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Establishment GOP joins the Coup?

A cluster of news items could be pointing at this. First, from The New York Times on Aug 5, Vice President Pence has been busy with the power brokers:

…Mike Pence’s schedule is so full of political events that Republicans joke that he is acting more like a second-term vice president…

…multiple advisers to Mr. Pence have already intimated to party donors that he would plan to run if Mr. Trump [were out]…

Mr. Pence has been the pacesetter…creating an independent power base…promoting himself as the main conduit between the Republican donor class and the administration.

The vice president created his own political fund-raising committee, Great America Committee…The group, set up with help from Jack Oliver, a former fund-raiser for George W. Bush, has overshadowed Mr. Trump’s own primary outside political group, America First Action, even raising more in disclosed donations.

William Kristol, editor at large of The Weekly Standard, said he had begun informal conversations about creating a “Committee Not to Renominate the President.”…

The story frames it as a matter for 2020 and talks about Kasich and others. What I wanted to highlight here, is that:

  • Pence, whose participation in any coup is essential, is no shrinking violet.
  • Interventionists – people who want more wars – like Bushworld and Kristol, continue to work actively against Trump.

Next, today we have the news that Bannon is out. Supposedly, he resigned Aug. 7 and they delayed announcing his departure, due to too much other news (North Korea, Charlottesville). I don’t think that Bannon leaving is a yuge deal, but it may be a piece in a larger pattern.

Next, Newsweek says that Trump is 6 Senate votes away from being impeachable. The rumor mill states it in a sharper form: that the RNC (! not DNC) has been counting votes to do an impeachment.

We know how impeachment would work: They would invent some excuse. Trumprussia is nonsense but it won’t matter to them. Mueller could find a ham sandwich that Trumpworld purchased in Russia and call it money laundering. And so on. If they want to do it, they’ll think of a way.

As if on cue, we have Mitt Romney demanding an apology from Trump over Charlottesville.

Romney, a former Massachusetts governor, wrote on Facebook. “State forcefully and unequivocally that racists are 100% to blame for the murder and violence in Charlottesville.”

Mitt is wrong, both on the facts (how the violence was distributed) and on the Constitution (the First Amendment excludes one group having a Heckler’s Veto on another group’s right of assembly). But, whatever. The point here is, reading the tea leaves. Again, the rumor mill states it more sharply, that VP Pence may have contacted Romney and had a hand in Romney’s attack.

If a coup comes to be, the losers will, of course, be the American people. For better or worse, whether it’s good or bad, 65 million Americans wanted “America First” and “Make America Great Again”. And NO Americans, not even Hillary supporters, voted to see “politics as usual” with the GOP and Democrat establishments uniting against the election result.

Trump is supposed to be at his best when his back is against the wall, so he may have a comeback in him. But he will have to remind the Establishment of why Americans voted for him. In other words, Trump will probably have to reactivate his base – re-fight 2016 – go “full barbarian”.

Assuming that he doesn’t have an assassination or suspiciously-timed heart attack first. The GOP and Democrat Establishments may be feeling pressure to move quickly, because Julian Assange has committed to blowing Trumprussia out of the water.

Julian Assange told a U.S. congressman on Tuesday he can prove the leaked Democratic Party documents he published during last year’s election did not come from Russia and promised additional helpful information about the leaks in the near future.

Ruh-roh! (if you’re the Establishment or Deep State)



  1. I’ve known a lot of people over the years that said they didn’t bother to vote because it makes no difference.

    What a disappointment that it will turn out they were right.

    Given the shenanigans since the election, the establishment Democrats and Republican are out of their minds if they believe that the country will become magically governable when Trump leaves office.

    The Dems have created the alt-left which will give them plenty of static and the Republicans believe that their voters are willing to eat more of their crap. They have a lot of faith in their own beliefs – maybe more than is warranted.

    Comment by KCRob — August 18, 2017 @ 6:41 pm - August 18, 2017

  2. Hmmm Assange met Rep Rohrabacher and then he had breaking news favorable to Russia?

    And who is Congressman Rohrabacher? Let’s see what his republican colleagues think of him:

    “Last year, House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy was caught on tape saying: “There’s two people I think Putin pays: Rohrabacher and Trump.””

    Ah THAT guy….lol

    Comment by mike — August 18, 2017 @ 7:05 pm - August 18, 2017

  3. Me thinks Scott Adams (the creator of Dilbert character) is on to something:

    How To Know You’re In a Mass Hysteria Bubble


    History is full of examples of Mass Hysterias. They happen fairly often. The cool thing about mass hysterias is that you don’t know when you are in one. But sometimes the people who are not experiencing the mass hysteria can recognize when others are experiencing one, if they know what to look for.

    I’ll teach you what to look for.

    A mass hysteria happens when the public gets a wrong idea about something that has strong emotional content and it triggers cognitive dissonance that is often supported by confirmation bias. In other words, people spontaneously hallucinate a whole new (and usually crazy-sounding) reality and believe they see plenty of evidence for it. The Salem Witch Trials are the best-known example of mass hysteria. The McMartin Pre-School case and the Tulip Bulb hysteria are others. The dotcom bubble probably qualifies. We might soon learn that the Russian Collusion story was mass hysteria in hindsight. The curious lack of solid evidence for Russian collusion is a red flag. But we’ll see how that plays out.

    The most visible Mass Hysteria of the moment involves the idea that the United States intentionally elected a racist President. If that statement just triggered you, it might mean you are in the Mass Hysteria bubble. The cool part is that you can’t fact-check my claim you are hallucinating if you are actually hallucinating. But you can read my description of the signs of mass hysteria and see if you check off the boxes.

    If you’re in the mass hysteria, recognizing you have all the symptoms of hysteria won’t help you be aware you are in it. That’s not how hallucinations work. Instead, your hallucination will automatically rewrite itself to expel any new data that conflicts with its illusions.

    But if you are not experiencing mass hysteria, you might be totally confused by the actions of the people who are. They appear to be irrational, but in ways that are hard to define. You can’t tell if they are stupid, unscrupulous, ignorant, mentally ill, emotionally unstable or what. It just looks frickin’ crazy.

    The reason you can’t easily identify what-the-hell is going on in the country right now is that a powerful mass hysteria is in play. If you see the signs after I point them out, you’re probably not in the hysteria bubble. If you read this and do NOT see the signs, it probably means you’re trapped inside the mass hysteria bubble.

    Here are some signs of mass hysteria. This is my own take on it, but I welcome you to fact-check it with experts on mass hysteria.


    Read on:

    Comment by Cyril — August 18, 2017 @ 7:49 pm - August 18, 2017

  4. One thing the alt-Right people- and I do mean the Nazi-by-any-other-name ones here- have always been very, very emphatic about is laughing about how the leadership of both parties are in collusion with each other.

    Odin damn it, I hate it when they’re right.

    Comment by Sean L — August 18, 2017 @ 7:51 pm - August 18, 2017

  5. First, Assange: He holds a lot of controlling cards and he plays his cards close to his vest. So, when he “suggests” he could do some “altruistic” thing, there is a quid pro quo in there somewhere. Now for the parlor game of guessing what it. I don’t care. But if Assange’s “proof” rattles a cage or two, he is going to be accommodated by one side or the other or both. (Likely, he has a scenario in which he gets out of the Embassy of Ecuador and moves to a more desirable safe place.)

    Bannon: Like Axlerod, his inside the White House shelf life was girdled by establishment rules. He is far more free and effective at arm’s length than inside the tent.

    Pence: He is Trump’s surrogate in dealing with the Republicans and the establishment base. If he is trying to pull an end run around Trump, he is even stupider than the people who think that is what he up to. Never lose sight of the fact that Trump dealt with unions, corruptocrats, competitors, bureaucrats, banks, etc. and created the greatest number of buildings on the NYC skyline in the history of the city. That learning curve may not be the same as the one acquired by an establishment politician, but that does not mean that the populism of Trump and his leadership goals will fail because of the powers of establishment politicians. Understand that Trumps goals are specifically stated and “success” among the political establishment payers is based on being a weasel and as slippery as an eel. Its Orkin vs. roaches. Pence is Trump’s envoy to the swamp.

    The common belief held by the establishment Washington patricians and media (in general) is that Trump is basically a puppet being played and maneuvered by other forces.

    Suppose the Republican establishment abandons Trump before 2018. The Trump base will walk away from them and the Senate and House will become closer to Democrat control, if not flip.

    Suppose impeachment charges hit the floor of the House. Unless another Obamacare smoke and mirrors miracle is engineered, there will be no impeachment voted.

    Mike Pence is both Trump’s envoy to the Republican establishment and he is Trump’s Medici banker carrying the “indulgences” for cooperation. He is also the wolf relaying the warnings of the cost of resistance.

    Comment by Heliotrope — August 18, 2017 @ 8:38 pm - August 18, 2017

  6. It’s sad that politicians and their screwy little fans love to see people get killed so they can have their way. I already have lost respect for both parties. And if they pull another riot in order to get the GOP on board with impeachment, I will totally lose faith in the American way altogether, including in most of our citizens who are blood-lusts behind their scrying mirrors.

    Comment by RGB — August 18, 2017 @ 8:51 pm - August 18, 2017

  7. if the republican party pulls a coup on trump do they really think the republican voter will vote for a republican to replace him? lying to people that you oppose the policies of the democrat party has gotten republicans elected for decades but I don’t think it will work anymore. too many people are wise to the scam. they may not vote for the democrat, they just might not vote at all. most of the voters are finally wising up to the fact that there is one party in Washington. even democrats are wising up to that. trump’s election has wised up an awful lot of republicans who are not going to vote for more lying republicans.

    Comment by salg — August 18, 2017 @ 9:13 pm - August 18, 2017

  8. if the republican party pulls a coup on trump do they really think the republican voter will vote for a republican to replace him?

    They will manipulate events/media to pull at your heartstrings (and/or fears) and try to make it seem entirely justified, like Charlottesville last weekend.

    I’m sure they understand that they need to pull it off with perfect optics. The question is, whether they can?

    Comment by ILoveCapitalism — August 18, 2017 @ 9:23 pm - August 18, 2017

  9. I’m sure they understand that they need to pull it off with perfect optics. The question is, whether they can?

    They’ve had a lot of practice with Failure Theater pretending to oppose Obama and then passing everything he wanted. (Except Gun Control. Thank Odin for the NRA.)

    Comment by V the K — August 18, 2017 @ 9:41 pm - August 18, 2017

  10. @ ILC: Every single moderate Republican candidate and every “palatable” conservative one the party could scrounge up couldn’t stop a foul-mouthed businessman who had never held political office before. He made mincemeat of each of them despite the fact that conventional wisdom said he should be a flash-in-the-pan distraction/amusement. So no, I have serious doubts about the Republicans being able to nail the optics that backstabbing Trump would require.

    But mark my words: if they do join forces with the Democrats to oust him on anything less than incontrovertible evidence, I am never voting Republican again. At a certain point, you need to stop going back to your abusive spouse. I don’t care if the Democrats get 50 years of unmitigated control of both houses. A few Republican politicians spending the twilight years or entirety of their campaigns in the minority will be suitable punishment for their actions. And if they do, I don’t think I’m alone. Maybe we’ll finally have the courage to pull the plug on the GOP’s life support and build a better, smarter, more deft party.

    Comment by Sean L — August 18, 2017 @ 9:47 pm - August 18, 2017

  11. As usual; Always-hesitant, unable-to-fight, mercenary & completely-representative-of-the-Utah-GOP-now Mitt is late to the party, waiting for a chance to strike with his cat toys. Meow.

    Comment by Hanover — August 18, 2017 @ 10:10 pm - August 18, 2017

  12. Next, Newsweek says that Trump is 6 Senate votes away from being impeachable. The rumor mill states it in a sharper form: that the RNC (! not DNC) has been counting votes to do an impeachment.

    As many learned from Impeachment For Dummies (now out-of-print), the US Senate does not do impeachment. They do removal. It’s a two-step process. Bill Clinton was absolutely, positively, certifiably impeached. But he still remained President until he turned over the reins to George W. Bush in 2001. So, there’s a lot of ignorance out there, much like the numbnuts who are asking the media’s science experts why the Great American Eclipse can’t be rescheduled, because, you know, it interferes with back-to-school and stuff.

    So let’s break this down. Presumably the brain trust at the new, new, new & improved Newsweek has already done the math as it concerns the actual impeachment via the US House Of Representatives. (I’ve not read the article so I don’t know, but if they are actually referring to “impeachment” and the US Senate in the same paragraph, I know it’s not worth my time to read in the first place.) But let’s say that POTUS 45 is impeached and the Articles Of Impeachment are presented to the US Senate for a vote of removal.

    I don’t know where the six remaining votes are or are going to come from, but this sounds suspiciously about how the Democrats were going to retake the Senate on November 8th, 2016 and do so in such a degree to have 56 votes. How’d that work out for them? Yes, there are quite a few wavering Republicans on the Senate side, but when they explain their votes on things which have failed to pass the chamber, they usually explain it away on technicalities. Has there been a vote on something big which involves a personality instead of wonky legislation which has failed? I’m not aware of any judges which have been presented for nomination which have failed to receive a confirmation vote, particularly due to defections of Republicans. I will guarantee that my two senators, both considered Establishment Republicans (at least in the sense that they entered office prior to the rise of the Half-Black Messiah and thus long before the Tea Party Movement or any Democrat backlash), should they vote for removal, there won’t be a Tiki Torch brigade on their homes and offices, but a real torch brigade, complete with a few pitchforks thrown in. While most registered Repubs (the vast majority of voters) in my state may have a bit of heartburn about some of the actions of POTUS 45, there is absolutely no reason in their minds that he should be removed from office. (The local faction of The Resistance is reduced to whining on newspaper comment boards and organizing small anti-racism rallies in which an Antifa flag bearer is present.)

    In fact the GOP is so split and in such disarray that the Cook Political Report this week moved four 2018 Senate races from away from the Democrats. [Those races are in ND, MO, IN, and WV. Only Senator Dean Heller from the state of Not-Just-Sin-City was moved from “Lean R” to “Toss Up”.] Are Heidi, Claire, Joe & Joe going to vote for removal prior to November 2018? (Well, Claire might, if she can get another stupid Republican candidate to inversely primary himself, but that’s probably a one-trick pony.) So that’s even more seats those who are counting on removal will have to pick up.

    Whoever has this Road To Impeachment all engineered needs to reexamine the plans, lest it be another public works (in this case, “public interest”) project which is poorly designed, overpriced, and shoddily constructed. And those hyperventilating about how POTUS 45 is doooomed, dooooooomed! need to take most of Heliotrope’s musings to heart. This is still a 4-D chess game in many respects. Those who are caught up in the mass hysteria may have the eyes and ears of the promoters of The Resistance (as well as actively being part themselves), but they aren’t the majority of the country, and certainly not the majority of Trump voters. It ain’t over until the Fat Lady sings. And she hasn’t even gotten out of bed to get to rehearsal yet.

    Comment by RSG — August 18, 2017 @ 10:22 pm - August 18, 2017

  13. @ Hanover: Mitt, Beck, McMuffin… There’s just something about being a member of a religion whose second leader turned it into his personal racist polygamy cult that turns you into a snake oil salesman.

    That, or the lack of caffeine. Take your pick.

    Comment by Sean L — August 18, 2017 @ 10:30 pm - August 18, 2017

  14. Ain’t it funny how the GOP claimed to oppose everything Obama wanted, yet kept it. But they claim to want the same policies Trump wants, and they obstruct him.

    Comment by V the K — August 18, 2017 @ 10:37 pm - August 18, 2017

  15. They’ve had a lot of practice with Failure Theater pretending to oppose Obama and then passing everything he wanted […]

    This is a popular trope, but not based in reality when the stats are examined. No Republicans voted for the (un)Affordable Care Act, but of course it passed as it needed no GOP votes. As to POTUS 44’s legislative record, only the successes were broadcast to the media consumers and the unhappy non-Democrats. Much of his desired initiatives went nowhere. That’s when he became Mr I’ve-Got-A-Pen-And-A-Phone and started doing stuff by Executive Fiat, er, Order.

    Comment by RSG — August 18, 2017 @ 11:51 pm - August 18, 2017

  16. The easy way to deal with Mittens and his fellow GOPe is to say, “So, you agree with the Democrats that you’re a Nazi?”

    And then when he swallows his teeth at that point, say, “So you agree with the Democrats that you’re a racist and that white people shouldn’t adopt black children?”

    And when he splutters something, say, “Wait — you mean the Democrats would lie about people for power?”

    All they’re doing is virtue-signaling. Let them admit their Democrat buddies are racist bigoted idiots first.

    Comment by North Dallas Thirty — August 19, 2017 @ 12:07 am - August 19, 2017

  17. All they’re doing is virtue-signaling. Let them admit their Democrat buddies are racist bigoted idiots first.

    Indeed. I can’t figure out what Mitt Romney’s deal is, unless he’s ticked that whatever position he was promised post-Inauguration didn’t come to pass. Everyone else is just sucked up in their own little bubble, be it the Beltway Bubble or that of a particular part of urban America. No one* in my corner of the world is upset with what POTUS 45 said this past week, only maybe cringing about over how it played out. As Scott Adams said, he never claimed to be the nation’s moral compass. After eight years of having a moral scold (“The police acted stupidly.” “If I had a son, he’d look like Trayvon.”) it’s rather refreshing to have someone prominent not telling us how to feel or think and rather matter of factly stating his opinion.

    *–No one except local members of The Resistance and the letter/comment board writers with too much time on their hands.

    Comment by RSG — August 19, 2017 @ 12:46 am - August 19, 2017

  18. David Horowitz : The Democratic Party is Now a Communist Party


    Comment by Cyril — August 19, 2017 @ 5:55 am - August 19, 2017

  19. Bannon gone is a great thing. Next is that Miller guy. If Chief of Staff Kelly could ever get Trump to stop tweeting, that would be icing on the cake. The GOP now needs to cut spending in the upcoming fiscal year (doubtful) and pass a decent tax cut (maybe, maybe not).

    Comment by davinci38 — August 19, 2017 @ 6:35 am - August 19, 2017

  20. At the moment, it’s not Trump whom I’m disappointed in but the mendacious, incompetent and impotent GOP members of the House and Senate. But I’m not surprised, …just disappointed.

    – They had seven years to discuss, debate and wargame an alternative to ObamaCare, and failed. Instead they conducted Kabuki theater photo-op votes …and failed at that too.

    – They had three years to debate and plan for making meaningful tax changes, …and they’ve done nothing.

    – They have neither supported the President, nor provided a reasoned alternate governing position. They have only supported the Democrats in obstruction and aligned themselves with the deep State against the White House.

    It’s been like watching the Korean or Spanish parliaments …without the amusing fisticuffs.

    Term limits,
    Term limits,
    Term limits,
    Term limits,
    Term limits.

    Comment by Ted B. (Charging Rhino) — August 19, 2017 @ 7:50 am - August 19, 2017

  21. Ted B @20: I’ll see your term limits and raise you one Article V Convention of States.

    Comment by Bastiat_Fan — August 19, 2017 @ 10:48 am - August 19, 2017

  22. If the GOP thinks voters were p’od when they elected Trump just wait till they try to impeach him…… “Getta Rope”. I think he is on his Custer’s last stand moment now though, surrounded by the Obamanite tribe and globalist traitors to America. Either that or he is regressing to the mean and going back to the moderate Jeb Bush mealy-mouthed center he really was all along.

    Comment by Rex — August 19, 2017 @ 11:03 am - August 19, 2017

  23. #19, davinci38, There’s nothing wrong with Stephen Miller, Senior Advisor Policy, & everything right. He’s perfectly Conservative & necessary. He’s not going anywhere. Bannon was very good also, with his most excellent Conservative commonsense, but wasn’t a good fit in the context of the others. Even a Libertarian understands this.

    Comment by Hanover — August 19, 2017 @ 12:13 pm - August 19, 2017

  24. Custer’s Last Stand? …Or Rorke’s Drift?

    ” I came up here to build a bridge.”

    Comment by Ted B. (Charging Rhino) — August 19, 2017 @ 11:55 pm - August 19, 2017

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