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The Taliban Left Strikes Again

Posted by V the K at 12:38 pm - August 22, 2017.
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First, they came for the Confederate War Memorials and… well, a few people spoke out, but they were promptly attacked as “Nazis and White Supremacists.” Then, they came for the Founding Fathers, and no one spoke out, because who wants to be accused of defending white slave-owners.

Last night, the nation’s oldest monument to Christopher Columbus was smashed in Baltimore. The Progressive Left vandals who did the deed left behind an explanation; which could have been taken verbatim from a History Lecture at any liberal university or the Democrat Party’s 2020 Presidential Platform under Kamala Harris.

Columbus symbolizes the initial invasion of European capitalism into the Western Hemisphere. Columbus initiated a centuries-old wave of terrorism, murder, genocide, rape, slavery, ecological degradation and capitalist exploitation of labor in the Americas. That Columbian wave of destruction continues on the backs of Indigenous, African-American and brown people.

I note few of the media outlets covering the story are quoting the text of the vandals statement. Interesting, that.

If the left were really as creative and progressive as they claim to be, rather than destroy historical monuments, they would simply build their own to give form to their counter-narrative. A Confederate War Memorial would be accompanied by a monument depicting, perhaps, the horrors of slavery, and perhaps a plaque reading, “Yes, but…”

But, it is not in the nature of the Revolutionary Left to create, any more than it is in their nature to engage in reasoned argument. The Progressive Left is the Taliban, and America’s History is their Bamiyan Buddhas.



  1. It’s easy for leaflet spewing oafs to call for historical rewrites. It’s been a problem in the Western Civilization from its beginning. Facts have never mattered for Left Bank ideologues. Even George W. understood this.

    Actually the only dignity that the Democrats have historically-speaking resides in the statues of the Capitol & the pride of the Southern agrarian losers. Pelosi knows this. The little black muslim Ellison may not or the DNC’s Perez, but they’re brown people addicted to victimhood.

    Let them clear it all out. They wouldn’t be the only people shooting themselves in the foot. Storms are always melodramatic, until the sun shines the next day.

    Comment by Hanover — August 22, 2017 @ 1:29 pm - August 22, 2017

  2. Leftists decry the invasion of the Western Hemisphere , but they never give any of their own land or property back to the Native Americans.

    And they decry the capitalist exploitation of workers, but most of the Antifa vandals seem to be able-bodied young adults who do not have jobs, who have never worked, and do not have any intention of ever working.

    And they cannot erect their own monuments, because they are not engineers or architects. Their instinct is not to build, but to tear down what others have built.

    They are for social justice as long as someone else has to pay for it.

    Comment by Tom — August 22, 2017 @ 1:46 pm - August 22, 2017

  3. Puts George Washington Carver in a rather confusing position, eh Peanut?

    Comment by Ignatius — August 22, 2017 @ 2:37 pm - August 22, 2017

  4. They indeed proudly filmed themselves.

    Enjoy the clip:


    Comment by Cyril — August 22, 2017 @ 3:27 pm - August 22, 2017

  5. TX says anyone can shoot dead statue moslesters

    Comment by Steve — August 22, 2017 @ 5:51 pm - August 22, 2017

  6. @2: Yep. I’ve asked my brother in-law, card carrying Osage (and looks it), if any white person has offered to deed him their land in Oklahoma in atonement… he laughed and said “nope – and he’s never heard of it happening”.

    So until lefties start giving, they’re full of spinach.

    If not for the carbon footprint, I have little doubt that the lefties will be holding book burnings. But it’s coming (Al Gore will donate carbon offsets).

    Orwell is over-cited but that doesn’t mean he wasn’t onto where things were headed:

    “Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past.”

    Comment by KCRob — August 22, 2017 @ 5:57 pm - August 22, 2017

  7. Because indigenous pre-Columbian native tribes and peoples never got into wars with each other, never tried to kill each other off, and never raped or enslaved each other?

    Comment by Conservative guy — August 22, 2017 @ 6:41 pm - August 22, 2017

  8. “That Columbian wave of destruction continues on the backs of Indigenous, African-American and brown people.”

    Brown people like subcontinental Indians? Notice how Asians are never ‘oppressed’?

    The fact is that Asians and Europeans have a culture of success and achievement. Power-seeking agitators have spent decades preventing the very people they claim to help from accessing that philosophy, because if the ‘oppressed’ were freed of the tyranny of the Left, the Left would have no power base.

    It’s all very, very tiresome. The rational and sane among us should probably spend more time calling the Left out on their blatant and toxic hypocrisy. The Left has made themselves the center of attention: we should accommodate them.

    Comment by Blair Ivey — August 22, 2017 @ 7:05 pm - August 22, 2017

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