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And, it boomerangs

The “Trump Jr.” story is evolving into a story of *Democrat* collusion with Russia.



  1. ever notice how none of these nefarious deeds of the democrat party are ever uncovered by the intrepid “journalists” ofthe democrat party-media complex.

    Comment by salg — July 14, 2017 @ 4:48 pm - July 14, 2017

  2. More popcorn cooking…

    Comment by Cas — July 14, 2017 @ 8:48 pm - July 14, 2017

  3. Scott McKay at The American Spectator offers this:

    If timelines are interesting to you, there is this — reportedly, the Obama administration sought permission to electronically monitor Trump Tower in early June, and the FISA court would not grant it. But in October, that warrant was given.

    So if you’d like to don your tinfoil hat and play the collusion game, try this on for size — when the Obama administration couldn’t get permission from the FISA court to surveil Trump, they allowed Veselnitskaya back into the country to take part in those Washington activities aside from whatever legal work she supposedly would be doing, and in the meantime the administration’s pals at Fusion tasked Goldstone with attempting to hook Trump Junior, whose performance makes him not a terrible analog for Fredo Corleone, into a meeting at Trump Tower to pass along “opposition research.”

    And once that meeting — which on its surface was a waste of everyone’s time — was had, the Obama administration now had something to sell to the FISA court to get that warrant — from which they snagged Mike Flynn and gave the Democrat party and the media a mechanism to shroud the Trump administration in what can best be described as a rather dubious scandal. Remember how Hillary Clinton was accusing Trump of being a Putin’s puppet at the October 19 debate?

    Cas the Marxist popcorn fanatic is here with her Progressive theory that Trump colluded with Putin. Furthermore, Cas the Marxist popcorn fanatic refuses to even begin to address the mounting evidence that the DemonizingRats have created this Russian collusion scam meme from the ground up.

    As McCay asks in his summary:

    Which theory is harder to believe?

    That Trump, who had never run for office before and who was panned as a clown by the Democrats and the media right up until Election Night last November, orchestrated a grand coup d’état with the assistance of the Russians to “hack” an American election, and that it was so well hidden that the Don Junior meeting is the only real evidence unearthed so far of the whole thing…

    …Or that the Obama administration and the Democratic Party used their immense power to attempt to ensnare the Trumps in a damaging narrative that would either discredit him and the Republican Party as traitors in the event of a Clinton victory or cripple his administration in “scandal” should he pull an upset?

    Who had the means, motive, and experience to pull off the deeds in question? Who had the power to let Veselnitskaya into the country, and what purpose would be served for such permission?

    We don’t know the half of this story. But frankly, this business with The Russians is all of a sudden a lot more interesting than it’s been the whole time the media has been flogging it.

    Comment by Heliotrope — July 14, 2017 @ 10:50 pm - July 14, 2017

  4. Well Cas and even ILC might be open to this.
    Messing with adversarials might include fu4ing
    With both sides.

    Yes, ‘Merica certainly has dirtied her hands when it comes to attempting control of other sovereign nations.

    But really, if there was any sniffing around and possible collusion we might really be aware it wasn’t isolated to one party or candidate


    Comment by rusty — July 15, 2017 @ 12:26 am - July 15, 2017

  5. So, basically what occurred was entrapment…”We can’t get the dirt we want, so we will create the dirt and then use the dirt against them when the time is right. We will know there was really nothing to it, and that we created it, but enough doubt will be placed that it won’t matter what we did to create the nothing burger. Then, we can call for impeachment and nullification of the election results.”

    I don’t wish it, but I expect Trump to be impeached and the election results to be overturned by the end of the year. The elites have always thought that average Americans were too stupid to figure out the truth, and I fully expect that we will be duped by them as we have on so many occasions.

    Comment by TAD — July 15, 2017 @ 2:02 am - July 15, 2017

  6. It’s not possible to overturn the results; if Trump is out for any reason, then Pence is President. If somehow they are both taken out at once, then Ryan is.

    Comment by ILoveCapitalism — July 15, 2017 @ 3:50 am - July 15, 2017

  7. I know that, ILC…but they seem not to understand this.

    Comment by TAD — July 15, 2017 @ 1:08 pm - July 15, 2017

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