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Bernie’s Wife update

A couple weeks back, we noted that:

Bernie Sanders’ wife is under FBI investigation for possible fraud after she exaggerated (some would say lied) to get her employer, bankrupt Burlington College, a $10 million bank loan.

The loan was for Jane Sanders’ ill-advised plan to expand the college. Arguably, she bankrupted the college? Also, some say that Senator Sanders may have pressured the bank for the loan, and that some of the $10 million may have gone to cushy jobs for family and friends, or Jane’s $200k severance when she left.

Natch, Bernie has said it’s all a partisan witch hunt, how dare they go after his wife, it’s so low and vile, yadda yadda. But

  1. The FBI started the investigation under Obama.
  2. Judicial Watch has obtained records showing that Jane Sanders, for one, evicts disabled people who get in her way.

    [Jane’s land] purchase included a [Roman Catholic] facility that served as a group home for disabled people and, under the terms of the deal, Jane was supposed to negotiate the transfer of the disabled residents before the school took over…

    [But] In a lengthy letter to the attorney (Todd Centybear) representing the group home for the disabled Jane indicates that she’s having trouble evicting the 16 residents from their building…She writes: “It is simply not fair to expect the College to continue to carry the burden of the expenses associated with housing both your population and ours until February 2012.” The home for the disabled was being leased from the diocese and Jane was supposed to help relocate the residents, not evict them. The exchange shows, not only Jane’s heartlessness, but also her incompetence as the college president for not ensuring the negotiated transfer of those disabled people before the school took over the property.

If she’s ever exonerated, I’ll try to wrap up loose ends by posting on that.



  1. Bernie has a pretty nice sports car for a communist. Of course he got paid off for his endorsement after Crooked Eye Clinton stole his nomination.

    Did you guys see this gay couple educating people as to why gays got tossed into ovens with jews?

    Why do you think the gays got everything they wanted?” says Yandura, reflecting on those years. “I call it the funnel. You jam [the opposition] down that funnel, and you don’t let them turn around. They’re like, ‘This isn’t fair! Why are you making it personal?’ You say no, and you just keep jamming until they’re so deep in the funnel that they’re like, ‘Oh, my God—I’ll just do it.’ ”

    But the funnel proved tricky in Wardensville, where not everyone has Yandura’s tolerance for conflict.

    (yea jews think they won forcing trannies on boy scouts also for every scout leader that embraces gay boys there are 2 that name the jew)

    Comment by Steve — July 16, 2017 @ 6:51 pm - July 16, 2017

  2. I seem to recall something in the Bible about whatever we do to the least among us, we do to God.

    Strange that somebody who claims to espouse an economic system that’s supposed to stand up for the little guy is trying to throw disabled people into the streets.

    Comment by Sean L — July 16, 2017 @ 7:06 pm - July 16, 2017

  3. Off topic – this doesn’t need to be published – but what happened to your twitter page? It shows that @GayPatriot does not exist. I’d love to follow – but can’t!! 🙁

    Thanks in advance & have a good one.

    [Jill – Bruce, the original GayPatriot, does the Twitter. For personal reasons, he’s been on-and-off the last few weeks. I miss his Twitter too and am looking forward to the day he’s back for good. I don’t think that @GayPatriot is actually deleted; just temporarily gone private or something. –Jeff/ILC]

    Comment by Jill — July 16, 2017 @ 8:52 pm - July 16, 2017

  4. Jane’s shenanigans also caused the loss of $2 million to the Roman Catholic Diocese Of Burlington, based on assurances that the college could come up with the money owed for purchase of the new property.

    The more I hear about Jane Sanders the more she seems like a junior version of Hillary Clinton.

    Comment by RSG — July 16, 2017 @ 9:40 pm - July 16, 2017

  5. Looks like Burlington College is supposed to close too.

    Comment by James — July 16, 2017 @ 10:01 pm - July 16, 2017

  6. Steve, do you also have a blog? I would really to contact you sometime.

    Comment by James — July 16, 2017 @ 10:03 pm - July 16, 2017

  7. I am on GAB

    Comment by Steve — July 18, 2017 @ 5:44 pm - July 18, 2017

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