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Amongst the natives

Mark Zuckerberg has been visiting Middle America. You know, to better understand us deplorables.

Here he is with oil workers in the Dakotas. His coveralls are backward. Nobody told him:

Mark Zuckerberg with oil workers and his coveralls backward

UPDATE: All poking-fun aside 🙂 it’s fair to say that we can’t be sure anything is wrong. The inference from the visual is that the standard coveralls there have parallel stripes in front that become crossed stripes in back. Zuckerberg’s could be different. Or for that matter, the guy with the crossed stripes could be different? TheQuietMan notes, “The pocket and collar look correct.”

Trumprussia: The Big Picture

The Left’s endless pursuit of their holy grail, Trumprussia, is an exercise in self-destruction. Even if they were to score a kill (which was always unlikely, and still is), it would only remind people of why they hate the Left – and wanted someone like President Trump, someone who reliably will not bow to the Left.

Suppose they do get that “kill shot”. What then? Pence is President (or, in an extreme scenario, Paul Ryan). And Trump becomes a martyr to the Left’s viciousness. Like Obi Wan Kenobi, as a ghost (political or otherwise) Trump would be more powerful than ever. What a brilliant strategy, lefties.

I know some individual, semi-good lefties who will do honest policy discussions and arguments: exchanging facts and admitting when they are proven wrong or didn’t know something. But the loudest, most devoted voices of the Left will do no such thing.

The loud/devoted Left just wants to intimidate people into silence – and to destroy people who won’t be silenced. They’ll preach about the importance of accepting election results – and then not do it. They want a socialist dictatorship, led by them. They don’t love America at all; they want to turn it into Venezuela. Yes, their hearts are evil.

The 2016 election didn’t turn on the leaked DNC and Podesta emails. But so what, if it did? The emails were real. They gave the voters true and relevant information. Except for the appropriate punishment of law-breakers via the criminal justice system, it does not matter how they leaked.

In Stefan Molyneux’s analogy, today’s Left is your cheating-pig ex-boyfriend. He’s outraged that you found out about his badness, and he’s determined to punish the person who showed you his e-mails proving it. Because he thinks that delivering such punishment will somehow win you back and reverse the results of your leaving him.

It’s nuts. And that’s why, in a larger sense, I don’t care what happens with President Trump.

I never supported him. I support truth. I support human freedom. I support the best thing happening. If having Trump as President is it, then God bless him; I’m glad of it, and glad for all of you who did support him. And if Trump doesn’t work out, it doesn’t matter: the devoted Left will still be their rotten selves, exposed and rejected by sane Americans, their power crumbling. Either way, “we win”.

With that said, some videos that I found either fun, or at least semi-interesting.

Steve Scalise update: As of yesterday, he is in Fair condition, after more surgery to deal with “deep tissue” infections.

How Many Ways Can a Prog Be Triggered by This Picture?

Posted by V the K at 12:30 pm - July 15, 2017.
Filed under: Humor

Just a fun little weekend diversion. I’ll start.

1. The family seems to be led by cis-heterosexual parents.

2. Barbecue contributes to global warming.

3. Barbecuing is both white privilege and cultural appropriation.

4. Eating MEAT! For Gaia’s sake!

5. Coke bottle represents soft drinks that are probably not taxed unlike TAMPONS! 


Strength Through Joy

Posted by V the K at 10:09 am - July 15, 2017.
Filed under: Anti-Western Attitudes

Airstrip One demonstrates so much democratic socialist failure. First, they outlawed guns, and now only criminals own guns. Then, they moved to outlaw knives, even kitchen knives, but stabbings continued. Homicide rates are increasing for both gun and knife attacks, which is exactly what politically incorrect people said would happen when law-abiding people are disarmed to the advantage of criminals. (See also, Chicago.)

The other form of violence that is increasingly popular, especially in diverse, multicultural cities, is acid attacks. Throwing acid in the faces of people, especially women, has long been a thing in the fetid third-world cesspools from which Britain and other western countries import the majority of their cheap labor force and Labor-voting voter base. You know it’s bad when news media start publishing “What to do in case of an acid attack” articles.

But don’t worry, Air Strip One’s Government is on the case and is moving to outlaw acid.