entitlement and self-importance; she makes it sound almost like she discovered Twitter:

Twitter initially became a haven for me when I recognized it as a great equalizer in the media world…

when I make a point pithily and it’s liked and retweeted by thousands of people, some of the people who agree with my point or like the way I make it follow me…

Anyway, she’s suing:

Every day I’m blocked I lose opportunities to advance my views…

I can’t fire off a 140-word tweet… [thus] constraining my career…

When it comes to Twitter, I thought my fights would be confined to threads and direct messages. It never occurred to me that I’d end up in court.

I like the victim-y passive voice. Remember, she’s suing. It’s her choice. No, she didn’t just “end up in court” from, say, getting sued.

But here’s the thing. Does a public figure have an obligation to allow anyone to make a living off of his public activities? For example, if Kanye West denies a particular reporter a photograph on a public street, can the reporter sue?

And, it boomerangs

The “Trump Jr.” story is evolving into a story of *Democrat* collusion with Russia.

Aujourd’hui, Rien

Posted by V the K at 2:05 pm - July 14, 2017.
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So, let’s check in with a representative of the ‘People in Denial About Biological Realities’ and see what today’s criterion for being enlightened and tolerant is.

Well, all-righty then.

I wonder if Zinnia Jones will be joining the HuffPo bus tour. Apparently, xe is one of their people.

HuffPo’s Deplorable Safari

Posted by V the K at 8:35 am - July 14, 2017.
Filed under: Arrogance of the Liberal Elites

Huffington Post is putting their elite writing staff of Pajama Boys and Nasty Women on a bus and sending them out of the East Village and sending them out to visit red states in the Heartland that voted for Trump (although, they will most be going to blue urban islands within red states, actually.)

What They Claim They Will Do: “We will travel the old-fashioned way — via bus — to 20-plus states to hear from some of the under-heard, diverse Americans who make up the communities that form much of our nation. And by working on the ground with community leaders, nonprofits, educational institutions, local businesses and others, we’ll make sure people know we’re there to listen.”

What They Will Actually Do: Talk to other leftists to reinforce their baseline narrative; Leftists are brilliant enlightened people, red staters are rubes, and Middle America would do well to adopt the lifestyles and attitudes of coastal elites. One can almost make a bingo drinking game out of the people who they will be featuring in the pieces that result from this tour. The standard template will be “[Member of the Coalition of the Oppressed] who feels [some emotion].”

  • Mohammedan living in a city/town in a red state who “feels afraid.”
  • Illegal Immigrant living a red state who “feels uncertain”
  • Transgendered person living in a red state who “feels isolated.”
  • Lesbian couple living in a red state who “feel frustrated.”
  • A college professor living in a red state whose campus just legalized concealed carry who “feels isolated, frustrated, and afraid.”
  • A “Christian” (i.e. a lesbian minister at an alternative Episcopal church) who “feels horrified” that any Christian would vote for Trump.

You can mix and match them, of course.  There will also be the odd, “we ate at this out of the way diner/restaurant chain that we had never heard of and it was actually good” type story.

Twitchy has a pretty good send-up of what to expect. Here’s a sample:

Uneducated waitress with internalized misogyny keeps calling me sweetie, I’m literally shaking

There’s this strange place called Dairy Queen. Are women reduced to milk carriers? Literally the Hand Maids Tale.


High school football on Friday and church on Sunday aka cis-gender, patriarchal theocracy

Vote fraud in America

One thing our political-media Establishment doesn’t want to acknowledge, is vote fraud. America is crawling with anecdotes of it. Some even made it to the GP archive on the subject. (Mostly posted by V the K; thanks V!)

A recent case was Andrew Spieles, a Democrat activist in Virginia, who was caught registering numerous dead people. Since he was caught, the judge sentenced him to 100-120 days in prison. But most are not caught.

Project Veritas has great coverage of different methods of vote fraud. For example,

And more. Here is a summary of PV’s undercover videos on vote fraud in the last 5 years, and here is their archive of posts on the subject.

Once you’ve accepted the idea that America is largely run by corrupt political-media elites – who can protect their own from investigation, or at least from indictment (*cough* Hillary); arrange for punitive investigations on others; suppress media stories that they don’t like; push nonsense media stories that they do like – even to the point of hysteria; and so on: It’s easier to accept the idea of vote fraud machinery that is hidden from public view (never reported on). Especially in States that don’t clean up their voter rolls and don’t have voter ID laws. Which is, most States.

The good news is that, earlier this year, President Trump formed a Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity, to look into this issue.

The bad news is, 29 States are refusing to comply with the Commission’s requests for information. Republican as well as Democrat (though NY Governor Andrew Cuomo – D showed extra hypocrisy).

What are they trying to hide?

As one angry election official put it, “This commission was formed to try to find basis for the lie that President Trump put forward that has no foundation.” Such bravado. As we’ve seen, it’s no lie; it’s a claim with plenty of foundation, even ignoring the potential role of illegal aliens.

Perhaps there are privacy concerns, as the information being requested sounds a bit intimate – names, the last four digits of social security numbers, addresses, birth dates, political affiliation, felony convictions and voting histories – until you realize that the Commission only asked for information that was publicly available under each State’s laws.

If these State election officials have nothing to hide, they should be happy to prove it – by complying with the Commission’s legally-allowed requests. Election officials are supposed to be our servants, not our masters. We The People demand answers.