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Is all this about George Soros and David Brock?

I mentioned looking forward to Sharyl Atkisson’s new book, The Smear: How Shady Political Operatives and Fake News Control What You See, What You Think, and How You Vote.

It came. I’m not far into it, but it seems pretty good. I already knew some of what she has to say, but the organized wealth of details makes the cake.

Chapter 2 is on David Brock and his Soros-funded empire. As you probably know, Soros-Brock have Media Matters and a vast array of other organizations, meant to seem independent (but not), with armies of paid trolls that astro-turf Twitter, the blogosphere, the media pages and employees, etc. in order to plant their favored narratives and terms, crush their enemies (and disfavored narratives/terms), and generally get the Controlled Media to do Hillary’s bidding – oops sorry, their bidding.

I have no doubt that the Soros-Brock armies are a big part of the Trumprussia hysteria. Meanwhile, Atkisson suggests that a lot of terminology is spread by them. She suggests that the Soros-Brock armies established climate change (when Global Warming didn’t work on people anymore), progressive (for liberal), and the over-use of racist, white nationalist, alt-Right, microaggression, body shaming, white privilege, etc.

Many know that David Brock was a rightie in the 1980s-1990s and was the chief agent of smearing Anita Hill. (Who deserved a little of it, at least, in that she had helped smear Clarence Thomas.) In the late 90s, Brock transitioned to extreme Clintonite, and hooked up with Soros for funding.

It’s funny but…the late Nineties / early Naughties are about when I started transitioning to the liberty-loving Right, after noticing that the Left was getting more silly, dishonest and hysteria-prone – which I thought the Right had been too much of, up to that point. And Milo has also expressed the idea that in the 90s, the Right was too much into saying nasty ridiculous things and he would have been anti-Right back then, but today the Left is much worse (so Milo has to be anti-Left).

Could it be that Milo and I each felt – and rejected – the creepy, hateful, dishonest spirit and work of David Brock, as it traveled from Right to Left? Without knowing what it was?

And the current, widespread distrust in the media – is that also about 2 decades of the baleful influence of Soros-Brock, boomeranging?



  1. I must have this book also. Sharyl is a favorite of mine, because of her integrity. An actual objective journalist.

    I also began transitioning to the Right in the late 90s. Bubba’s idiotic bombing of Belgrade during the Kosovo War & his bald-faced lie to the nation about Lewinsky made me look closer at everything on the Left. Every. Single. Thing. When I realization hit me that I’d just been a drone for the Democrats, my silence & ignorance supporting what they’d done to the country & the world I felt sick to my stomach. I’ve since more than made up for my past stupidity.

    FYI (Soros related): Kamala Harris just recently met with Soros’ representatives in the past few days. The Clintons. I’m sure the interview was a success.

    Comment by Hanover — July 17, 2017 @ 1:26 am - July 17, 2017

  2. While no fan of Bubba, I must admit that he did accomplish one admirable goal when he made the world safe from Yugos.

    Comment by Jay Dee — July 17, 2017 @ 6:53 am - July 17, 2017

  3. Milo and Jeff, sitting in a tree…..

    Actually, the kid is starting to grow on me too. A year ago I barely knew his name, now I’m beginning to generally like him (the same pattern as a certain sitting President).

    I don’t read political books, pretty much ever, so thanks for taking it for the team. Even your brief synopsis of one chapter of Ms. Atkisson’s book was genuinely insightful.

    As for Milo’s book, I nearly made an exception to my rule. Fortunately, he only printed 100k copies, so I can’t actually buy it anywhere — I’m too lazy to try to figure out why my Kindle won’t charge plus the drama queen in me wants the people around me to see the cover.

    Comment by Sathar — July 17, 2017 @ 7:37 am - July 17, 2017

  4. I’m not sure that David Brock is the bête noire behind what caught your attention concerning liberalism circling the drain, but he was undoubtedly instrumental.

    Milo is focusing on the fundamental principle of the freedom to speak and he is doing a great job of making liberals look like fascist monkeys. Which, it turns out, they are. So, he pays for body guards and he makes the fascist monkeys do their schtick.

    Milo is good for the right, because he proves that focusing on basic principles is a winner. He has probably done far more for the “gay” battle for social acceptance than many gays are ideologically capable of comprehending.

    David Brock is a sleaze artist. When he was “on our side” with the Anita Hill exposé, we liked him. But then he did a 180 and we see his true colors. He probably didn’t help much in terms of gay acceptance by social conservatives.

    The guy who did the flat out most for taking on the slime of the DemonizingRats was Andrew Breitbart. But he showed up very, very late in the game.

    George Bush 41 unwittingly created the entire “neo-con” meme. His blitzkrieg on Iraq unsettled both sides in terms of whether “preemptive” wars are a part of our fundamental principles.

    The DemonizingRats began to rewrite the history of the Reagan years the moment that Reagan left office and they went into overdrive when Reagan’s Alzheimer’s decline was made official. George Bush 41 totally fumbled the whole defense of the Reagan years and made himself a sitting duck for the Clinton War Room operatives such as Hillary Clinton, James Carville, George Stephanopoulos, Paul Begala, Harold Ickes, Rahm Emmanuel, Sidney Blumenthal, etc. Clinton even used the slogan: Make America Great Again. (How that must have frosted Hillary in 2016!)

    The landmark legislation in the first two years of Clinton were: 1993 – Don’t Ask – Don’t Tell; Family and Medical Leave Act; National Voter Legislation Act; Americorps; Religious Freedom Restoration Act; Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act – 1994 – Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances Act; Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act; Violence Against Women Act; Improving America’s Schools Act; Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act.

    For his first two years, Clinton was a whirlwind in the whole “social justice” world. And then he had his ass handed to him in 1994 when Newt Gingrich and the Contract With America returned control of the House of Representatives to the Republicans for the first time since 1954.

    The media paid no concerned attention to the Clinton biography in his rise to the nomination. However, in 1988, they swarmed George Bush over the hard-nosed tactics of campaign manager Lee Atwater.

    If you are looking for when the duplicity and hypocrisy of the establishment press broke out in full I believe that it occurred when they decided that George Bush 41 was a wimp and vulnerable. Then, when Gingrich threw a road block in the way of the Clinton social justice machine in 1994, the establishment press went on the warpath.

    When Clinton’s tomcat problems led to his impeachment, the leftist fanatics went to the mattresses and assiduously defended the indefensible 24/7. That seeped into the national psyche and people began testing one another on where they stood on the “Clinton thing.” Meanwhile, the Clinton war room strategy types grew in numbers, went into overdrive and spread into every nook and cranny of punditry and demonized all opposition. This “coarsening” of politics became the norm and nearly all debate became a beat down.

    Sharyl Attkisson has an interesting, off-fashioned “formula.” She assiduously researches her issues and compiles facts and fact-based questions. Her “schtick” is to research issues which the establishment press is glossing over. Therefore, Sharyl Attkisson has made herself unassailable in the pundit world; so, they ignore her. She has is an old-fashioned investigative reporter who goes where the facts lead her. That doesn’t fly in the world of CNN, MSNBC, and even FoxNews.

    The debate now always boils down between being compassionate and being wicked with “wickedness” being defined by the “compassionate.” Republicans are stumble bums, cowards and naifs in this type of warfare.

    Donald Trump has specialized in controlling the agenda and succeeded in breaking through the DemonizingRats and connecting with the many voters who are sick to the hilt with the DemonizingRat games of slash, burn and cackle.

    Trump has fended off the Russia junk very well, except it is still being waged. By this time, either Bush would have collapsed. The establishment Republicans are leaving Trump out there alone while the DemonizingRats are fully engaged in the attack.

    The issue now is the same as it always has been: will Trump survive? A great many people are still engaged in watching Trump with no investment other than to see how he fares in the latest siege attack. Should he topple, the collective “I told you so wisdom” will flow like Noah’s flood.

    From my perspective, Trump has had an amazing record of success, but you have to find it, since the establishment and NeverTrump press will not report it.

    Comment by Heliotrope — July 17, 2017 @ 11:02 am - July 17, 2017

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